When is Govardhan Puja 2021-2022: Date, Story and Signification

Govardhan Puja in 2021


November, 2021


The pure and pious Govardhan Puja has significant importance in Hinduism. The festival is one of the most incredible ways to show love and gratitude to nature and other humans. Along with that, just on the second day of the Shukla Paksha, the fantastic festival of Govardhan Puja or Anna Koot is widely celebrated across the country. The beautiful festival is celebrated all over the country. Still, it appears to be it is the most vital festivals of North India especially in Braj Bhoomi such as Mathura, Vrindavan, Nandgaon, Gokul and Barsana. Also, Govardhan Puja is popularly known as Annakoot. One could witness the authentic essence of this wonderful festival just on the next day Deepawali, especially celebrated in Braj. Eventually, Godhan is the worship of cows during the Govardhan Puja. The beautiful reference is just like Goddess Lakshmi Provides happiness, Joy, Prosperity and serenity to everyone in the same way the serene cow mother also ensures good health and money. As per the ancient believe when Lord Sri Krishna lifted the Govardhan Parvat for consecutive seven days on his youngest fingers to save everyone from the destructive torrential rain of the Braj, the Gopikas remained happily content in his shadow.

On the seventh day, the powerful Lord Krishna laid down the huge Govardhan Parvat and declared the auspicious and beautiful celebration of Annakoot by worshipping the Govardhan every year. Since then, the wonderful festival is named as Annakoot. On Kartik Shukla Pratipada, which is one the second day of the Deepawali, worshipping Govardhan or Cow Worshipping, holds significant importance. Along with that, it is also believed that on this day after worshipping cow, one should also gift cow spinach, gifts, food and clothes.

Anyone who worships cow and celebrates Govardhan Puja would be truly blessed with true joy, happiness and prosperity. It is widely celebrated numerous beautiful parts of the country such as Vrindavan and Mathura, and this is one of the primary festivals which is widely celebrated. The pious teachings of the religious legend Lord Krishna, the one who has lifted the people of Gokul from the Indra's anger by lifting the giant Govardhan Mountain on his little finger to break the pride of Indra.

Just after the Indra's Pride was destroyed, Lord Krishna stated that on the day of Kartik Shukla Pratipada, one should make 56 Bhog and worship the huge and powerful Govardhan Parvat. Even the residents of Gokul get fodder for the animals from the wonderful Govardhan Parvat. It is this huge mountain that stops the cloud and gives them rain which is eventually helpful in improving the agriculture and fertility of the land.

And so this proves this immense significance of celebrating Govardhan Puja. Since then, there is a wonderful ritual that one has to follow to worship the Govardhan Parvat, and that is by preparing Annakoot on the day of Govardhan Puja. As per another religious belief, this beautiful festival is celebrated because Kanha eventually raised the huge the Govardhan on his little finger to save the people of Gokul from Indra'sIndra's anger. The people in a way to show gratitude and thankfulness prepared 56 Bhog and offered it to the great Lord Krishna. Pleased and content with this gesture of Gokul dwellers, Shri Krishna blessed the people that he would always protect the people of Gokul.

Importance of Govardhan Puja

Govardhan Puja holds immense importance in Indian Society. As per the authentic Vedas and tradition, there is a wonderful rule to worship the powerful Gods of Varuna, Indra and Agni and many others. On this day, one should worship the huge Govardhan Parvat, Godhan that is a cow, and of course, Lord Shri Krishna holds special importance. This festival disseminates the message to save mankind and show immense gratitude towards all the resources provided by nature. By celebrating Govardhan Puja, we get a chance to express our gratitude and thankfulness to nature and all its resources. The huge and beautiful Govardhan Parvat is worshipped during this puja. The message is that one should show gratitude and respect towards the various natural resources which enrich our life such as trees, animals, birds, river and mountains.

