Vimshottari Dasha

1. These planets are classified into two major classes, and the first includes the natural benefics such as Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and also the Moon. The second class includes the natural malefic, such as the sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. It is a fact that the entire classification has not validation or acceptance as per the system of VimsottariDasa. In Vimsottari Dasa, both benefics and malefic are classified as per the basis of Lordship of Houses. And so, this is quite possible that natural malefic furthermore turn into benefics. Now, this pattern also reflects in our daily lifestyle. No one is good in behavior forever, and the good can become bad and vice-versa. And so, this Vimsottari Dasa System is immensely natural and appears to the reflection of various situations and events witnessed by the natives. 

2. The basic principle of Vimsottari Dasa is to know and understand how a particular planet works to bring out consequences. Renowned and Prestigious Maharishi Parasara has effectively divided the planets into four types. The first type is those who appear to always benefic, and the second type will be malefic. The third part is always neutral, and the fourth type of planets would sometimes be malefic and remaining time benefics. 

3. Now. The first type of planet is Lord Trines that is the lords of 1st, 5th, and 9th houses, as they are always benefics. When the natural malefic like Mars and Saturn become Lords, then these houses do give benefic outcome in their Dasas and Bhuktis. The natural benefics when becoming the Lord of Trines also do get an added benefit.

4. The second kind of planet is malefic because of the Lordship that is Lords of 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses. Now, the natural benefics bring out the bad outcome in the dasa Bhuktis when they become the lords of the stated bad houses. In such situations, the natural malefic become dire malefic. It is noticed that the 11th lord appears to be bad for health but gives normal results for income in its Dasa and Bhukti. 

5. Now, the third kind of planet is the ones that remained neutral. The lord of quadrants is the owner of the 4th, 7th and 10th houses. The Natural benefics, like Jupiter, often become neutral and stop functioning as benefics, but it does not necessarily act like malefic. The natural and powerful malefic like mars eventually become neutral and in the same way cease to act like malefic, but it won't be compulsory that it would be benefic always. 

6.The fourth type of planets many times become or act like benefics and other times such malefic. Now, these are eventually the Lords of 2nd and 12th houses, and for these planets, Maharishi Parasara states स्थानान्तरानुगुण्येन भवेयुः फलदायको।. The lords of the second and twelfth houses act as per the house placement of their other rasi. However, in case the second or twelfth lords are Sun or the Moon, they bring out the outcomes as per the houses they are placed in. The dasa of the twelfth lord and the Bhukti of a yoga Karaka planet appears to be in the Raja Yoga. In other words, the good results of yoga Karaka Bhukti are not affected by the Dasa of the Twelfth lord and it doesn’t create any obstacle.

7. Find out how the planet acts or reacts to different Lagnas(ascendants). It is immensely easy to determine by the four kinds of planets that are already mentioned above. By looking at the four interesting characteristics of planets, one can easily find out which one is the benefic planet or malefic planet for a specific Lagna and why? The benefic and malefic outcomes are eventually experienced in Bhuktis and Dasas of these planets. At this point, we want the readers to have a clear idea in their minds regarding the outcome of the planets whether they are natural benefic or malefic. One would also like to know about the characteristics and the outcome that occurs to be the benevolent or malevolent nature which is attended by the planets due to their Lordship of various houses. In case any planet is exalted in the eleventh house, or the eleventh house itself is exalted in its own house, then it is immensely beneficial for income. However, in the Vimsottari Dasa system, if the lord of the eleventh house does not make any relationship or try to get in touch or make contact with the lord of a Trine, surely it will bring the worst results in Dasa. The outcome of a planet is of permanent nature which occurs due to its placement in a house. The outcome of Dasa is, specifically for particular Dasa or Bhukti only, which is an indicator of good or bad times. 

8. Now, moving to the general reading of the chart. Here, you would find the cusp of various houses and then assign the Lordship of a particular house to the lord of the sign or Rashi at the cusp. Now, in Vimsottari Dasa, that we assigned Lordship as per the sequence of the Rashi and signs. Now, suppose 18 degree Virgo just rises on the cusp of the first house, and then 18 degree Libra on the 2nd cusp, 18 degree Scorpio on the 3rd cusp, and 18 degree Sagittarius on the 4th cusp. This is done so that we do not miss the sequential Lordship because of the elongation or contraction of a particular house at a higher altitude. Here, we would now like to discuss the malefic or benefic nature of various planets. Apart from that, you would also get to know about the benefic and malefic combination of various planets for two Lagnas in the Vimsottari Dasa. 

9.Aries (Mesa) Lagna

The sun

The sun is the lord of the fifth, a trine. It is naturally a harsh planet, but in this situation, it acts as a benefic. Now, his Dasa or Bhukti will bestow the native with benefic 5th House outcomes. With this kind of yoga in your birth chart, there are chances that you will have a boy and develop amazing suggestion capability. You will also get success in the competition. With beneficence as per the characteristics of the sun, you might get a strong position in the Government, and will also attain popularity and fame. Undoubtedly, the sun is a powerful planet and so brings out greater results. 

The Moon

It is a natural benefic but it loses its benefic nature due to the lordship of the 4th house. A strong moon is due to the bright rays from the 8th of the bright half to the 7th of the dark half. A strong moon that comes with Benefic influence acts as a benefic, and due to malefic influence, it acts as a malefic. The Moon will bring out good or bad outcomes of the 4th house that appears due to the 'Karakatwa' or significations. It is also said that the weak Moon is benefic and the strong Moon is malefic. This appears to be correct, theoretically.


It is the Lordship of 1st that is Kendra and Trikona, which prevail the Lordship of 8th house (disaster). The Moola-Trikona rashi of mars actually appears in Lagna. The 8th house isn't bad, and it is not the 1st house of RajaYoga House. The total outcome is that Mars is benefic, and there is RajaYoga Karaka for Mesha Lagna.


