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Goddess Siddhidatri in 2021


October, 2021


Goddess Siddhidatri is worshipped on the Navratri's ninth day. As the name suggests, Goddess Siddhidatri provides her devotees with all types of siddhis. The last three days of Navratri are dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. Goddess Siddhidatri is believed to be a form of Goddess Saraswati. All kinds of siddhis are subject to her. The statue of Goddess Durga, which provides siddhis and Moksh, is known as Siddhidatri. Goddess  Siddhidatri is worshipped on Navratri's ninth day. It is a religious belief that if the Goddess is worshiped with complete devotion, she fulfills all her devotees' wishes. Gods, Yaksha, transgender people, Demons, Sages, and people living in households worship Goddess Siddhidatri. Worshipping her brings fame, power, and money. She blesses her devout devotees with great wisdom and eight forms of siddhis. It is believed that even the Gods achieved siddhis from Goddess Siddhidatri. Goddess Siddhidatri is one of Goddess Saraswati's many forms who wear white clothes and is full of knowledge and hypnotizes her devotees with her melodious tone.

इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए “देवी सिद्धिदात्री” पर क्लिक करें।

On the ninth day, offer seasonal fruits, Halwa, poodi, black gram, and coconut to Goddess Siddhidatri. The devotees who worship Goddess and also fast on the day of Navami receive Dharma, Artha, work, and Moksh in this world. Bhagwati Siddhidatri provides the above complete siddhis to her worshipers. With the worship of this last form of Goddess Durga, the ritual of Navratri comes to an end. According to the Markendeya Purana, Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Attainment, Prakamya, Ishitva, and Vashitva are the eight siddhis Goddess Siddhidatri can impart all these siddhis to devotees and seekers. According to the Devipurana, Lord Shiva attained these siddhis with the blessings of Goddess Siddhidatri and with only her grace that half of the body of Lord Shiva belonged to the Goddess. That is why he became known in the world as 'Ardhanarishwara.'

The representation of Goddess Siddhidatri

In the Puranas, all the Gods and Goddesses achieved the siddhis by the grace of Goddess Siddhidatri. In this form, the Goddess sits on a lotus and holds a conch shell, lotus, the Sudarshan chakra, and a mace in her hands. Siddhidatri is also the form of Goddess Saraswati, and she has also worn white clothes.

Who is Goddess Siddhidatri?

According to legendary beliefs, Lord Shiva was able to achieve the siddhis only because of the grace of Goddess Siddhidatri. It was by the Goddess's grace that half of the body of Lord Shiva belonged to her. That is why he became known in the world as 'Ardhanarishwara.' According to the Markendeya Purana, Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Attainment, Prakamya, Ishitva, and Vashitva are the eight siddhis which the devotees can achieve if they worship her with complete devotion.

Origin of Navam Devi Siddhidatri

To destroy the demons' tyranny on this Earth, to uplift the Human world, and to protect Dharma, Goddess Bhagwati Durga appeared as Goddess Siddhidatri on the ninth day of Navratri. This mother's dissolution is a symbol of completeness and prosperity. She is the one who is going to give the desired results to every devotee by suppressing all kinds of demons. From Pratipada to Navami From Pratipada to Navami, all the proud monsters are killed by Mother Bhavgati Durga. It leads to the attainment of all deities and human beings, and the Goddess gets fame in the world as Siddhidatri. That is, Sakshat Goddess Siddhidatri descends to fulfill the desired wishes of all devotees, including deities. It is the supreme welfare and the giver of salvation. She is known and worshiped as Siddhidatri because of the ultimate goal of human beings to give in to the desire for redemption. If she becomes happy, then she blesses all the devotees with the siddhis.

Goddess Siddhidatri sits on a Lotus

Goddess Siddhidatri sits on a Lotus, and she rides a Lion. Worshipping Siddhidatri helps the devotees get rid of their ambitions, dissatisfaction, laziness, jealousy, vengeance. Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Attainment, Prakamya, Ishitva, and Vashitva are the eight siddhis that can be achieved by the worship of Goddess Siddhidatri. Worshipping this form of the Goddess during Navratri makes it easy for work of all kinds to be accomplished. On the last day, while worshipping Goddess Siddhidatri, the devotees should focus all their attention on the nirvana chakra, which is situated in the middle of our forehead.  By doing so, by the grace of the Goddess, the powers related to this chakra are automatically acquired by the devotee. After the blessings of Goddess Siddhidatri, no work is impossible for the devotee, and he gets happiness and prosperity in every way.

