Foreign settlement in birth chart

In today's time, yogas of foreign travel and settlement abroad in birth chart are considered to be a stroke of good fortune. The ninth house or the 'Bhagyasthan' is responsible for overseas travel and settlement out of country in birth chart. 

Abroad travels can be classified into three various types, depending on the timings: 

1. Occasional foreign travel;

2. Frequent abroad travel;

3. Long-term foreign tours and settlement out of country

Will you go abroad according to your date of birth? 

The prospects of one going abroad can be seen from birth chart. The only thing is purpose for which you want to go abroad plays a significant role in reading the prospects of person's going to foreign land. In contrast to nowadays, in the olden times, abroad travel and settlement out of country only occurred in unfortunate circumstances, like through exile or when one fled the country for some reason. As a result, the significator of such foreign travels in birth chart was considered to be the twelfth house. The Dwadash Bhav was usually associated with evil and such abroad travel in horoscope carried sinister implications.

On one side, there are cases where people get sudden, lucrative opportunities to go abroad, out of the blue, due to the presence of auspicious yogas of abroad settlement in birth chart. On the other hand, youngsters who travel abroad for their education may be forced to return to their home country owing to a lack of suitable prospects. Albeit reluctantly, they have to come back, frustrated. However, Vedic Astrology can help such young ones out. An expert Jyotishi will be able to discern all yogas of overseas travel and abroad settlement in birth chart and guide the individuals accordingly.

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Benefits of going Abroad as per Birth Chart

Whenever one thinks of going abroad for education, job, or for permanent settlement, the most prudent questions coming to one's mind are: Does my birth chart indicate foreign travel? What are the benefits of going abroad as per my birth chart? Will going abroad really benefit me? All these questions are natural and one must weigh the pros and cons of all these questions before making a final decision of going abroad. This is essential as the decision to go or move abroad is a decision which controls your life for a long time logistically. And if the answers to the above questions are favourable, you get support deciding on your abroad travel. In this narration, I will first explain the benefits of foreign travel to a layman & then authenticate if going abroad will benefit you as per your birth chart. Of course, before taking a final decision, one has to evaluate it with your financial capabilities also.

Foreign trip has some astrological benefits as well unknown to many of us. Let us try to understand what these are:


Foreign travel strengthens your first house of self, bringing back an increase in your curiosity. Journeys and vacations allow you to leave the banalities of everyday life behind you. Instead, you are surrounded by adventurous opportunities of finding the new, reigniting the flame of exploration within you. 


As abroadforeign travel strengthens your house of self, you gain confidence in yourself. Travelling is no easy feat and going on a vacation abroad required even more from you, mentally and physically. The challenges you face and the way you handle them help build your self-confidence. 


The seemingly silly incidents, scary or funny events, and mind-boggling occurrences that take place during your journey can make for the most exciting stories you can tell. Therefore, regardless of where you are, you will have a plethora of funny anecdotes to share with your family, friends, and acquaintances. You will not be finding yourself running low on things to say the next time you are a part of a conversation. This also tends to strengthen the fifth house in birth chart. 


Another astrological house in birth chart that is strengthened by your foreign travel is the eleventh house. We often take our home and everything associated with it, for granted. Here we mean not only your residence, but also your city, state, and country. In your abroad travel, you will find a place better than yours in certain aspects, while your country will surpass it in other things. But, on the whole, you will soon come to realise a few things that are the norm at home are absent here. Once you start missing them, you'll begin to value them too. 


Foreign travel can also help strengthen your second house. A new country usually requires you to communicate in a language you were formerly not using regularly. Whether you already know the dialect of the place you are visiting or not, in any case, you will have to speak something that is not your mother tongue. Not only will this improve your language skills, but will also bring you confidence. 


When you visit overseas, you are usually lucky enough to go on overseas travel alone or with friends, family, or acquaintances, and return with another friend added to their list. Anyone, from a fellow traveller to the friendly locals of the place can become an essential part of your trip, making it memorable. Such friendships on abroad travel help strengthen Rahu in birth chart. 

