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Longevity reading

Life span means what will be the age or life span of a human being: how long a person will live? Vedic astrology has adequate tools to predict the life expectancy of a person. But astrologers, in general, are not supposed to divulge the age of the native. If extremely necessary, they can give some vague signals but should not predict exact age or death. This is because the astrologer himself gets cursed and becomes responsible for the end if it happens. 

Age, Longevity calculator: Can astrology predict My Age?

As stated above, Vedic astrology has adequate tools to predict the lifespan or age of a person with some pleasant& professional riders to reveal this. There are some very potent tools to calculate the life span of the person. Astrology can surely predict the age of a person. But considering above riders (professional& moral) instead of predicting exact years of age of a person, an astrologer can tell about it in a very refined way with age brackets. In this section, I will now reveal this very precious gem of astrology and will also calculate your LIFE SPAN.

Age of any native is split into three-segment, which are

1. Poorna aayu or full age

2. Madhyam aayu or medium age

3. Alpa aayu or meager age.

Poorna aayu Segment:

The section of full age is above Seventy years of age. Poorna Aaayu is further subdivided into three parts.

1. Poorna Aayu: If Poorna Aayu blesses a native, then he/she beyond 70 upto 85 years of age.

2. Dheergha Aayu: If a native is blessed with Dheerghaaayu or long life, he/she lives beyond 85years of age to 100 years of age.

3. Param-Aayu: If a native lives beyond 100 years of age, he/she is known to come under the param or final age bracket. 

Madhyam aayu Segment:

The section of average age or MadhyamAayu is between 33 to 70 years of age. MadhyamAaayu is further subdivided into three parts.

1. Madhyam- Alpa: The age range is 33 to 41 years of age.

2. Madhyam-Madhyam: The age range is 41 to 55 years of age.

3. Madhyam- Poorna: The age range is 56 to 70 years of age. 

Alpa aayu Segment:

The section of meager age or MadhyamAayu is between 0 to 32 years of age. AlpaAaayu is further subdivided into three parts.

1.    Tatkaal Mrityu: The age range is 0 to 1 year of age.

2.    Balaristha: The age range is 1 to12 year of age.

3.    Alpa aayu: The age range is 13 to 32 years of age.

The Alpa aayu is further divided into two segments, namely:

a) Yogaristh: the age range is from 13 to 20 years of age.

b) Alpaaayu: The Age range is from 21 to 32 years of age.

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How to increase Life Span

No one can control planets, its Dasha, and results, but there are things which can increase the life span probability of living to matured old age.

Suppose you hope to live in Dheergh Aayukhand or Magical 100. You need to have the following 18 Astrological-physical tips, and you need to make it.

1. Stay fit: Increase in weight put you at risk for chronic diseases like heart attack, diabetes, cancer, and some other conditions which can reduce years off your life.

2. Need to eat well and prosper: After knowing the drill- 10 serving fruits and veggies a day it should be colorful, it should contain a lot of whole grain and cut down on the salt, fat, and sugar.

3. Stop Smoking: Avoid tobacco & further we don't need to say anything on effects of smoking.

4. Do not indulge into use of drugs, sedatives & heavy alcoholism.

5. Have a kid: Kids help you in being committed.

6. Brain Exercise: You need always make your mind indulged in brain games like solving a crossword or learning a new language. You need to take up great hobbies or attending a lecture to learn how new things work. All these things will make your mind to be engaged in one or other items.

7. Have a happening life: You need to maintain social connections, which will help you in tying up with some close acquaintances or family. Such a relationship will wave off all the stress and depression going in your daily life and will boost the immune system. Love gained from friends or family can give you a healthy life span.

8. Increasing Stress busters in life: A simple walk or meditation, even talking to a friend or enjoying your playlist. These are some stress management tricks that can increase the possibilities of long life and keeps you prevented from the diseases.

9. Lend a helping hand: Lending a helping hand or volunteering in some social cause will make you happier, healthier, and, at the same time, blesses you with life expectancy.

10. Find a soulmate: Studies show that a married person has a long life as compared to single ones.

11. Have an Active Sex Life: Having active sex life relates to long life. The report in 2010 in an American Journal of Cardiology shows that men who generally have sex two or three times in a week have very lower risk of cardiac diseases by 45 percent.

12. Laughter is the best medicine: As per studies, it is proved that 15 minutes of laughter a day will improve blood by 50 percent, which will help in reducing heart disease. Observe why cluster of people just laugh in the morning in many parks.

13. Keep your cool: You may include longer life, a person who frequently expresses anger and are short-tempered more than twice as likely you may have the possibility of stroke than those who can control their tempers.

14. Get a good amount of sleep: A right amount of sleep matters a lot. It is found that the people who sleep more than 8 hours or more or less than six and a half hours don't have a much longer life span.

15. Have a pet and play with them: People, who keep pets are less lonely and depressed, also can get more exercise. The happiness and the relaxed environment will let you live a little more.

