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Sex health life, desires, and habits in a birth chart can be determined from the planet Venus in a man’s kundali and Mars in a woman’s kundali. These are the significator or Karaka planets of sex habits, sexual health life, and sex desires as per birth chart for a native. The position, strength, and relations with other planets of the Karkas in a kundali are essential for learning more about these aspects in both males and females. 

In a woman’s birth chart, the fourth house signifies association and chastity. In contrast, the fifth and ninth houses are significators of her children. Similarly, her seventh house is of husband and attractiveness, and eighth house for auspiciousness. As for the ascendant or first house, it denotes beauty. The same goes for a male chart as well, more or less. On the whole, the first, fifth, seventh, eleventh, and twelfth houses can help find the sex habits, sex health life, and sex desires as per birth chart of a person. 

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Indications of No or Low Sex in birth chart 

There are many unknown reasons for having low/no sex of a native, But there are indications of no or low sex in birth chart. They all occur according to the person because every individual has unique sex habits, sex health life, and sexual desires. We know of numerous instances where people have a happy, fulfilling, and healthy romantic relationship without needing to have sex with their partners (or only having sex once in a while). There can be many astrological reasons behind a person having no or low sex drive, which can also be determined through a proper reading of birth chart. The causes behind these issues may include:

1. A low sex drive (also known as “libido”)

2. An inherent medical condition, like chronic pain

3. The desire to date your partner for a more extended duration of time before indulging in sex

4. Unwed couples wanting to abstain from sex until marriage

However, in no scenario do these cases imply that the relationship is unhealthy. And it most certainly is not a sign that your beloved does not value or love you as much. For some people, sexual desires can be an essential part of their romantic relationships. They wish to have a sexual connection with their partner. On the other hand, others do not allot much value to it and believe that sex habits are not necessary for a bond to prosper. 

Much like the genders (LGBTQ+), sexuality too exists on a spectrum. On the one end are the asexual people who experience little-to-no sexual attraction (and usually don’t have sex, though each individual and their desires vary). On the other end are the allosexual people who experience various kinds of sexual desires, depending on their orientation.

As each human being and their sex habits differ, so do their feelings about sex and their capacities for sexual attraction. Hence, the approach of each individual concerning their sexual health life is also dissimilar; however, none of them can be called wrong. 

Benefits of a regular Sex Life 

Apart from the pleasure that one receives from intimacy, there are several other benefits of regular sex life. Lovemaking can be advantageous for one's brain, body, and relationship. Let us try to understand how: 

Sex Health Life: Emotional

Our emotions are always attached to our intimate relationships, so let us first understand the emotional benefits of our sex habits and sexual desires:

1. Improved self-confidence

2. Helps you connect pleasurably with your own body

3. A mode of expressing your love and affection for your partner and bonding with them

4. Stress buster

Sex Health Life: Physical

There are some hidden physical benefits of one’s sex health life as well, which include:

1. Sex habits boost the immune system of one’s body. 

2. It can be a surprisingly good workout as you burn an average of 3.6 calories per minute. 

3. Those with a healthy and regular sex life tend to have lower risks of getting heart diseases. 

4. The more sexually active individuals between the ages of 50 to 90 years were found to have better cognitive functions, i.e., memory. 

5. Studies have shown that active libido can help relieve migraines and soothe cluster headaches.

This, in no manner, states that individuals abstaining from sex/lovemaking will inevitably fall ill or struggle physically or mentally. Instead, this was just a way of pointing out specific areas, where sexually active natives will enjoy certain added benefits. 

Note: However, these advantages should under no circumstances be used as a way of guilting a person into having sex, when they do not want to. Always remember, “NO MEANS NO.”

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Indication of Healthy Sex Life in Horoscope 

As we know, kundali analysis can help ascertain the characteristics of a native, and one’s sex habits, sexual desires, and sex health life are one of these traits. Particular planets, houses in the kundali, and their aspects are considered to determine the sex desires as per birth chart. Let us glance at some of these essential factors:

Role of Moon in Sex habits

Moon signifies the emotional needs and longings of a native. Thus, moon indicates the emotional side of your healthy sex life, sex habits, and sex desires as per birth chart. The placement of the luminary planet defines what one requires to be satisfied – their inner urges which need to be fulfilled for their sexual experience to feel gratifying. The nature of Moon is such that these sexual desires of yours remain hidden even from yourself. As a result, you are often unsure about your own emotions, especially the deeply hidden and strongest ones. A thorough kundali analysis can help you out here. 