Trust Your Instincts

Foreign travels also strengthen your third house of courage. Your instincts or your guts can often help you make better decisions, especially in a new place that you don't know much about. The inexperienced travellers especially need to keep an eye out on thugs and swindlers who are usually on the lookout for such people to deceive. Once you start listening to your gut, you won't stop, and that will be really helpful for you in tricky situations.

Better Employment Opportunities

Foreign travel can often help you gather numerous new skills on the way. These enhance your persona, and they are deemed necessary for your resume in this creativity-based economy of today. Some of these soft skills that you gain on abroad travel may include:

a. Resilience: When you travel, you need to be ready to adapt quickly and effortlessly to new cultures, customs, and unforeseen adversities. It requires you to be flexible enough to put seemingly problematic situations as well as opportunities to good use. All these are great attributes an employer may look for. 

b. Creativity: Visiting and learning about new places allows you to be inventive. You discover so many things that they inspire you to find innovative solutions to old problems. What employer will not be impressed with someone who is brimming with fresh ideas?

c. Patience: The world does not act according to your needs, and you learn various aspects of this when you travel abroad. There can be any number of things you will have to deal with ranging from flight delays, problems en route, slow working process of a particular area, and so on. Travellers soon discover an unknown aspect of foreign travel - patience. And it is a virtue to have in your professional life as well. 

d. Curiosity: When you are surrounded by new things and exciting prospects to discover, travellers soon come across a beloved friend of theirs – inquisitiveness. You see something unique, and you want to learn everything about it. When you let this curiosity grow and allow it to enter your workplace as well, it will impress your employers too. 

e. Communication Skills: Regardless of how good or bad you were in communicating earlier, after foreign travel, this aspect of yours will definitely improve. You find yourself adept in expressing your needs to people who do not speak your language, in places that do not follow your culture. Moreover, this helps you gain the confidence to finally speak up in meetings and share your ideas in a better way. 

f. Time Management: In foreign travels, people usually have a limited amount of time. They need to get to the country, visit every place they wish to see, go shopping, as well as include certain activities indigenous to the area in this short span. As a result, they become quite adept at prioritising and handling their time well. This habit, when used in your workplace, too, helps you be more productive and better at your tasks. 

g. Methodical: For a smooth trip, especially if you are a frequent traveller, you need to be better organised. Numerous things need to be ready to go, while others need to be remembered and changed (like sim cards and currency), and so much more. Proper planning and organisation are required not to let things go down the drain. And this is a skill that all employers value. 

h. Responsibility: On foreign travels, especially on solo trips, there is no one else to take care of you. Moreover, you are in another country. Your friends and family can't get to you there immediately. Hence, your responsibility falls on you, and when you aren't afraid to do things on your own, there's nothing that can stop your ascension towards success. 

As described above, there is an all-round development in one's personality due to foreign travel. As a result, the strong points of the horoscope start manifesting, bringing better opportunities, success, and prosperity in your life. 

Factors responsible for Foreign Travel in Horoscope

Now I'll explain as to what factors in horoscope are seen for foreign travel and settlement. In astrology, we see houses, planets and zodiac signs (rashis) to asses chances of foreign travel and settlement. Now I'll explain all these three factors responsible for foreign travel individually.

Houses In Birth Chart Supporting Foreign Travel

Now, that we have understood the benefits of a trip overseas, the next to discuss are houses in birth chart supporting foreign travel. What yogas and features of your kundali are responsible for abroad travel and settlement out of country? Let us learn more about the houses accountable for these:

First House

The first house is majorly considered responsible for foreign travels. If the Lord of first house gets placed in seventh house and is associated with a benefic planet, then the native gets to visit another country. There are also yogas of abroad settlement in birth chart for the person, as the planetary combinations state that they will go abroad and die there. 

Third House

The third house is considered responsible for short foreign travels. If the planets positioned in the third house are aspecting the ninth house, or if the Navmesh is in third house, then the native will travel abroad for pilgrimage. 

Seventh House

The seventh house is also considered responsible for foreign travels. If the Navmesh and Saptamesh are in conjunction and placed in seventh house, then a native gets to go abroad. Such a person will most probably get a job there; hence, there are also yogas of settlement out of country in birth chart. 