The importance of Goddess Siddhidatri

Worshipping Goddess Siddhidatri is very uplifting in nature. Due to its effect, the devotees are blessed with the things that they desire. The Goddess is a giver of all the siddhis, and she also removes all fear and disease from the devotees' life while providing a way of leading their life more happily. Therefore, the devotees should worship her. She is always worshipped by Gods, Danuj, Manoj, Gandharva, etc., alike. Thus, her worship is essential for achieving peace and prosperity. While telling about the importance of the Goddess, the Gods say that -

Sharnagat ki peeda duur krne vaali devi. Hum par prassann hoao sampurn jagat ki maata pradann hoao. Vishveshwari. Vishv ki Raksha Karo. Devi! Tum hi charchara Devi ki aadhishwari ho. Tum is jagat ka ekmatra aadhar ho, kyoki prithvi ke roop me tumhari hi stithi hai. Tumhara parakram alanghniya hae. Tumhi jal roop mey stith hokar sampurn jagat ko tript krti ho. Tum Anant balsampatra Vaishnavi shakti ho. Is vishv ki karan bhuta para maya tum ho. Devi! Tumne is jagat ko mohit kar rakha hai. Tumhi prasaann honey par is prithvi par moksh ki prapti krati ho. (शरणागत की पीड़ा दूर करने वाली देवि। हम पर प्रसन्न होओ सम्पूर्ण जगत् की माता! प्रसन्न होओ। विश्वेश्वरि। विश्व की रक्षा करो। देवि! तुम्हीं चराचरा जगत् की अधीश्वरी हो। तुम इस जगत् का एकमात्र आधार हो, क्योंकि पृथ्वी के रूप में तुम्हारी ही स्थिति है। तुम्हारा पराक्रम अलंघनीय है। तुम्हीं जल रूप में स्थित होकर सम्पूर्ण जगत् को तृप्त करती हो। तुम अनन्त बलसम्पन्न वैष्णवी शक्ति हो। इस विश्व की कारण भूता परा माया तुम हो। देवि! तुमने इस समस्त जगत् को मोहित कर रखा है। तुम्हीं प्रसन्न होने पर इस पृथ्वी पर मोक्ष की प्राप्ति कराती हो।)

Mother Siddhidatri's relationship with astrology

This is a furious form of the Goddess, in which there is an infinite amount of energy, which is enough to destroy the enemy. This form is also worshipped by the Trimurti, i.e., Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. This means that if the Goddess becomes happy with her devotee, no enemy would stick around them. Also, they will receive the energy of the Trimurti. Their worship strengthens the sixth and eleventh bhavs of the horoscope of the devotee. But at the same time, the third bhava also has tremendous energy. If the enemy parties are harassing them or a court case, then worshiping the mother in this form gives unique benefits.

The procedure to Worship Goddess Siddhidatri

This ninth vigraha of Goddess Adishakti Durga is known as Siddhidatri and is worshipped and known in this world. It is ruled that the Stuti and worship of Goddess Siddhidatri are performed on the ninth day of Navratri. She is worshiped by both humans and Gods, Demons, and Gandharva, all around the world. Worshipping her opens up paths for achieving the eight siddhis Nava Nidhi. The devotees should worship her with complete devotion and follow all the worship rules for the upliftment of their families. The regulations of the worship will be the same as earlier. In which restraint and celibacy are also important, keeping in view the complete purity.

  1. Goddess Siddhidatri is worshipped on the day of Navami. This is the last day of Navratri. On this day, this Goddess is worshipped and is given a farewell.
  2. First of all, the devotee should become pure and wear a clean and fresh pair of clothes. After this, they should place the idol of the picture of the Goddess on a pedestal.
  3. After this, offer some fruits, flowers, garland, neyvedh, etc. to Goddess and worship her according to the rules. In the end, perform an Aarti of the Goddess.
  4. On this day, a significant amount of importance is given to Girl worshipping. Invite young girls to your home and worship them and present them with some gifts.
  5. In the end, touch their feet and take their blessings. Also, feed a Brahman and a Cow.
  6. Perform these rituals and complete this worship process through which you will be blessed with the results you want. By the grace of the Goddess, devotees all around the world can achieve happiness and peace in their lives.

