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Reason - Not to perform funeral rites for one year of a missing person

Why not to perform last rites for missing persons for 1 year

The accident involves death, blood, hanging, and suicide from fire, water, vehicle, etc. In this way, the person's funeral rites should not be performed for one year.

Why Accidental or Missing persons death rituals should not be performed for one year

The reason is that from a heavenly point of view, the age of a person who has died suddenly will be as old as the age destined to him or her in this material world. So, till that time, he or she does not awaken from the posthumous unconsciousness. For this reason, there is no question of phantom and paternity. But the practice of not having a one-time action-related funeral for one year is not practical and rational. Therefore, it is also appropriate to perform the funeral of the dead person by reciting the hymns of UpkarshPaddititi, as mentioned in Shastra, at such a time. Apart from this, get Narayanabali performed after one year for the person who died of accidental death. If possible, get Narayan Nagbal also performed 2-3 times after every six months.

The Shastra indicates that one should wait for a missing person's return for twelve years and then get his funeral rites performed. After one year, start getting other rituals done, but this seems practical. But if the wife has adopted the widow religion, then the person's funeral rites should be performed according to UpkarshPaddititi. After that, other rituals related to his death should be performed.  

Fortunately, if the missing person returns, then he should be bathed with ghee and 'Panchagavadi' performed for him. 

In this way, one should perform all the rituals of his 'Jatakarmadi.' After that, he can lead a legitimate life, according to Dharma Shastra. If the deceased person's wife has accepted the widow's marriage, it will be necessary to unite them again through the Vivah-Home ceremony.

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