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International Appointment ( In USD)

International Telephonic / Skype Appointment with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi People who are staying out o

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International Telephonic / Skype Appointment with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

People who are staying out of India can take the  appointment with Dr Bajrangi very easily  on Telephone / Skype / Virual  conferencing also from anywhere  with pre-fixed time schedule.


The solutions are not only based on D 1 Chart but are derived based on relevant Shodash Vargas analysed in tandem to the birth chart and along with it , various other principles of Brighu , Nadis, Krisnamurthy Padyati etc are applied to it for  comprehensive solutions.


Once you register with us for the appointment, we take your birth details & also ask for the specific trait ( specific Bhav) for which you want to consult Dr Bajrangi. Please understand these details have very specific relevance for saving on time & in offering you the quality appointment results.


  • You get to know the main reasons of your particular problem, area of concern.
  • You get to know the Upaya (remedial measures) to come out of it.
  • You get to know the long term Karma Korrection so that such things do not surface in that horoscope again.
  • The Karma Korrection & Upaya are given to you in writing.
  • This session lasts for 25-30  minutes.


  • You get connected to the Head of our support team who would explain all minute things about Upaya / remedial measures & Karma Korrection tips. Subsequently, the support team stays in touch with you performing the same.
  • In case there is a need for any subsequent guidance / clarifications, this team takes it forward through a dedicated Interface.

Apart above basic appointment, there are other options also for extended / detailed analysis of the Horoscope OR   specialised / customised appointments as mentioned below.‚Äč

  • 45 Minutes appointment for detailed analysis of the Horoscope. 
  • Birth time rectification session. 
  • Birth time rectification with a specific problem.
  • Birth time rectification with detailed analysis of the Horoscope.
  • Comprehensive analysis with readings of past, present & future with birth time validation
  • Past life analysis 
  • Married life issues – Pre & Post Marriage 

To Know the charges for the TAILOR Made Appointments, Pls Call our office.

For booking this type of appointments, you need to deposit the required consultation fee Online / Directly in our banks ( possible only through Indian Cards / Netbanking) or Western Union / Money Gram. In case you intent paying in INR, the charges would be normal Rs 8500/-.  

For any other query please feel free to contact us.


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