Business Issues, LOW or NO Income  45

Business Issues, LOW or NO Income

Business Issues, LOW or NO Income At the outset, we wish to clarify that all online reports

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Business Issues, LOW or NO Income

At the outset, we wish to clarify that all online reports are given after Dr Bajrangi himself reviews your queries from the Horoscope with the relevant divisional charts ( unlike based on stereo type softwares or generalised pre-defined narrations). Therefore can take 4/5 working days.

Sometimes we face the situation like:

  • Having low or may be after a stage we feel there is no scope of getting income.

  • Facing problems of business stability, sudden losses.

  • What business to do ( type / commodity), what should be the structure of business etc ( alone / in partnership)...

  • Employee's unrest / fast turnouts.

  • Mounting debts or money getting stuck with others.

  • We feel that we are not getting desired success / results compared to our hard work.

  • We feel we get lesser than what others get.

  •  Don't get dis-appointed , get its reply astrologically through analysis of your horoscope.

  • This report 1st enlightens you with the reasons of it then if there is a solution to it. These replies enables you to prepare yourself accordingly RATHER remain dismayed & keep thinking.

So come & avail the benefits of the expertise of Dr Vinay Bajrangi, Famous Astrologer in Noida. 

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OLR reports though is an authentic method which is facilitated by Dr Bajrangi himself but we still recommend Direct Appointment as a better option. 

2- On the confirmation of registration for Online report, our office will send you a fact sheet requesting for inputs required for giving the Online report either thru Mail or WhatsApp from our customer base.


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