Moon’s positioning determines how you need your sexuality to feel, how your senses react and what kind of mood you are in - before it, during it, and after it. If the Moon's longings are fulfilled, you can't be happier, almost to the point of wanting nothing more from life. If they are not, you crave for more and more.

Role of Venus in Sex habits

As the Moon denotes the emotional aspect of your healthy sex life, sex habits, and sex desires as per birth chart, Venus and Mars are responsible for the physical side. We first need to understand that every lovemaking has two essential factors: pleasing yourself and bringing pleasure to your partner. 

Venus defines the former – your sexual desires, i.e., what brings your satisfaction. It determines what your beloved needs to do to make you excited and delighted. The planet of love signifies what your body needs, your sex habits and sex desires as per birth chart, as well as establishes the choreography of your union. In addition to this, Venus also sets out your sexual compatibility. What this means is that if a partner of yours can satisfy your sexual desires according to your Shukra placement in kundali, you will return to them continually. However, in the cases where the opposite is true, then that relationship will not prosper for long. 

Role of Mars in Sex habits

Now we arrive at the latter essential factor of lovemaking – what pleases your partner. Mars is responsible for this side of sex health life. It does not define what your lover enjoys (their Venus handles that section). Instead, it explains what you can do out of your own initiative, that will satisfy them. The nature of Mars is not adaptive or sensitive to the needs of others. Therefore, it is often hard for the natives to adjust themselves to suit the sex habits and sexual desires of their counterparts. 

The key to this adaptation lies in empathy. That emotion is hard to come by under the influence of Mars, especially if the red planet is in any sense dependent on the position of Venus. This means that if you base your attempts of pleasing your partner on how you wish to be pleasured yourself, the effort is likely to fail. Instead, you need to use the old trial and error method to succeed in learning their sexual desires – explore and observe. On the whole, the only one that needs to adapt and comply is Mars, because you can do little about your inherent sexual desires and sex habits as defined by Venus. However, you can definitely do a lot about how you pleasure your partner. 

But the trouble is that the red planet is rarely easily compliant. When Mars is placed in a less adaptive position in one’s birth chart, such people are often uncaring of their partner’s pleasure. Or they may do a sloppy job of understanding their sex habits. However, what you need to understand is that the red planet can be manipulated; it will only take a little hard work and quite some self-restraint. But when Mars is positioned such that it is easily pliable, then the partner is in luck. 

Mars Venus compatibility in Sex matters

The Mars of one and Venus of the other are an essential aspect of kundali analysis when learning about a couple's sex health life, sex habits, and sex desires as per birth chart. To know your partner's and your compatibility better, the relations between your Venus and your partner’s Mars, and vice versa are examined. The ‘to and fro’ between you both needs to match to make you both sexually compatible. What adds to this complication is that when your Venus doesn't get what it wants, then your Mars becomes less patient with trying to find what excites your partner. 

Some couples fail at this, and the frustration tends to spill over in other aspects of their life, eventually leading to a breakup. Then some gain mediocre success and settle. But those who explore this Venus and Mars correlation are the ones who take their sex health life, sex habits, and sexual desires to astonishing heights. Trust me when I say that this adventure is worth all the trouble and embarrassment that comes along with it. 

Astrology is not about discerning facts from individual factors in the kundali but understanding their cumulative effect on the native. The same goes for learning about sex health life, sex habits, and sex desires as per birth chart. The factors which most influence these traits in a native are the planets Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars. They together, depending on how they interact and relate with each other, will determine the various elements of your sex life. Moreover, since your lovemaking is obviously dependent on your partner as well; therefore, you need to figure in the same features from their natal chart too. 

Which Zodiac signs are best in bed?

The exact sex habits, sex health life, and sex desires as per birth chart of every individual, differs. However, depending on the elements of the signs, we can still find a general idea about their sexual desires. Let us glance at these:

1. The fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius unusually strong sexual desires.

2. The earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, maintain controlled and temperate sex habits. 

3. The air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius harbour a secret inclination towards sex; however, they never exhibit their sexual desires.

4. The water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces are not too captivated with sex; but they do have highly passionate feelings.

