Get to Know Vrat Date, Time and Puja Vidhi of Dev Uthani Ekadashi 2021-22

Dev Uthani Ekadashi in 2021


November, 2021


The Ekadashi fast is of enormous interest in the Sanatan Dharma. The Ekadashi, which occurs in the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month, is also known as Devotthan, Devauthani, or Prabodhini Ekadashi. Generally, this Ekadashi occurs after the festival of Diwali. Ashadh Devashayana on this day of Ekadashi in the Shukla paksha rise up, and hence it is known as Devotthan Ekadashi. It is considered that on this auspicious day of Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu gets up after four months of sleep in Kshirsagar. Any kind of marriage or any special functions are rarely done in these four months of Vishnu's slumber time. All the fortunate function commences after Lord Hari wakes up on Devotthan Ekadashi. Tulsi-vivah is also performed on this day, and the person who fasts on this day is said to attain BaikunthaDham.

Importance of Devuthani Ekadashi

In our Vedas and Puranas, there is a faith that on this Ekadashi, which occurs after Diwali, the almighty rises. So that is why all the prosperous practices like marriage, upanayana, or Graha Pravesh, etc., begins after the occasion of Devauthanigyarasi. Hence Tulsi marriage is also performed on this day of Gyarasi. Chalk is made in houses with rice flour. Lord Vishnu is worshipped between the cane canopy. Firecrackers are burned on this day. DevauthaniGyarasi is most commonly known as Chhoti Diwali. From this day of Gyarasi, the carrier of Mars gets its strength again. On this day of Kartik Shukla Ekadashi, along with the tulsi marriage, it is hoped that all the positive tasks in the house should be done sleekly. As the tulsi plant is also a portrayal of nature and is also considered as a medicinal plant, it is donated among all for it benefits everyone. After four months of sleep, awakened Lord Vishnu resumes all the auspicious works after this moment. According to the Indian Calendar, the day of Ekadashi is also actually ponderous. Hence this day is celebrated with exceptional rituals. From this day, onwards marriages and many auspicious functions start. Keeping a fast on this day is also said to be of huge importance. Women perform Tulsi marriage and renovate their lawn with khadi, and celebrates the festival with bhajans and songs.

Why is Devouthani Ekadashi celebrated?

On this day, Shri Hari wakes up. This day is called Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi or Devauthanigyarasi. All the Manglik tasks, which has been stopped for four months, also starts. According to the Vishnu Purana, Lord Vishnu annihilated a ghastly beast named Shankhasura and then the Ekadashi of Asadh Shukla Paksha, which is known as Harishayani Ekadashi in which Shri Hari slept on the bed of Sheshnag started.  The awakening of Lord Vishnu after relinquishing the yoga sleep of four months means that in four months, we can reorganize the energy which we gathered from self-study and worship, into karmas which will have advantages in our lives. 

Panchabhika fast

The KartikPanchTirthaMahasnan starts as well, and it continues till Kartik Purnima. 'PanchabhikaVrat' starts from the Ekadashi day in the month of Kartik, in which bathing is done for five days while staying without water(nirjala). This is performed for the fulfillment of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. According to Ekadashi Mahatyam termed in PadamPurana, the fruit of Devotthan Ekadashi fasts is equivalent to a thousand AshwameghYajna and a hundred RajasuyaYajna. Keeping a fast on Ekadashi day is knowledgeable and delightful. Having a bath in holy rivers and praying to Lord Vishnu on this day is of great importance. This fast on Ekadashi is considered to lessen the sins which we do after taking birth in this world and makes it easier for us to get the cycle of birth and death.

Benefits of donating a lamp

It is said in the testament of Devotthan Ekadashi is the Shaligram figure of Lord Vishnu and the marriage day of Goddess Vrinda, i.e., Tulsi. On this day, Lord Vishnu wakes up after a sleep of four months and resume the works of managing the universe. Lord Rudra relaxes as he is free from the task of creation during the four months of Lord Vishnu's sleep. So on this day, Lord Vishnu is worshipped with full dedication and faithfulness. On this daylight, some lamps on the roof of the house and don't keep any part of the house dark in the night as it increases happiness and well-being. 

Do not pluck basil leaves 

Tulsi should not be plucked from the plants on the day of Devotthan Ekadashi. On this day of Ekadashi, Shaligram form of Goddess Tulsi and Lord Vishnu were married, so Tulsi leaves should be worn on this day. Lamps should lighten up under Tulsi plants. On the next day, i.e., Dwadashi tithi, the fasting should be broken by consuming tulsi leaves, and the leaves should not be plucked by the one who was fasting, so children or elders who have not fasted should pluck the leaves. 

After all, Why does Shri Hari fall asleep?

Once upon a time, his beloved Lakshmi Ji said to Lord Vishnu-Lord, you stay awake the whole day, and when you sleep, you sleep for years, and the balance of nature loses. Therefore take the lesson from it and sleep by a schedule as it will also help me. After hearing what Lakshmi Ji said, Lord Vishnu smiled and replied, 'Devi' what you have said is true and appropriate; waking up does not give rest to all the other Gods and especially to you because of my service. From today onwards, I will sleep for the four months of the rainy season, which will be called Alpnidra and Yojanidra, which will be the ultimate blessing for my followers. During this time, all the fanatic who will care for me in the spirit of my sleep, I will always stay in their homes with you and bless them.