One of the main reasons behind the balance of the climate in India is the presence of mountains, garlands and rivers. And so, this is the day to show gratitude, thankfulness towards all the different natural resources or which are popularly known as natural wealth. On this day, you must worship cow as it is their ghee, milk, buttermilk, curd and butter as well as cow dung, which has definitely enriched the living standards of mankind. In this kind of circumstances, a cow which is considered to be as important as the pious River Ganga in Hinduism is widely worshipped. On this day, people worship by singing, dancing and thanking the beautiful Govardhan Parvat by making Annakoot that refers to different kind of food items. The belief is that the mountain is eventually the real God or Guardian as it gives the human beings a way to live, provides shelter in crucial moments in order to save lives. Every year, Govardhan Pooja is beautifully celebrated by following various important customs and traditions. People worship Lord Krishna on this auspicious day to celebrate the victory of good over the bad, God over the evil. People do worship Govardhan Parvat because it has protected the people.

People bathe their cows and oxen in the morning and do decorate them with saffron and garlands. People also make a pile of cow dung and worship it by preparing delicious food items such as Kheer, Batasay, Garland, sweet, delicious food. Also, many of them also prepare ''Navaidha or 108 types of food for Chappan Bhog that is 56 kind of food which is specially prepared and offer to God.

The shape of Govardhan Parvat is peacock shaped which could be easily described as Radha Kunda, and Shyam Kunda makes eyes, Dan Gati makes the neck, Mukharbind forms mouth and Panchari makes long-winged waist. It is believed that Pulastya Muni. The curse of Pulastya Muni, it is believed that the height of the mountain is decreasing every day, which appears to be equal to a seed of mustard every day. The story is once in Satyug, Pulastya Muni went to Dronakaila which appears to be the king of the mountains. The kind was immensely sad, and then appealed to and requested to the sage that he is not able to tolerate the disconnection from his son.

With a special condition, he sent his son with sage but he was kept down on the way, he would stay there only forever. Passing through the Brijmandal, Muni did put him down to defecate. As soon as he was back, he did realize that he could not pick him up from that place and got angry and cursed Govardhan that he would gradually shrink in size. Earlier it was 64 miles long, 40 miles wide and 16 miles high which was later reduced to 80 feet. The beautiful Govardhan Puja is popularly known as Annakoot. It is almost a modern-day party as it lasts for months. In many places, even Bhandara is also arranged for people.

Why is Govardhan Puja celebrated?

Eventually, the Annakoot and Govardhan Puja have begun from the Dwapar Yuga after the wonderful incarnation of the powerful Lord Krishna. In Hinduism, worshipping of Lord Govardhan Nathji with cow dung is worshipped. Just After that, to please the powerful Giriraj Bhagwan that is referred to the mountain is offered delicious and pure food to Annakoot. It is widely celebrated in temples on this day. The religious belief behind worshipping Govardhan is that the almighty, the superior Lord Krishna wanted to break the unreasonable pride of powerful Lord Indra as he got furious because people started worshipping the Govardhan Mountain. To protect the people of Gokul and to save everyone from the destructive anger of Indra, Krishna raised the huge and powerful Govardhan Mountain on his little finger and protected the people of Gokul from the anger destructive anger of Indra. 

Also, It is stated that after this Lord Krishna himself suggested preparing the delicious 56 Bhog on the pious and serene day of Kartik Shukla Pratipada to worship Govardhan Parvat.

Since that time only, the serene practice of Govardhan Puja and Annakoot is widely celebrated every year. Lord Krishna and Govardhan Parvat and Annakoot are properly worshipped.

On this day, everyone prays and please Maa Lakshmi and Lord Krishna to gather courage, wealth, beautiful house and so on. If you could please them, you could absolutely notice a significant profit in various ventures. You must also make new and delicious dishes.

You must not use anything related to onion or garlic. You must also offer food to powerful Lord Krishna. You would witness happiness, satisfaction and joy. It is performed on the second day of Diwali. Basically, it is all about worshipping nature and was started by Shri Krishna. The Govardhan Mountain is worshipped based on nature, cow and everything that is offered to you. The puja begins in Braj, and it soon became popular. 

Why is Lord Indra worshipped?

