HEALTH RELATED ISSUES   At the outset, we wish to clarify that all online reports are g

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At the outset, we wish to clarify that all online reports are given after Dr. Bajrangi himself reviews your queries from the Horoscope with the relevant divisional charts ( unlike based on stereo type software’s or generalised pre-defined narrations). Therefore can take 4/5 working days.

Medical astrology deals with Health & Logevity issues. Proper reading of 6th House detects sickness, 8th deciphers surgery or even death, 12th house indicates hospitalisation and so on. However there can not be any set & defined predictions / verdicts which could apply to all universally. And any final advise can be given only after reading the particular positions of sub - Lords. Like any other astrological advise, let us be clear that any predictions on any matter including Health here depends on the main planets , sub lords & moon sign of the acsendent therefore we should not take or work on the stereo type / universally applicable predictions.

Sometimes we face a situation that medical expertise fails on correct diagnosis & we get a hidden pressure of something serious happening or total in dark.

Any thing in specific related to health say prolonged disease , sudden drop in the health, depression or any thing not getting diagnosed, any strange symptoms or any thing else you find related to the Health can be analysed with reasons & given solutions seeing the particular Bhav / Dasha & relevant chart from your horoscope.

Medical astrology deals with Health 

ONLINE Health Astrology report or direct consultations can give you all the reasons & solutions for such health hazards.

*NOTE- OLR reports though is an authentic method which is facilitated by Dr. Bajrangi himself but we still recommend Direct Appointment as a better option.

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