Court / Property related matters  44

Court / Property related matters

Why litigations & how to protect ourself astrologically.  At the outset, we wish to clar

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Why litigations & how to protect ourself astrologically. 

At the outset, we wish to clarify that all online reports are given after Dr. Bajrangi himself reviews your queries from the Horoscope with the relevant divisional charts ( unlike based on stereo type software’s or generalised pre-defined narrations). Therefore can take 4/5 working days.

Sometimes our own greed & sometimes our weak planets expose us to litigations in inheritant property, court cases in business, at work place, with family, in married life, with or by the Govt Agencies.

Such things are becoming more prudent in modern times with growing demands / expections / social pressures. All such things sometimes happen suddenly but majority of such issues originate from some definite planetary positions & that is where the Astrology can be a watch man for the person concerned. It can guide a person to either mitigate the losses, consequences or to win & come out of such situations.

There could be only either our greed or weak planets which result in such situations. To know more about this,  Click Here


1- OLR reports though is an authentic method which is facilitated by Dr Bajrangi himself but we still recommend Direct Appointment as a better option.

2- On the confirmation of registration for Online report, our office will send you a fact sheet requesting for inputs required for giving the Online report either thru Mail or WhatsApp from our customer base.

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