The favorite Bhog and Color of Goddess Siddhidatri

It is believed that Goddess Siddhidatri likes the colors Red and Yellow. Her favorite bhog are coconut, pysum, Neyvedh, and the Panchamrit.

The Mantra of Goddess Siddhidatri

Ya devi sarvabhuteshu maa Siddhidatri rupen sansthita

(या देवी सर्वभूतेषु मां सिद्धिदात्री रूपेण संस्थिता।)

Namastasyey Namastasyey Namastasyey namoh namah:

(नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नम:।)

Meditation of Goddess Siddhidatri

Vande vaanchit manortharth chandraghrita shekharam

Kamalstitham chaturbhujaam Siddhidatri yashasvanim

(वन्दे वांछित मनोरथार्थ चन्द्रार्घकृत शेखराम्।

कमलस्थितां चतुर्भुजा सिद्धीदात्री यशस्वनीम्॥)

Swarnavarna nirvanchakrsthitham navam durga trinetram

Shakh, chakra, gada, padam, dharaam Siddhidatri bhajem

(स्वर्णावर्णा निर्वाणचक्रस्थितां नवम् दुर्गा त्रिनेत्राम।

शख, चक्र, गदा, पदम, धरां सिद्धीदात्री भजेम।)

Pataambar, paridhanam, priduhasya nanalankaar bhushitaam

Manjeer, haar, keyur, kinkinee ratankundal manditam

(पटाम्बर, परिधानां मृदुहास्या नानालंकार भूषिताम।

मंजीर, हार, केयूर, किंकिणि रत्नकुण्डल मण्डिताम॥)

Prafull vandana pallvadharam kaant kapola peenpayaodharaam

(प्रफुल्ल वदना पल्लवाधरां कातं कपोला पीनपयोधराम।

कमनीयां लावण्यां श्रीणकटि निम्ननाभि नितम्बनीम॥)

सिद्धिदात्री की स्तोत्र पाठ

Kanchnabha shakchakragdaapdydharaam mukutojvalo

(कंचनाभा शखचक्रगदापद्मधरा मुकुटोज्वलो।)

Smerumukhi shivpatni Siddhidatri namoastutey

(स्मेरमुखी शिवपत्नी सिध्दिदात्री नमोअस्तुते॥)

Pataambar paridhanam nanalankaaram bhushitaam

(पटाम्बर परिधानां नानालंकारं भूषिता।)

Nalistitham nalanakshri Siddhidatri namoastutey

(नलिस्थितां नलनार्क्षी सिद्धीदात्री नमोअस्तुते॥)

Paramaanandmayi devi Parambrahm Parmaatma

(परमानंदमयी देवी परब्रह्म परमात्मा।)

Paramshakti, parambhakti, Siddhidatri Namostutey

(परमशक्ति, परमभक्ति, सिध्दिदात्री नमोअस्तुते॥)

Vishwakarma, vishwabhati, vishwaharti, vishwaprita

(विश्वकर्ती, विश्वभती, विश्वहर्ती, विश्वप्रीता।)

Vishwa varchita vishwateeta Siddhidatri namostutey

(विश्व वार्चिता विश्वातीता सिध्दिदात्री नमोअस्तुते॥)

Bhuktimukhtikarinee bhaktkashtnivaarinee

(भुक्तिमुक्तिकारिणी भक्तकष्टनिवारिणी।)

Bhav sagar taarinee Siddhidatri namostutey

(भव सागर तारिणी सिध्दिदात्री नमोअस्तुते॥)

Dharmarthkaam pradayinee mahamoh vinashini

(धर्मार्थकाम प्रदायिनी महामोह विनाशिनी।)

Mokshdayinee Siddhidatri Siddhidatri namostutey

(मोक्षदायिनी सिद्धीदायिनी सिध्दिदात्री नमोअस्तुते॥)

Goddess Siddhidatri Shield

Onkaarpaatu shirsho maa bijam maa hridyo. Him bijam sadapaatu nabho, griho cha padyo. Lalaat karno shrim beejpaatu klim bijam maa netra ghrino. Kapol chibuko hassoo paatu jagatprasuuteyy maa sarva vadno.