Eighth House

The eighth house is considered responsible for journeys by sea. Usually, foreign travels undertaken for the sake of treatment are seen from this house. However, often, it is also taken into account for the gesture of crossing the sea.

Ninth House

The ninth house is considered responsible for long journeys. When Navmesh is in conjunction with Rahu in the ninth house, it indicates that the father of the native will become famous in another country. Hence, yogas of foreign travel, as well as abroad settlement in birth chart, are present. 

Twelfth House

The twelfth house is majorly considered responsible for abroad settlement in birth chart. In addition to this, since twelfth house is fourth from ninth house, it also indicates living in a house away from your original place of residence.

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Which Planets Indicate Foreign Travel 


a. When Moon is placed in a quadrant or a Kendra, it indicates numerous trips, both home and foreign travels. Often, such planetary combinations are found in kundali of leaders who have to travel a lot. 

b. If Moon gets placed in zodiac sign Pisces or Cancer, then it predicts foreign travel. 

c. When Moon is in eighth, ninth, or twelfth house, especially when the luminary planet is exalted in twelfth house, the native will find prosperity in foreign settlement. 

d. If Venus is positioned in sixth, eighth, or twelfth house from Moon, it points towards abroad travel. 

e. If Moon is in eleventh house, then the native has yogas of abroad settlement in birth chart, through love marriage. 


a. When Sun is in an Earth Sign, there are yogas of foreign travel in birth chart for the person. Such a native will journey from country to country

b. Placement of Sun in first house or ascendant indicates prosperity through abroad travels or settlement out of country in birth chart. 

c. If Sun is in fifth house, then the person becomes a 'courtier' and finds settlement out of country. This planetary combination is often prevalent in the kundalis of diplomats.

d. If Ketu is placed in sixth house from Sun, it becomes associated with twelfth house, which represents foreign support. 


a. The shadow planet, Rahu is considered responsible for most things associated with other countries like abroad travel and foreign settlement. When the major period of Rahu is ongoing for a native, they are likely to be involved in something associated with overseas like marriage or contact with foreigners. It also brings prosperity through a foreign land. 

b. Moreover, if yogas for a property are positively present in kundali, then the native will have abroad settlement in birth chart and materialistic things. However, it is also worth noticing that they will not be satisfied. 

c. Foreign travels will especially become probably during the major period of Rahu and sub-period of Jupiter. In addition to this, if Jupiter is exalted or placed in its own sign in Kendra or one of the trine houses from ascendant, then the native will move in the west direction. 

d. Additionally, foreign travel also occurs during major-period of Rahu and sub-period of either Sun or Ketu. 

e. If Rahu is placed in seventh or first house, i.e., ascendant, then there are yogas of foreign travel in birth chart.

f. If Rahu is in conjunction with Moon in tenth house, then such a native will not only have yogas of foreign travel and abroad settlement in birth chart but will also hold a significant position in another country. 


a. When Venus is placed in Aries, it indicates foreign travel for the native. 

b. If Venus is positioned in sixth house, then foreign travel is in birth chart of the native, but their properties get stolen. 

c. In case Venus is placed in seventh house, then the native will have yogas of abroad settlement in birth chart through marriage. 

d. The placement of Venus in twelfth house is majorly responsible for foreign travel of natives. 

e. When Venus is in conjunction with Mars and placed in ninth house, the person will have two spouses, and yogas of abroad settlement in birth chart 

f. If Venus is in conjunction with Saturn and placed in ninth house, the person will either become a diplomat or have some similar government job. In any case, foreign travel and abroad settlement in birth chart are promised. 


a. When Mars is placed in tenth house from ascendant or from Moon, then there are indications of settlement out of country in birth chart for a long timespan.

b. If Mars is in conjunction with Moon in tenth house, then though there will be foreign travels in horoscope of native, they will face humiliation there. 


a. When Saturn is placed in twelfth house, it creates yogas of separation. Thus, there will be abroad settlement in birth chart, and the native will spend their life in another country. 

b. If Saturn is in conjunction with Jupiter and placed in ninth house, then the native becomes a lecturer and preacher and will have a settlement out of country. 


a. When Mercury is positioned in fourth house, the native continuously changes residence and will have yogas of foreign travel in horoscope. If the zodiac sign in which the dualistic planet is placed is also a dualistic sign, then the results will improve amply. 

b. If Mercury occupies tenth house and Moon is in twelfth house of a native's kundali, then this indicates yogas of foreign travel in horoscope. 

