Drug Addiction and Alcoholism indications in the birth chart

drug addiction

You may be worried about the habit. You are into it, and you may be trying hard to come out of it. An addiction which can refer to anything that can become the focus of the ascendant's life at the disservice of everything else. It is a long, slow, dangerous process that can start before the sedative's life and is disrupted by their illness. Few addictions can be healthier while addiction, such as Drug addiction, alcoholism can be destructive or affect your health severely.

There are few drug addictions like alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or extreme sex, etc. Drug addiction can be a complex brain disease. It can be characterized by a compulsive, which can be uncontrollable, or craving which can be seeking and can use that can persist even in the face of negative consequences. Addiction can come to be in any form, and if it's left unchecked, it can cause dangerous personal, familial, health, and financial problems in the future. 

Generally, ascendant who are under alcohol addiction can be left with no sense of responsibility, and once it's addicted, it can continue. For the enjoyment of gnarled reasons, and it can altogether refuse to listen, it understands and accepts that life is being destroyed due to alcohol, smoking, and other drug or addiction. So, it can be recognized by this kind of situation in time. Through astrology, one can come to know if one can fall prey to the addiction in life and can take some preventive measures accordingly.

Astrology and Addiction: 

In astrology:

Astrology and Addiction: 

In astrology:

1. The eighth house is the house of secret relations, alcoholism, etc.

2. The 2nd house is an indication of childhood, family, mouth, food, and eating habits.

3. First house indicates overall personality, nature, and physique, etc.

4. The third house for hands, linking, hobbies and making choices, etc. 

5. The Sixth house is related to the health of the person and its diseases, enemies, etc.

6. Fourth house is happiness at home and mother. 

Malefic influence over the above stated house and the lords can cause drug addiction to the native. 

The signs causing the Addiction to the native:

Zodiac Signs such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and some other watery signs that can play a crucial role in causing drug addiction to the ascendant.


The planets responsible for giving addiction

Main planets responsible for drug addictions are

The planets responsible for giving addiction

Main planets responsible for drug addictions are

a) Rahu

b) Ketu

c) Mars

d) Neptune and

e) Saturn

Their relationship with the 1st 2nd 6th and 8th house of the horoscope can make the native addiction-prone. 

Planet Rahu is a planet of unlimited desires, with no boundaries, which are meaningful obsession and his possessive nature. It is a pleasure-seeking planet. Planet Rahu is a Dragon Head that can rule over a lower level of desires if it can link with Moon, which can make the ascendant selfish, lustful desirous, or we can say the ascendant is overwhelmed by some powerful desires.

Rahu is a shadowy planet that gives head nobody desirous of having the worldly things and want to become powerful who always thinks of the future, ignoring the present they want to rule the world. Ascendant having some uncontrolled Rahu in the horoscope can become successful, but in the subconscious level, which can create a compulsive state of alcohol addiction.

Ketu is an inattentive body. The planet creates confusion. Misguidance and once linked with the Moon make the ascendant confused and misguided.

Moon is the indicator of mind, emotions, and inner state, which can say emotional perception. These indicators are developed well with the time that can move the ascendant towards drug addiction.

For drug addictions, Moon needs to get affected by the malefic planet or can be weak in the horoscope.

Saturn is the indicator of depression, the darkness in life. Once Saturn is linked to Moon with combination, aspected or in the Sign of Moon make the ascendant which are uncertain or fearful about the future, which is helpless, unwanted, or unloved. 

Generally, ascendant has consistent criticism by near and dear ones or might even get worse due to that worry, or can become harmful in approach, and restless. Some people need a quick fix from emotional disturbance. It comes out from the state of nervousness. With Ascendant distress Moon, the persons use a natural way of relaxation like yoga, meditation, music, etc. while with weak Moon, the persons move to the fastest ways of relaxation like alcohol, drug, food, pain killer, etc. 

Mars linked to Moon makes native prone to anger and want a quick relaxation from emotional stress. 

Venus is for sugars, sweets, luxuries, sex, drugs, alcohol, love, and pleasures. The Karaka for all worldly pleasure which is including drug addiction. Suppose it is under the malefic influence in the horoscope, which can make the ascendant sex addicted, drug addiction, and alcoholism.

Saturn influence makes native alcoholic and Mars, which forces the ascendant to act or continue it. Sun can also be found afflicted by malefic as it represents our soul in the horoscope. 

Afflicted Mercury activates a thought process that generally leads to craving. And the native represents overall personality must be under calamity by the malefic or weak ascendant lord to cause the addictions. Commonly, nodes that are affecting native, Venus in 8th House under malefic influence, which are afflicted natural 4th Sign with a weak Moon is seen in horoscope of drug addiction.

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Vedic astrology and Addictions

Astrology can be a helpful methods in understanding the drug addiction, what the possible reason of creating is and how they can overcome within the power of understanding. Rahu is a scalable point as per Hindu Astrology and has the title of the planet, and it causes an eclipse and can create many challenges, desires and whatever we want in our life. Rahu also creates liberation in other cases. 