16. Participate in spiritual activities: Many large-scale studies may show you that people who may regularly attend the religious services which can help you attending faithful service live longer, happier, and healthier long life.

17. The habit of regular Health Check-up: Some chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease can be treated or even can get prevented if caught early enough.

18. You need to look silver lining on the cloud: The most important quality a man should possess is a quality of being optimistic, and you want to live a long life, and your attitude counts. Signs of positive thinking reflect from your face and below your eyes. Note yours and that of others.

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How astrology helps you increase your Life Span/Longevity?

The above-written points are the ones which we hear every day or read these philosophical terms in the newspaper. But there are some astrological points based on which you can increase life expectancy. There are specific points that are co-related to different planets and houses in the horoscope, and it can help you in increasing the life span by attaining Deergha aayu. These are given as follows:

The key to a long life or Deergha Aayu is:

Strengthening and balancing the TrikBhav: Trik Bhav is the 6th 8th and 12th house of any horoscope.  The sixth house is a symbol of debt, disease, and the enemy. The eighth house is third to the sixth, having the strength and might of disease. The growing of the disease, severe and complex conditions, which can give life-threatening, should be considered with the eight sense. Dwadas bhava represents both freedoms from bondage and bondage. Scholars have discussed the relation of the double sentiment to the hospital and the medical system of the hospital. Often the complexity or severity of the disease causes an emergency in the family. It is necessary to take the patient to the hospital immediately. Keep in mind that double price is also a symbol of expenditure and loss. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to spend money to get rid of the disease. In this way, the best feeling of disease, eighth house disease growth, or fear of death, the expense of a double gesture hospital shows the relief of illness and health benefits from the proper medical care.

Strengthening the Lagan or the Ascendant: Following are the rules that make us consider that Lagan is stable and thus, the longevity of the person is excellent.

Ascendant force- To know whether Lagan is sacrificial or weak, scholars have given some sutras which are as follows:

i) The position of auspicious planets in the Lagan - Natural auspicious planets near Buddha, Guru Venus, and Purnima are considered as auspicious planets. The masters of the center and triangle are also qualitatively called auspicious planets. The native is healthy and happy by being on the auspicious planet in the Lagan.

ii) The vision of auspicious planets on Ascendant- The above auspicious planets may not be in Ascendant. Still, if they had a relation with Ascendant, then there is no sight of any sin planet (Mars, Saturn, Rahu) on Ascendant.

iii) Ascendant's vision of Lagan - If Lagan is self-attentive in Lagan or there is a vision of Laganesh on Lagan, Lagan is sacrificed. Such a person is healthy and happy.

iv) Ascendancy or conspiracy, the ascendant - when the horoscope of the birth chart and the Navamsa horoscope is the same amount, the Lagan is the class. In the conspiracy or hexode class horoscopes, the position or vision of the auspicious planet in the Lagan or the situation or concept in the Lagan of the Lagan also makes the native healthy by strengthening the Lagan.

v) The position of the planet giving high or Raja Yoga in the Lagan also provides strength to the ascendant and includes health and happiness to the native.

vi) In the all-round, the Ascendant receives more auspicious points (more than 28), or the Ascendant collects more emotional power, and favored fruit also makes the person respectful and happy.

If you find that the Lagan is not as strong as depicted by any of the above-listed rules, correction should be applied to make the Lagan strong. 

Strengthening the Lagna Lord or Ascendant Lord:

Following are the rules for the Lagna lord to be healthy, which promises long life to the native. The strength of the Lagan: The lord of the zodiac located in the Lagan is called the Lagan.

1) If the Lagan is high placed.

2) Ascendant is class, that is, in both birth and horoscope, you should be in the same sign.

3) Lagnesh is self-respecting.

4) Ascendant is a friend zone (i.e., in the sign of a friend planet).

5) Lagnesh is inauspicious place i.e. 1,4,7,10 bhava (centre position) 5,9th bhava (triangle) in 2,11th bhava (wealth, profit).

6) Ascendant is an auspicious or friendly planet.

7) Lagnesh should play an essential role in making Raja Yoga, that is, Lagnesh should have a visual relationship with the triangle or triangle. So, by having any of this yoga, the person is healthy and happy. If per chance the Lagan lord is not strong as depicted in the rules, then proper corrections should be applied to strengthen the Lagan lord for good longevity adequately. 

Conclusion :-  Do you have some questions like this in your mind:- How long will I live? Can anybody increase my life? Who can predict my life expectancy? Can prayer to God increase life? How can I live a long life without disease? How can I know my death date?

These are some of the questions that arise in everyone's mind with increasing age. Because as age increases, a fear surrounds the mind as our love for life increases. Then we search for a person who can calm our curiosity. Yes, an astrologer can see your age, but at the same time, he should also keep in mind that he should only tell you that either you have alp aayu ,madhyam aayu, or deerdh aayu? It is considered against astrology rules to say more than this.

Regarding all these questions and more about the life span, I have already explained in the above article.

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