Online report for problems in ongoing job, business or professional life At the outset, we w

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Online report for problems in ongoing job, business or professional life

At the outset, we wish to clarify that all online reports are given after Dr Bajrangi himself reviews your queries from the Horoscope with the relevant divisional charts & not stereo type generalised and pre-defined reports. Therefore can take 4/5 working days.

Second you should read more about Dr Vinay Bajrangi’s methodology as endorsed by many leading newspapers and magazines like Hindustan Times, OUTLOOK INDIA, Times of India etc narrations).

At the outset, let me clarify to you that for any predictions for the issues in career, you need the accuracy in birth time to the minute’s accuracy of even one minute. In fact guidance on career is the most vibrant & sought for issue in the Astrological guidance. Actual reasons can be ascertained only after reading D 10, D 12, D 16, D 30 & D 60 Charts & people who depend only on D 1 Lagna chart are bound to take & give flawed decisions. Also I confirm with authority that only a few have expertise in reading on these charts.

Job related issues

1- No Job

2-Prospects of change in Job

3-Job in which filed

4-Stagnation in job

5-Stress in Job

6-Low profile / low promotions in job

7-Scare of losing the job etc. are some of the main reasons, one face in this area.

Business related issues

The most important is to ascertain if one’s horoscope allows also or not to do business. Means the horoscope has the Yog of an Employer or an Employee. Then come many more issues like

1-Business of what commodity, when to start, whether in partnership or alone,

2-No growth in business,

3-Sudden losses in business,

4-Business always under debts,

5-Employee’s unrest

6-Regular fluctuations in business,

All these areas of concern are to be deeply studies with relevant D Charts which allows me to work out

1-The exact reasons of what you face in the present,

2-possible solutions,

3-Possible time frame for solutions so that we can work together in dissolving the reasons & work towards solutions.

4-Most importantly you come to know what could happen & what not to prepare ourselves accordingly.

After the initial advice, you also have a scope to connect with me for any subsequent issues.

NOTE: 1- OLR reports though is an authentic method which is facilitated by Dr Bajrangi himself but we still recommend Direct Appointment as a better option.

2- On the confirmation of registration for Online report, our office will send you a fact sheet requesting for inputs required for giving the Online report either thru Mail or WhatsApp from our customer base.

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