Tulsi Shaligram marriage

The marriage of Lord Vishnu, who is also known as Shaligram and Vishupriya Tulsi, is performed on Ekadashi by women who bath in Kartik. The marriage ceremony of the Tulsi tree and Shaligram is performed under the beautiful mandap. Vishnushastram, including Namastak, is recited during the ceremony. According to the scriptures, the reason to celebrate this Tulsi-Shaligram marriage is the attainment of virtues and happy married life. In the month of Kartik, no donation is greater than donating a tulsi tree. In Prithvi Lok, Goddess Tulsi is recognized by eight names, and they are:-  

Vrindavani, Vrinda, Vishvapujita, Vishvapavani, Pushpasara, Nandini, Krishnajivani, and Tulsi. In the holy offerings of Shree Hari, the Presence of Tulsi leaf is compulsory, and Tulsi leaves are offered in Lord's rosary and feet.

Devotthan Ekadashi Vrat and Puja Vidhi

Lord Vishnu is worshipped and awakened on the day of Prabhodhini Ekadashi.

    Religious deeds performed on this day are as follows-

    On this day, we are expected to get up in the morning, take a vow and do meditation on Lord Vishnu.

    Just After taking a bath and cleaning the house, the feet of Lord Vishnu are drawn in the courtyard.

    After drawing the pounder from ochre, fruit, sweet, plum, water chestnut, season fruit, and sugarcane are put in it, and it is covered with thread.

    On this day in the night, lamps and Diyas are lightened at the place of worship and also outside the house.

    Every family members of the house should worship Lord Vishnu and other deities at the night

    After this, Lord Vishnu should be awakened with the help of concha, bell-gharial, etc. And this sentence should be repeated:-Utho Deva, Baitha Deva, Anguriya Chatko Deva, New Cotton, New Cotton, Dev Raise Karthik month.

Chanting of Mantras

In Hinduism, the chanting of mantras has great importance. Almost all the predestination is done using the mantras. There is also predestination of awakening the Gods by chanting mantras, recitation, strings, bell sound, and bhajan-kirtan on the day of Devuthani Ekadashi.

This mantra is chanted

Uttistha Govind Tyaj Nidran Jagatpatye.  Tvayi Supte Jagannath Jagat Suptam Bhavedidam

 Uttheta Chestate Sarvamuttishottistha Madhava.  Gatamegha Viachaiva Nirmalam Nirmaladishsh

 Sharadanchi Pushpani Grihaan Mam Keshav.

And if the above mantra is not known or if there is not a pure accent, raise Shri Narayana by saying 'Get up deva, sit deva'.  After awakening Srihari, worship him with the Shodashopachari method. Lord's Charanamrit must be taken to increase happiness and good luck.  It is believed that Charanamrit destroys all diseases, and protects them from premature death, eliminates all suffering.  On the day of Devothani Ekadashi, recitation and fasting of Vishnu praise, Shaligram, and Tulsi glory should be observed.

Devauthani Ekadashi: Mythological Fast Story

Once there was a king, and in his kingdom, everyone used to keep fasting on Ekadashi. on the day of Ekadashi, food was not given to anyone, including the animals. One day a man came to the King from another state and requested the King to hire him. The King agreed to hire him, but he has put a condition before him that he will get food every day to expect on the day of Ekadashi. For that time, the man accepted the King's condition, but on the day of Ekadashi, when fruits were given to the man, he disagreed with having the fruits; instead, he went to the King and pleaded with him that fruit is not sufficient for him and he will die of hunger and requested the King to give him food. After this, the King reminded him of the condition, but he didn't agree to give up on food, so the King gave me flour, daal, rice, etc. After getting the food from the King, the man, as usual, went to the river, took his bath, and started to prepare the food. After the food was cooked, he started calling God to come and have the food. On his call, God wearing Pitambar came in quadrilateral form and started eating with him with love. 

The Lord became impeded after having the meal, and the man went to his work. After fifteen days, when again came the Ekadashi, the man requested the King to give him the food in double amount. After asking for a reason, he replied to the King that he remained hungry that day because God also used to eat with him, and the food was not enough for two people. After hearing this, the King was surprised and was not ready to believe the fact that God eats with the man. The King Said that he used to keep fast on Ekadashi, worship God, but God never appeared before him. After hearing this, the man said that if he is not able to believe, then he must come along with him and hide behind the tree and see everything that's happening there. 

As the King wanted to check whether the man is true or not, he went near the river and hid behind the tree. As usual, the man-made the food and kept calling God till the evening, but God didn't appear. Finally, the man prayed to God that if he does not come, then he will jump into the river and die. But then also God didn't come. So he started moving towards the river to kill himself. Knowing his strong intention to give up his life, God soon appeared and stopped him from doing that, and both enjoyed the meal together. After completing the meal, God took him to his abode in his plane. Seeing this, the King realized that there is no benefit of fasting until the mind is pure.  The King got a lesson from this.  He, too, started fasting from the heart and finally got to heaven. 