Along with Govardhan and Lord Krishna, Indra is also worshipped. It is a great festival to thank and show gratitude to all the Gods who have helped in growing food like Lord Indra, Agni. Also, Tree and Water Gods are also worshipped. Specifically, Lord Indra is praised and worshipped because he apologizes to the almighty Lord Krishna. He was pardoned, and so he is also worshipped at Govardhan Puja.

Why was Indra angry?

It is believed that every year before Govardhan Puja the people of Brij performed Govardhan Puja as he provides rain which helps in growing crops and keeping the weather favourable. However, during the Dwapara Yuga, when Shri Krishna saw his Mother Yashoda preparing for the Indra Puja, he asked them to worship the Govardhan Parvat, trees, plants rather than Indradev as nature helps make everyone's life better and more affluent. All the Brij Wasis did agree and started to worship to Govardhan. By looking at this, Lord Indra got angry then made it rain for the next seven consecutive days. Lord Krishna lifted the huge Govardhan Parvat on the smallest finger. But in the end, Indra had to apologies to Lord Krishna. 

Govardhan Puja Procedure

1. Govardhan is made from cow dung, and then it is beautifully decorated with flowers. Govardhan Puja is done in the morning or evening. During worship, incense, lamp, Naivedya, water, fruits etc. should be offered to Govardhan. On this day, cattle and animals used in agricultural work are worshipped.

2. Govardhan Ji is made as a man lying with cow dung. An earthen lamp is placed in the place of the navel. In this lamp, milk, curd, Ganga water, honey, Betashe etc. are put during worship and later on as Prasad.

3. After the pooja, You must say Jai Govardhanji while doing seven circumambulations. 

4. At this time just after the parikrama, the circumambulation is done by dropping water from the lotus and sowing barley.

5. Truly, Govardhan Giri is considered as God and worship him in the house on this day increases the wealth, progeny and cow juice.

6. The powerful Lord Vishwakarma is also worshipped on this day of Govardhan Puja. On this occasion, machines are worshipped in all factories and industries.

गोवर्धन पूजा मंत् :

गोवर्धन धराधार गोकुल त्राणकारक/

विष्णुबाहु कृतोच्छ्राय गवां कोटिप्रभो भव//

नैवेद्य अर्पित कर निम्न मंत्र से प्रार्थना करें:

लक्ष्मीर्या लोक पालानाम् धेनुरूपेण संस्थिता।    

घृतं वहति यज्ञार्थे मम पापं व्यपोहतु।।

गोवर्धन आरती (Govardhan Aarti) :

श्री गोवर्धन महाराज, ओ महाराज,
तेरे माथे मुकुट विराज रहेओ।

तोपे पान चढ़े तोपे फूल चढ़े,
तोपे चढ़े दूध की धार।
तेरे माथे मुकुट विराज रहेओ।

तेरी सात कोस की परिकम्मा,
और चकलेश्वर विश्राम
तेरे माथे मुकुट विराज रहेओ।

तेरे गले में कण्ठा साज रहेओ,
ठोड़ी पे हीरा लाल।
तेरे माथे मुकुट विराज रहेओ।

तेरे कानन कुण्डल चमक रहेओ,
तेरी झाँकी बनी विशाल।
तेरे माथे मुकुट विराज रहेओ।

गिरिराज धरण प्रभु तेरी शरण।
करो भक्त का बेड़ा पार
तेरे माथे मुकुट विराज रहेओ।

Why is Govardhan Puja called Annakoot?

If you wish to perform this Puja, You must remember that Yashoda Nandan Krishna and Govardhan Parvat are worshipped by making Annakoot, and this probably could be in reason it is named as 'Annakoot'. It is eventually the kind of food that is prepared by vegetables, milk and rice. 

Method of making Annakoot

One is supposed to make all seasonal vegetables; milk, Mawa, dry fruits and rice are used to make Annakoot. Also, fresh fruits and sweets are brought to God. Fifty-six types of foods are included in Annakoot. With all these, Lord Krishna is worshipped in the Pradosh Kaal (evening time) by law. Along with this, worshipping cow and feeding jaggery and green fodder are considered auspicious.

How is Annakoot worshipped?

- On this auspicious occasion, Varuna, Indra, Agni are worshipped on this day in the Vedas.