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Planets for Sex related Problems

We know there are many medical reasons behind intimacy troubles. However, there is also another factor responsible – planetary combinations for sex related problems. Often, there are cases where an individual despite having a good sex health life, and ardent sexual desires and sex habits are unable to indulge in them. There can be various reasons behind it, and the health sciences have the answer to most of these. But many times, these issues can have an astrological origin as well, and their solution, too, relies on the Vedic Jyotish. Let us try to figure these out:

Indications of Impotance in birth chart 

Problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and low sperm count keeps a person deprived of conception. These illnesses usually occur from some simple physical difficulties, due to an inferiority complex, or grief/depression. Many Shastras discuss the attainment of the perfect child through a union done with a happy heart, at the right muhurat, etc. Impotency is not as terrifying as some people come to believe after listening to their peers. It is actually a quite common disease occurring out of certain sex habits or sex health life, which unquestionably has a treatment. Below are the astrological yogas associated with these issues:

1. The conjunction of Venus with Saturn in the tenth house, or if Saturn is in the sixth or twelfth house from Venus,

2. Experts believe Mercury, Saturn, and Rahu to be impotent planets that influence your sex habits, sexual desires, and sex health life. Therefore, such problems occur when Saturn, placed in the Virgo ascendant, is aspected by Mercury in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu (positioned in the seventh house). 

3. If Saturn is placed in second, Mars in seventh, and Moon in tenth house from the Sun, 

4. If the conjunction of Mercury, Saturn, and Rahu is placed in the seventh house,

5. When the conjunction of Mercury, Rahu, and Shashtesh (Sixth house Lord) is in aspect relation with Lagnesh or the Lord of the first house, 

6. In case the conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and Saturn are related with the seventh house or its Lord,

7. The placement of the conjunction of Venus and Saturn in third, eleventh, or eighth house

8. If the significator of marital bliss, Venus, is aspected by Saturn from the eighth house

In the presence of any of these yogas, the native is unable to have a child, as they influence one’s sex health life, sex habits, and sex desires as per birth chart. 

Indications of Infertility in birth chart - Barrenness 

When a lady is unable to give birth due to any reason, then such an issue with her sex health life is named barrenness. Many a time, the yogas in a man’s kundali which represent impotence, signify infertility in a woman’s birth chart. In addition to those, the following planetary combinations also denote these challenges with sex habits and sexual desires in a female’s natal chart:

The following yogas can make a woman barren:

1 a) Conjunction of Sun and Saturn in the eighth house, or 

1 b) The placement of Mercury, or

1 c) The conjunction of Sun and Moon in zodiac sign Cancer or Leo, or

1 d) The conjunction of Moon and Mercury in zodiac sign Gemini, Cancer, or Virgo

2. If Moon and Venus are in conjunction with Mars or Saturn in the ascendant and malefic planets are placed in or aspecting the fifth house,

Any of these yogas can create obstacles in having a baby, and make a woman barren. 

Indications of Female-specific Diseases in birth chart 

Problems like irregular or complicated menstrual cycle, leucorrhoea, ulcers in the vaginal passage, and inflammation are recorded under female-specific diseases. The astrological yogas responsible for these troubles with sex health life, sex habits, and sex desires as per birth chart are:

1. Navamsa Saturn aspecting Mars placed in the seventh house,

If the lady is born under the Krittika, Ashlesha, or Shatabhisha Nakshatra, on Saturday, Sunday, or Tuesday, on the second, seventh, or twelfth day (Dwitiya, Saptami, or Dwadashi Tithi),

2. One malefic planet is occupying the ascendant, and two are in sixth house, 

3. Malefic influence on zodiac sign Libra, seventh house, Saptamesh, and Mars gives rise to menstruation-related sex health life problems.

4. If Mars is the Lord of one of the Trik Bhavas (sixth, eighth, twelfth houses), and is in aspecting-conjunction with seventh house, its Lord, or zodiac sign Libra, it leads to irregular or complicated menstrual cycle or other such sex health life problems. 

5. If the Saptamesh or Asthamesh are associated with the sixth house or its Lord, then the probabilities of venereal diseases in sex health life increase. 

6. It is believed that Venus has Lordship over the uterus or womb of women, and thus, their sex health life, sex habits, and sex desires as per birth chart. Therefore, if the planet of love gets associated with Mars, Rahu, sixth house, or its Lord, then there are possibilities of ulcers, inflammation, and even cancer in the uterus. 

7. Experts believe that Mars signifies tumour and ulcers. Hence, if Mars is malefic and associated with the seventh house or its Lord, then there are possibilities of the lady suffering from sex health life problems like vaginal inflammation or leucorrhoea. 

Indications of Genital Diseases in birth chart

Problems associated with the private parts (reproductive organs) of a native in their sex health life are known as genital diseases. Let us discuss their yogas in astrology:

1. The eighth house in one’s kundali is said to signify the private parts of a native, thus their sex desires as per birth chart and sex habits. Hence, the conjunction or aspect of malefic planets in eighth house or a planet present in its debilitated state can lead to such sex health life problems. 