Devauthani Ekadashi Story

There was a king, and the people lived happily in his kingdom. However, no one in his kingdom ever sells 'anna' or food items; everyone only sold fruits. Once God decided to take his test, and God converted himself into a beautiful girl, and then he sat on the road. At that time only, King was passing by, and he got utterly surprised. And then he asked her, 'who are you? Why are you sitting here? Then the beautiful woman said that I am destitute and I have no identity in this city and so I could not ask for help from anyone. The King got attracted to her looks, and then he said, 'why don't you come to my palace and live there as my queen?' The beautiful lady said that 'I would listen to you only if you give all your responsibilities. 

Also,  I would have all rights over your kingdom. Whatever I will cook, you will eat' As King was already extremely attracted, so he agreed to all her sayings. The next day, it was Ekadashi and queen ordered to sell food at the market. She also cooked fish and mutton and asked the King to eat it. When King saw it he said, it is Ekadashi, and so he would only eat fruits. At that point only, the queen reminded him about the promise that he made, and then she said, either you eat food or else I would behead your elder son. At this point, the King decided to explain his situation and share his problem with the other queen, and so the elder queen said, 'dear King does not get sad, but you must not give up on virtue or ethics, and so she suggested sacrificing his son. At this time only, the son returned and saw tears in his mother's eye, and so he asked the reason behind it. When he came to know the reason, he agreed to sacrifice his head. He said you must respect and protect ethics and virtue. 

When King agreed to do it, God Vishnu appeared and said 'I am impressed by your values, you can ask me anything as a blessing' Then King said that 'with your mercy, we do have everything, all we expect from you is to guide us'At that only, King gave his son and then the son flew in into the heavenly world.  

Special things that you must perform on Devathaon Ekadashi 

Let's try to understand a few important solutions:

1.    On this day, you should donate milk mixed with Kesar to the almighty Lord Vishnu. If God gets happy and feels content, he would make all your wish come true 

2.    On this auspicious day, devotees must get up early in the morning and take a bath. If you do this, your entire family would be blessed. After that, you must also chant the pious and pure 'Gayatri Mantra', which would make your health better 

3.    For financial benefits, on the day of Ekadashi, you must offer any white sweets or rice pudding to the powerful Lord Vishnu. Make sure you do put 'Tulsi' in it

4.    Devotees must offer coconut and almonds to Lord Vishnu consecutively for 11 Ekadashis

5.    Try to wear yellow colored clothes on this day. You could also offer yellow fruit to the Almighty

6.    On this day, towards evening, you must light pure Ghee Diyas and chant 'वासुदेवाय नम' eleven times and also take around. This would help you to keep your house calm and serene 

7.    On this day, you must collect water in 'दक्षिणावर्ती शंख' and offer to Lord Vishnu. This will impress Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi 

8.    On this day, you must offer water to the Peepal tree and also lit some Diyas. It is believed that the peepal is the symbol of Lord Vishnu. You must perform this ritual to get over the debts

9.    You must keep a picture of the statue of Lord Vishnu when you are praying. You must include some money and then keep it with you after puja

10.    On this day, you must visit any spiritual place and chat Gayatri Mantra

11.    On this day, if anyone proceeds with 'Tulsi- Shaligram' Marriage, he or she would be blessed for life

12.    There are eight popular names, such as:

 देवी तुलसी आठ नामों वृंदावनी, वृंदा, विश्वपूजिता, विश्वपावनी, पुष्पसारा, नंदिनी, कृष्णजीवनी और तुलसी. You must add Tulsi in it to make your prayers more effective

13.    On this day, you must roam around the 'Tulsi' eleven times 

What to do and What not to do on this day?

Things you should do:

    You must light some candles and Diyas on this day.

    You must put the light everywhere in your house.

    People could prefer 'Tulsi-Shaligram' Marriage on this day. 

    You must keep fast on this day.

    You must pray to Lord Vishnu and also sing spiritual songs.

    You must offer Tulsi to Lord Vishnu. 

    Married people who chant 'Tulsi Namastak' would be blessed.

    You must not consume salt on this day.

    You must also not drink water.

    You must also eat fruits.

    You must chant beautiful and effective prayers.

    You must donate food to the poor and needy.    

Things you should not do:

    Make sure you do not eat rice as it is not allowed on this day as it might have a severe impact on your next birth.

    You must not fight or misbehave with anyone.

    Make sure you do not pluck Tulsi leaves on this day. 

    So make sure you do pluck flowers and leaves on the previous day.

    You must follow 'Brahmacharya Fast' on this day, or else Lord Vishnu would get furious. 

    The person who is fasting must sleep on the floor.

     Do not consume alcohol on this day.

    You must not sleep and perform prayers to Lord during the entire night.

    You must not lie to anyone.

    You must not insult anyone.

    Also, you must not hurt any living beings.

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