(ओंकारपातु शीर्षो मां ऐं बीजं मां हृदयो। हीं बीजं सदापातु नभो, गुहो च पादयो॥ ललाट कर्णो श्रीं बीजपातु क्लीं बीजं मां नेत्र घ्राणो। कपोल चिबुको हसौ पातु जगत्प्रसूत्यै मां सर्व वदनो॥)

In the end, after worshipping Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, offer a sacrifice and perform her Aarti and ask for forgiveness from the Goddess in their name. Distribute prasadam that was offered during the havan, and Immerse the remainings of the fire of havan in the holy water. It protects you from ash- disease, anger, and planetary obstacles and keeps you away from fear from the mind.

Maa Siddhidatri Ki Aarti

Jai Siddhidatri maa tu siddhi ki daata

(जय सिद्धिदात्री मां तू सिद्धि की दाता ।)

Tu bhakto ki rakshak tu daaso ki maata

(तू भक्तों की रक्षक तू दासों की माता ।।)

Tera naam lete hi milti hae siddhi

(तेरा नाम लेते ही मिलती है सिद्धि ।)

Tere naam se mun ki hoti hae shudhi

(तेरे नाम से मन की होती है शुद्धि ।।)

Kathin kaam siddh karti ho tum

(कठिन काम सिद्ध करती हो तुम ।)

Jabhi haath sevak key sir dharti ho tu.

(जभी हाथ सेवक के सिर धरती हो तुम ।।)

Teri poona mey to na koi vidhi hae

(तेरी पूजा में तो ना कोई विधि है ।)

Tu jagdamney daati tu sarve siddhi hae

(तू जगदंबे दाती तू सर्व सिद्धि है ।।)

Ravivar ko tera sumiran siddhi hae

(रविवार को तेरा सुमिरन करे जो ।)

Teri murti ko hi mun mey dharey jo

(तेरी मूर्ति को ही मन में धरे जो ।।)

Tu sab kaaj uskey karti hay purey

(तू सब काज उसके करती है पूरे ।)

Kabhi kaam uskey rahey na adhurey

(कभी काम उसके रहे ना अधूरे ।।)

Tumhari daya aur tumhari yeh maya

(तुम्हारी दया और तुम्हारी यह माया ।)

Rakhey jiske sir par maiyya apni chaya

(रखे जिसके सिर पर मैया अपनी छाया ।।)

Sarv siddhi daati veh hay bhagyashaali

(सर्व सिद्धि दाती वह है भाग्यशाली ।)

Jo hay tere dar ka hi ambey savali

(जो है तेरे दर का ही अंबे सवाली ।।)

Himachal hay parvat jaha vaas tera

(हिमाचल है पर्वत जहां वास तेरा ।)

Maha nanda mandir mey hay vaas tera

(महा नंदा मंदिर में है वास तेरा ।।)

Mujhe aasra hay tumhara hi maata

(मुझे आसरा है तुम्हारा ही माता ।)

Bhakti hay sawali tu jiski daata

(भक्ति है सवाली तू जिसकी दाता ।।)

The tale of Goddess Siddhidatri

Many famous tales revolve around the Goddess Siddhidatri, which is about Durga Saptadashi with Goddess Siddhidatri because it is through her that the devotees receive siddhi, intelligence, happiness, and peace, and the mental pains at home go away. The feeling of love grows at home. That means that this Goddess is omnipresent, which has been accepted by the Goddess herself in a story. She says that- Who else is there in this world except me? Look, these are my personalities, so they are entering me. Then all the goddesses like Brahmani etc., were absorbed in the body of Ambika Devi. At that time, only Ambika Devi remained. The Goddess said, "I was here in many forms with my opulence. I wrapped up all those forms. I am now standing alone in the battle. You also settle down. Then there was a fierce battle between the Goddess and Shumbha, which was in all the gods and demons' sight. The sage says: Then, seeing Shumbha, the king of all the monsters, coming towards her, the Goddess pierced his chest with a trident and dropped him on the EarthEarth. When the demon was injured by the edge of her trident, his life was blown away, and he fell, shaking everything, including the land, the seas, islands, and mountains, the whole EarthEarth. Then, when the demon was killed, the entire world became happy and completely healthy, and the sky began to appear clean. After this, the clouds and meteors that were the destruction indicators were all calmed down, and when the demon was killed, the rivers also started flowing correctly.

