MARRIAGE related issues  47

MARRIAGE related issues

MARRIAGE RELATED ISSUES - Reasons & solutions At the outset, we wish to clarify that all

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MARRIAGE RELATED ISSUES - Reasons & solutions

At the outset, we wish to clarify that all online reports are given after Dr Bajrangi himself reviews your queries from the Horoscope with the relevant divisional charts ( unlike based on stereo type software’s or generalised pre-defined narrations). Therefore can take 4/5 working days.

Marriage related issues may be pre -marriage, post - marriage could be due to multiple reasons.

1) Delay in Marriage 

  • Marriage will happen when. tentative marriage Yoga
  • Any major issue in marriage. In case problem relates to post marital relationship issues, we will need birth details of both spouses. 
  • Partner would come from  which direction, what background, would be in job or business etc.
  • Very common reasons for parents not agreeing for marriage due to any reasons. This could be due to caste, economical conditions, social background etc etc..
  • proposals not coming, proposals come but compatibility issue 
  • proposals come, are compatible but no response from the other side.
  • Marriage would be arranged or Love 

2)SECOND / Re-marriage in case of broken marriage or Divorced or death of spouse. 

3)DIVORCE , Divorce likely cases, post married life issues. In this case, we will need birth details of both the spouses.

4) PROGENY ISSUES / CHILDLESSNESS - Here also details of both the spouses would be required. 

5) Any other reasons.

All these things are attributed to different points in the Horoscope which can be ascertained, replied in writing with reasons along with solutions.


1- OLR reports though is an authentic method which is facilitated by Dr Bajrangi himself but we still recommend Direct Appointment as a better option.

2- On the confirmation of registration for Online report, our office will send you a fact sheet requesting for inputs required for giving the Online report either thru Mail or WhatsApp from our customer base.

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