Know all about the process of Aachman?


It is necessary to do Aachman before worshiping at home?

Meaning of Aachman

Aachman means to drink water. Prior to this, one should clean all the pores of the body with water. Before the initiation of prayers, darshan, worship, yagna etc., for cleansing, drinking water while the recital of the mantra is going on, it is termed as Achaman.

Quantity of water of Aachman

 For doing the process of Aachman, only that amount of water is taken or drunk which reaches the heart. This water is drunk three times after stopping for a while.

Aachmani for Aachman

 Aachmani means a small copper vessel and the copper spoon is called Aachmani. Filling water in a small copper vessel, putting Tulsi in it is at all times kept at the place of worship. This water is called the water of Achaman or the holy water.

1. First benefit: Purification of the heart.

2 . Second benefit: It makes the mind pious.

3. Third benefit: Due to this, the fruit one gets from worship is doubled.

4. Fourth Benefit: One who practices this ritually becomes pure and free of all sins.

5. Fifth Benefit: The person who executes Aachman is entitled to good deeds.

6. Sixth Benefit: Rigveda is satisfied from first Aachman, Yajurveda from the second and Samaveda from the third. Atharvaveda is satisfied by touching the mouth with watery right thumb after doing Aachman. Lord Shiva is pleased by sprinkloing the water on the head after performing Aachman. By the touch of both the eyes the sun, by the touch of the nostrils the air and by the touch of the ears, all the glands are satisfied. It is supposed that performing achaman doubles the fruits of worship.

Aachman Vidhi: Even though there are numerous laws and mantras of Aachman, but here only a small method is given. Aachman is done by facing north, northeast or east direction; one should never face other directions. This is done with Gayatri verses by taking copper pots, tarban, achmani, tukkas, bowls for washing hands, asanas etc. It is done in the evening after the stars are not visible and before sunrise.

Fold your palms to make the shape like a cow's ear, keep the little finger and thumb apart. Subsequently, after taking water, thrice chant the following mantra:Take the water-

Om Keshavay Namah

Om Narayana Namah

Om Madhavay Namah

Om Hrishikeshaya Namah, by rubbing the lips twice with the Brahmatirtha (root part of the thumb), do Hast Prakshalan (wash hands). In the event of not able to perform the above method, if one only touches the right ear, the method of Aachman is thought as done.

Achaman Mudra 

As per the scriptures, it is said that त्रिपवेद आपो गोकर्णवरद् हस्तेन. That is, for Aachman, there should be only Gokarna mudra of the left hand, only then it will be advantageous. To make Gokarna Mudra, fold the tail and press it with the thumb. Afterward, fold the middle finger, ring finger and little finger together in a way that it is like a cow's ear.

As per the Bhavishya Purana, upon worship, Aachman should be done right. After washing hands and feet, sit on an aasan in a holy place, facing east to north.

While performing Achaman, 5 pilgrimages are mentioned in the palm- 1. Devtirtha, 2. Pitritirtha, 3. Brahmatirtha, 4. Prajapatyatirtha and 5. Soumyatirtha.

It is said that there is Brahmatirtha in the root of the thumb, Prajapatyatirtha in the root of the little finger, Devatirtha in the fore-fingers, Pitrutirtha between the index finger and thumb and Soumyatirtha in the middle of the hand, which is deliberated to be extensive in Devakarma. Aachman should be done from Brahmatirth.  Before performing achaman, put your fingers together, doing aachman with holy water 3 times without saying a word, gives great results. It should always be done thrice.

It is written about Aachman that

प्रथमं यत् पिबति तेन ऋग्वेद प्रीणाति।

यद् द्वितीयं तेन यजुर्वेद प्रीणाति।

यत् तृतीयं तेन सामवेद प्रीणाति।

The verse means that every time one gets the gratification of each Veda in the Aachman. At the commencement of every action, the mind, body and action gets pleasure by doing the same. There is no sneezing, burping and yawning etc., after the process although there is no concrete standpoint behind this belief.

"शौच ईपसु: सर्वदा आचामेद एकान्ते प्राग उदड़्ग मुख:" (मनुस्मृति)

This means, one who desires purity, he must do Aachman in solitude. 'Achaman' is considered to be the most significant process of rituals. Indeed, it is not just a procedure. It signifies outer and inner pureness.

एवं स ब्राह्मणों नित्यमुस्पर्शनमाचरेत्।

ब्रह्मादिस्तम्बपर्यंन्तं जगत् स परितर्पयेत्॥

There is a demeanor in every work. By Aachman does only purify us, but we also satisfy from Brahma to Trina. When we take water in our hands and drink it, it goes from mouth to the throat; this is so little that it does not reach the intestines. The water reaches the Gyaan Chakra which is located near our heart and then it slows down. It means that we are pure both in words and thoughts and our mind has become worthy of worship. In this process, water is taken in the palm from a special copper vessel. It is then purified by sprinkling water on him.

It is stated in Manusmriti that after waking up from sleep, after feeling hungry, after eating food, after sneezing, after false speech, after drinking water, and after studying, this process should be done

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