Vedic astrology and Addictions

Astrology can be a helpful methods in understanding the drug addiction, what the possible reason of creating is and how they can overcome within the power of understanding. Rahu is a scalable point as per Hindu Astrology and has the title of the planet, and it causes an eclipse and can create many challenges, desires and whatever we want in our life. Rahu also creates liberation in other cases. 

Vedic Scriptures has not encouraged some recreational use of drugs, intoxication from, or abuse of the substance. They used to warn against the over-use of alcohol and some other intoxicants and can teach against using elements for poisoning. 

Generally, people from North India and Nepal can use marijuana as an intoxicant either as a part of religious rituals on a special occasion or regular recreational activity. 

They may use marijuana as an intoxicant and do not require warning scriptures about the narcotics. They can mention the plant in the scriptures in an attempt that can justify the habitual abuse of the substance.

Many Sadhus in the region smoke a large amount of marijuana daily. Many can admit that they are addicted to the substance, and consumption of the material can make it very difficult for them by carrying out the task that other people can do by working or fulfilling the obligation. 

People are not realized by souls, but are a drug addict, and the abuse of drugs does not lead them very close to God, but takes them far away from him. It has realized Gurus warn against the danger of intoxicants just as the manuals do. Most Gurus possibly prohibit the use of narcotics for students. Brahmin in India traditionally restricts alcohol, marijuana, and another drug in addition to meat and other sonicated substances.

Rahu and Addiction

Rahu is a planet that causes drug addiction as per Astrology. Rahu works upon a subconscious level. The function of the subconscious mind acts like a memory card that stores and retrieves data as and when required. Therefore, it decides without using a clear conscious- Rahu is the planet of desire and rules the subconscious psychic abilities that can play a role. 

As per Ayurveda generally indicates marijuana as a means as an intoxication for liver and blood. It's an inappropriate use that can lead to health problems. Its use can damage the liver and reproductive system. It can also cause impotence and infertility, constipation, dryness of skin, and organs. 

Marijuana can cause severe damage to the skin and connective tissue and deplete the organ to a certain extent that can have difficulty in functioning. When it's not used correctly, the drug tends to aggravate the three doshas, which are Vata, pitta, and Kapha. 

Marijuana is a tamasic or dulling and rajasic or agitating effect on the mind. It's a long-term use that diminishes a person's will and ambition and leads to dullness, confusion, lethargy, and depression.


Rahu is a self-manifesting planet that creates subconscious desires and obsession. Rahu is a planet whose appearance comes as just head and not the body which is never getting enough or filling up- As per Buddhism, the eight noble truth desire is believed to create sufferings. So, if a person has a desire to smoke every day or drink every day, you can't stop the addiction. 

What are the substances?

Drugs from the past Opium were believed to be the lord of drugs, yet they made the fall in parts of China through the extraordinary opium wars. 

Cocaine was believed to be a definitive recreational artificial type of cocaine. 

Being utilized and the brutality that was made from the drug masters was overpowering and caused the fall of frameworks of structure in Mexico and Columbia.

LSD was a powerful replacement, and yet it turned out to be a drug. If it's consumed for a more extended period, it can cause anger and a short temperament permanently.

Rahu had stolen the nectar of immortality from gods and has become immortal. Rahu is a ruler of Illusions; these are explained as. 

Illusion or Maya?

In Many ways, ' illusion is pioneering if it's used correctly. It can lead to the creation of masterpieces when it created just like John Lennon, and Steve Jobs did. Rahu points you to expand your creativity. Many people consider drug as a medicine, even though we have seen the drug can pull us apart from truth or anything which is not real.

It is visible in the chart who is an addicted person or who has already moved on. We can find a higher presence of an addiction to people who are in the planetary cycle, which is called Rahu Mahadasha or can have a debilitated planet. The north node of the Moon leads to 18 years of Mahadasha Cycle. 

I had seen the charts of hundreds of people who were addicted and then became a substance counselor after Rahu when they moved into the Jupiter period the next period after Rahu.

Rahu rules addictions in most cases. Not to say that everyone is addicted to Rahu. Some may be addicted to Venus or Jupiter Mahadasa periods, but Rahu will always play a role in addictions and obsessions. 

In most cases, Rahu kicks your ass to take you to spirituality. Jupiter 16 year cycle makes us learn about God, and then the 19 year Saturn Mahadasa period makes us spiritual. Jupiter writes the law, and Saturn enforces it.

There are specific methods to come out of addictions, use of Dashas, transits, and beneficial planets can tilt the fate on the native side. Why wait to get proper counseling done and come out this maze.

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  • Which planet is responsible for addiction/alcohol?

    Rahu is the planet that causes a person to veer towards drug or alcohol addiction.