- Along with the cows, their Aarti is done, and they are fed fruit sweets.

- Cow dung replicates Govardhan Parvat

- After this, it is worshipped with flowers, incense, lamps, Naivedya.

- On this day, every member of the household cooks from the same kitchen.

- Get to taste various delicious and different types of dishes are made in food.

Events on Govardhan Puja

1. Govardhan Puja is widely celebrated and is a festival that is dedicated to ensuring gratitude and thankfulness to nature and Lord Krishna. On this occasion of Govardhan Puja, a religious occasion like Annakoot which is Bhandara are organized in various temples. Food is also distributed among the people. 

2. It is an amazing idea to put circumambulation of Mount Govardhan on Govardhan Puja. It brings a lot of blessing, joy and prosperity with the blessing of Lord Krishna. 

Story of Govardhan worship

There is a serious story behind the celebration of Govardhan Puja, and according to the sayings, Lord Krishna has advised people to perform Govardhan Puja. It is also stated that one day when the mother of Krishna, Yashoda was praying to Lord Indra, Krishna abruptly asked his mother why is she worshipping Lord Indra. Krishna's mother innocently answered that all the dwellers are praying to Lord Indra for rain. The rain will be immensely helpful in growing the crops, and even cows will get fodder to eat. While listening to his mother, Krishna immediately replied that everyone should pray to Govardhan rather than Lord Indra. He further added that cows get grasses to eat when they visit the huge Govardhan Parvat. This convinced Yashoda, and she further influenced people of the village as well. Gradually, the villagers started to pray to Govardhan than Indra. When the Brijwasis were praying, Indra Devta saw it, and he got extremely angry and started the rain. Due to heavy torrential rain, the villagers got to face many troubles, and then they went to Lord Krishna for help. At the same time, due to incessant rains, water started filling the homes of the people, and they could not find any place to hide their heads. To protect the people from the troubles, Lord Krishna lifted the huge Govardhan Mountain on his little finger and under it all the Brjwasis for shelter as the rain did not stop for consecutive seven days. As soon as Lord Indra realized that Lord Krishna is another form of Lord Vishnu, he realized his mistake and stopped the rain. After the rain stopped, Lord Krishna put the mountain down and ordered people to worship Govardhan Mountain, and since then this festival is beautifully celebrated in many places. 

How to get enormous profit during Govardhan Puja? 

Measures of financial prosperity and everlasting success

For financial consistency and success, you must perform this:

1. Make sure you give a cow a bath and then put Tilak on her

2. Make sure your fruit and fresh vegetables 

3. Revolve cow seven-time

4. Take the soil near the hoof of the cow

5. Make sure you do maintain the safety

6. If you go to this soil by applying Tilak, then you will definitely get success.

To get better jobs and seek better opportunities 

a) You must visit Peepal Tree on any Saturday

b) You must tie a black thread 

c) You are supposed to put nine knots in the threads, and then you must pray for change

d) Come straight home from there

e) There will be a change in the job (See the link below to read more about this) as soon as possible.

Ways to get children

1. Make Panchamrit with milk, curd, honey, sugar and ghee.

2. Mix Ganga water and Tulsi Dal in it

3. Offer Panchamrit to Lord Krishna by filling it in a conch.

4. fter this, chant "Mala Krishna Klein" 11 beads.

5. Take Panchamrit. Your wish will be fulfilled, and you will be blessed with a child (See the link below to read more about this).

Things to do and what not do during Puja hours 

What to do?

1. One must perform Govardhan Puja at a proper time auspiciously to complete the rituals properly. It is better that you must invite a Pandit to proceed with the rituals.

2. You must put massage oil in the morning, and you must take bathe before worship

3. You must make a Govardhan Parvat and then properly worship the huge and powerful Govardhan Parvat

What not to do?

1. Make sure you do not arrange the Govardhan Puja and Annakoot in a closed room

2. Do not forget to worship Ishtadeva or Lord Krishna while worshipping cows.

3. Make sure you do worship 'Ishtadeva or Lord Krishna' while worshipping cows

4. Make sure you do not see the moon on this day.

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