Which Zodiac Signs are good for Foreign Travel

1. If most of the planets in a kundali are placed in dualistic zodiac signs, then the native will have yogas of abroad travel in horoscope. 

2. When the water signs in one's birth chart are afflicted, then the native will surely have yogas of foreign travel in horoscope. 

Travel Abroad For Educational Purposes

1. If a person wishes to travel abroad for educational purposes, then that requires proper major period to be ongoing and a connection between the fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth, and twelfth houses or their Lords. 

2. Eighth house is considered to be associated with the mysterious and occult, as well as in-depth research and journeys by sea. Hence, the involvement of this house is also required sometimes, for abroad travel on educational purposes. 

3. One should indubitably examine the major-period of Rahu and Panchamesh. In addition to this, the following points also need to be taken care of:

4. Since education abroad will be highly expensive for anyone; therefore, there should be sufficient capital for the native as per their birth chart, as well as indications of average or above-average intelligence.

5. If one wishes to gain admission in a prestigious university through scholarship, then they need to be exceptionally brilliant. Before they get ready to travel abroad, an expert astrologer should confirm that their fifth and ninth houses and their Lords are benefic and strong in the kundali. Also, Mercury and Jupiter, significators of intellect and education should be positively placed. 

6. The presence of Saraswati yoga is also necessary. 

7. As in most other cases of foreign travel in birth chart, the planets in horoscope should mostly be placed in dualistic signs. 

8. For abroad travel, for the sake of education, there should be an association between the Navamsa and Dasamsa charts of the native. 

Planets And Settlement Abroad

Let us try to understand the association between Planets And Settlement Abroad. For this, we will discuss the Grahas that play a significant role in creating yogas of settlement out of country in horoscopes of natives. 

1. Abroad settlement in birth chart implies a change in residence. Therefore, the fourth house should be influenced by one or two malefic planets

2. If Moon is afflicting fourth house somehow, then that too helps with foreign settlement of a native. 

3. Generally, the change in residence indicated by settlement out of country in horoscopes of natives occur when they are undergoing the major period of Rahu and the negative planet.

4. The abroad settlement can also take place during the major-period of a planet associated with Rahu. 

5. Bhagya also plays a significant role in foreign settlement as it indicates a relation between sixth, eighth, ninth, and twelfth houses. 

6. These were merely the planetary combinations responsible for abroad settlement in birth chart, as well as foreign travel for educational purposes. In addition to these, when abroad travel is for various reasons, their yogas are also different. The following especially have particular planetary combinations responsible for them:

a. Foreign travel for medical treatment.

b. Foreign travel for diplomatic services.

c. Planetary combinations for children accompanying parents to other countries.

d. Foreign travel for preaching.

e. Foreign travel as a result of marriage.

f. Continuous foreign travels through flying for people in jobs like air hostesses, pilots etc.

The best thing about astrology is that it not only determines the presence or absence of yogas in one's birth chart but also helps you strengthen certain planetary combinations if their potency is not sufficient. In such cases, simple remedies can be observed, and the yogas can be intensified. If you too fall under the bracket of 25 to 75% chances of foreign travel, get a consultation now. 

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Free calculators


  • Which house is responsible for foreign travel/foreign settlement?

    The 9th and 12th houses of your horoscope guide foreign travel. The 12th house is the house of foreign land. It is, thus, the most important house when it comes to settling down abroad. Moon & Venus both in the 12th house, with conjunction of Rahu too, indicates foreign journey strongly.

  • Which planet is responsible for foreign travel/foreign settlement/going abroad?

    Rahu is the most significant planet for an individual’s abroad travel and if this planet is well-placed, especially in conjunction with 7th, 8th, 9th or 12th houses, there are stronger chances of foreign travel. As for foreign settlement, Venus, Rahu and Moon decide a person’s fate.