This is how the Kanya Pooja on the Last day of Navratri is done.

On the ninth day of Navratri to worship Goddess Siddhidatri and to conclude Navratri, an offering navahana prasad and navras containing food and nine types of fruits, etc., should be made. On this day, worship the Goddess from the ninth part of the Durgasaptadashi. On the ninth day, offer seasonal fruits, halwa, poori, black gram, and coconut to Goddess Siddhidatri. During the worship of the Goddess wear clothes that are purple in color. After worshipping The Goddess, young girls and unmarried girls should be fed. Before feeding, you should wash their feet should and seek blessings from them. Give them the prasadam of the Goddess and Dakshina and then bid them farewell by touching their feet. If you can't find a girl, worship a betel nut, or a girl present at your home; you should worship her as the Goddess. The devotees who end the Navratri by performing the Kanya poojan and Navami poojan will receive dharma, artha, work, and moksh in this world. It is said in the DeviBhagwat Puran that worshipping Goddess Siddhidatri helps in obtaining all the siddhis. On this day, Goddess Durga provides the fruits of the worship done with devotion during the nine days of Navratri. This is the reason that on the last day of Navratri, The Gods, Sages, transgender people, Yaksha, Demons, Seekers, and devotees living in households also worship Goddess Siddhidatri. The worship of this Goddess brings fame, strength, and wealth.

Navami Hawan ( Homa)

On the evening of the Mahanavami, there is great importance of the Navami Homa or Navami Hawan. The Navami Hawan is presented after the Navami Poojan. The Navami Homa ritual is popularly known as Chandi Homa. Devotees follow the ritual of Navami Havan and seek blessings of prosperity and good health from Mother Durga. The devotees should make sure that the ritual of Navami Hawan should only be carried out during the afternoon. The devotees need to chant the mantras from the Durgasaptadashi during the Hawan.

What is the process of the Hawan on this day?

  • This Hawan is performed on the day of Navami to complete the Navratri.
  • On the day of Navami, first, perform the pooja and then the Hawan.
  •  Add barley and black sesame seeds to the hawan ingredients.
  • Then perform the Kanya Poojan.
  • After performing Kanya poojan donate a complete meal.

Which ingredient should be used to get the desired benefits from the Hawan?

  •  For economic benefits- havan with makhana and kheer.
  • To get rid of debt- havan from rye.
  • For progeny problems – Perform havan with butter candy.
  • For planet peace - havan with black mole.
  • For all welfare – Perform havan with black sesame seeds and barley.

What type of boons can be received by the worship of Goddess Siddhidatri?

  • All the Goddesses are contained inside Goddess Siddhidatri.
  • If only she is worshipped during the period of Navratri, then it is possible to achieve all the fruits of Navratri.
  • Her worship brings immense glory.
  • Also, by worshipping her, the devotees can receive all the siddhis.
  • By worshipping this form of the Goddess, the devotee can be saved from the planets' adverse effects.

Don't do these things during Navratri

  1. You should wear clean clothes. Please don't wear any clothes without washing them.
  2. Don't cut your nails from the day of Navratri pratipada till the day of Ekadashi Tithi.
  3. It would be best if you didn't get a haircut during the days of Navratri.
  4. During this auspicious period of Navratri, one shouldn't get involved in the work of stitching and cutting.
  5. During this special period of Navratri, you should not condemn anyone, lie and be sweet-spoken.
  6. Try not to sweep the house after sunset for nine days of Navratri, or at least take a vow not to do it in the puja house and kitchen.
  7. If it's possible, then don't enter your home wearing while wearing slippers during these nine days. Don't use anything made of leather.
  8. Don't consume Alcohol, Meat, Tobacco, and other items during the nine days of Navratri.
  9. Don't disrespect any woman during the nine days of Navratri.
  10. Do not eat tamasik foods like onion, garlic. Meat is wholly prohibited.
  11. If you are lighting the infinite Monolith lamp, then don't leave your house vacant anytime.
  12. During Navratri, sleeping is prohibited during the day. This is what is said in the Vishnu Purana.
  13. If you are reading mantras, Chalisa, or saptashati, don't get up in the middle. Don't say anything else. This gives the hostile powers the fruit of the text.

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