2. If Rahu is aspecting the Lord of the eighth house, then it can create such issues. Also, the conjunction of the Ashtamesh with a malefic planet or the dispositor of eight Lord) Moon, and a malefic planet can cause genital diseases. 

Syphilis and Gonorrhea: Venereal Diseases/STDs

The astrological yogas that lead to sexually transmitted diseases in sex health life of a native include:

1. The conjunction of Shashtesh (sixth house Lord) and Mars in any house or that of the Lagnesh (first house Lord) and Mars in sixth house,

2. The conjunction of Shashtesh, Mercury, and Mars in any house or that of Shashtesh, Mercury, and Rahu in ascendant or first house,

3. Malefic planets occupy eighth house, and Jupiter is in twelfth house,

4. Moon is placed in its own sign or in a debilitated state and is in conjunction with or aspected by malefic planets,

In the presence of any of these yogas, Bhukti (antardasha or sub period) of Moon in Venus or Bhukti of Venus in Moon can give venereal diseases to the natives. 

Anorectal Diseases: Piles, Haemorrhoids, Fistula

Piles, fistula, and haemorrhoids are some common anorectal sex health life diseases that people occasionally suffer from. They occur when ulcers occur in the rectum of a person, which can be very painful. Bloody Piles happens when a blood discharge starts from these ulcers. The astrological reasons behind these are:

1 a) If Saturn is in your twelfth house of expenditure and is either 

1 b) aspected by malefic planets, or 

1 c) conjunction of Lagnesh and Mars is in seventh house, or

1 d) Lagnesh is placed in seventh house and aspected by Mars

2. The Asthamesh is placed in the seventh house with malefic planets

3. If Saturn in zodiac sign Scorpio, positioned in the seventh house, is aspecting Mars in the ninth house

4. The conjunction of Shashtesh and a malefic planet in eighth house

5. If the Lagnesh (under the Lordship of Mars or Mercury) is aspected by its inimical planet

The conjunction of Mars, Mercury, and Lagnesh is placed in fourth or twelfth house

Indications of Miscarriage in birth chart

The painful experience of going through a miscarriage for a woman can be determined early on. Let us try to understand the astrological yogas responsible for it:

1. The fifth house is responsible for the womb or uterus of a woman. Therefore, aspection-conjunction of a malefic planet with this house, or the positioning of Panchamesh in a negative place increases the possibilities of miscarriages. 

2. The number of malefic planets aspecting fifth house in the Navamsa Chart equals the harm happening to the womb. 

3. From the date of conception to the next 10 month, the following planets have Lordship over the in-utero baby:

Planets Influencing The In-Utero Baby

First Month


Second Month


Third Month


Fourth Month


Fifth Month


Sixth Month


Seventh Month


Eighth Month

Lagnesh* (Lord of First House)

Ninth Month


Tenth Month


In the Conception Kundali, if one of the planets given above is weak, Heen Bali, or negatively influenced; a miscarriage is possible in the month they are associated with. 

*Note: If the Lagnesh of Womb Kundali is afflicted, then possibilities of labour grows during the eighth month. Maybe this is why muhurat is given particular importance in female affairs for conception. 

Indications of Hydrocele in birth chart 

When water gets collected in the testicles or there is a swelling in the scrotum, it is called Hydrocele, a sex health life disease. The astrological yogas responsible for it are:

1. The conjunction of Mars, Saturn, and Rahu is ascendant/first or sixth house,

2. Lagnesh is in conjunction with Rahu or Gulik in eighth house,

3. If Lagnesh and Rahu are in conjunction with Saturn or Mars and placed in what many believe to be an unfavourable position. 

4. If Mars, in conjunction with Venus, is placed in its own house or in eighth house, then Hydrocele occurs due to Vaat Kop. 

5. The conjunction of Ashtamesh (dispositor of eight Lord) with Navamsa, along with Rahu, creates possibilities of Hydrocele. 

To conclude – Sex habits, desires are a natural aspect of living creatures, but how one enjoys or abuses these sex habits is a million-dollar question? One can have good sex or bad habits and health. Sex is a highly personalised characteristic of a person & has probably irreversible impact on a relationship. Matter of sex habits and health is a highly sensitive trait. But one can ascertain all about sexual health, habits & desire of a person from the birth chart. Bad or immoral sex habits can be circumstantial, but these are intentional in most cases. However, astrology for sex has sufficient tools to identify all about sex habits, desires & health of a person. While bad sex health can be circumstantial, bad sex habits & desires are mostly intentional, highly objectionable & devastating. I have explained above enough to read all sex habits, desires & health from a birth chart.

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