The ruling lord of the 3rd and 6th house is Mercury, and it is malefic because of the Lordship of bad houses and brings out worse results. A strong Mercury is bad for financial purposes, and weak Mercury good for finance and co-borns. It is even worse for native's own health. Weak Mercury eventually affects your health badly. Mercury also weakens and reduces the life of prospects of co-borns and its number also. 

Jupiter :

It is the lord's 9th and 12th houses, and it brings out the outcome of the 9th house. It is also the house of its other sign. A strong Jupiter bestows the grace of preceptors, holy people, religious nature, high thinking, rise in occupation, some benefics due to God's grace, etc., i.e., the events pertaining to the 9th house. In case Jupiter is weak, there will be a negative impact. The combination of Saturn and Jupiter does not cause a Rajayoga in the native’s birth chart because Jupiter rules the 12th house, and Saturn rules the 11th house.


The ruling lord of the 2nd and 7th house is Venus, and it gives the result of the 7th house and the house of its other sign to the 2nd house sign. By being a lord of a quadrant, the planet Venus becomes malefic (generally it is benefic in nature). Venus is also the lord of two death-inflicting houses. Venus, while in conjunction with or aspect of other malefic, is a dire malefic, which means it is death inflicting. This planet will bring positive results on the financial front if it gets conjunct with or aspected by good planets. 


It is the lord of the 10th and 12th houses which becomes natural, because of the Lordships of the 10th house. It becomes malefic again because of the occurrence of lordships of the 11th house. A strong Saturn eventually brings great and outstanding monetary results. 

Good Yogas for Mesa Lagna

1. The sun + Mars

2. The sun + The Moon 

3. The sun + Venus

Now, in the third, Venus is badly affected by being the 7th lord. The sun is not malefic. Now, you can see that one of them is spoilt; this appears to be worth and fruitful yoga. 

1. The Sun + Saturn

2. Mars +Jupiter

3. The Moon + Jupiter

Now, the Moon is the Benefic Quadrant or Kendra Lord. So an evil and this yoga is with the defect. Supposedly if the Moon is weak, she eventually becomes a Benefic and also removes any sort of defect of the 12th Lordship of Jupiter. 

Yogas with no outstanding outcomes

1. Jupiter + Saturn (both spoilt) 

2. Jupiter + Venus (both spoilt)

10. Taurus (Vrisabha) Lagna

The sun,

4th lord is cruel. When it comes with the sun it becomes neutral. The little benefic with the effect of the sun will bring out positive results in property, house vehicles, and prosperity. The weak sun will result in diseases, sorrows, mental panic, serious fights, and enmity. Due to this you might lose any property and would result in Government related problems. 

The Moon, lord of the 3rd Moon is considered to be a Malet. The Moon aspected by the malefic and weak planets results in 'VipareetaRajayoga.' It eventually results in great financial benefits for the native. In case the Moon is strong appears to be very normal.


It is the lord of the 7th and 12th house, and this will bring out the outcome of the other sign that is Scorpio which is the 7th house. It is a natural malefic and so becomes neutral owning the 7th house. If it is influenced by the benefics will result in benefic outcomes, and if it is aspected by malefic will bring out worse results for your wife, business partners, and many more. It is immensely bad for the native's health as well. 


The ruling lord of the 2nd and 5th house is Mercury, and it gives a result of its other house, which is the 5th house; it is also considered as the benefic house. When the Mercury is weak, it will cause obstructions, and natives will face intelligence failure in competitive exams. There will be anxiety for sons and failure of plans, etc., the evil caused to the 5th house. 


The ruling lord of the 8th and 11th houses is Jupiter. Jupiter will bring a negative impact on the health of the native. On the other hand, this will bring financial gains as the lord of the 11th strong. A weak Jupiter will bring a negative impact on the health of the elder brother, loss of money, and even loss of sons or acquiring any disease, the Maraka results. 


The planet Venus benefics by being the Lord of Lagna and malefic by being the lord of the 6th. The Moola-Trikona falls in the 6th house, so it causes mixed results for the native. Mahar Parasara has said that Venus is for the Taurus ascendant. Weak Venus in the 6th house will bring good results in the financial field, and it is bad for health and vice-versa. 


The ruling lord of the 9th and 10th house is Saturn which is the Rajayoga Karaka planet (bestower of prosperity). If this planet is aspected by other benefic planets, it forms a great Rajayoga. 

Good Yogas for Vrisabha Lagna 

(1) Venus + Saturn, (2) The Sun + Mercury, (3) The Sun + win (4) Mars + Saturn, (Low type and defective) because Mars not good being lord of 12th and Maraka being lord of 7th Saturn alone gives Rajayoga in its Dasa, Bhukti. (6) Saturn + Mercury (a great combination) 

Yogas with No good 

1. Venus + Mercury. Venus though lord of 1st but evil being Lord of 6th and Mercury a Maraka as lord of 2nd. One of them must be a pure benefic. 

2. Mars + Mercury. Mars lord of 12th and 7th and Mercury lord of 2nd a maraka.

11.Gemini (Mithuna)

The Sun- Third house lord is the sun and the lord of the 3rd house is considered evil. Therefore there will be few benefic results. 

The Moon- The Lord of the 2nd house is Moon, and it will have a positive impact on native's lives. There will be gains from the Government if the Moon is strong. On the other hand, a weak Moon will destroy wealth and cause health problems. 

The Mars- The Lord of the 6th and 11th house is Mars which is a natural malefic; thus, it is eviler. There will be losses and physical injuries in both houses, as Mars is a natural significator for these. 

Mercury- The Lord of the 4th house is Mercury, and it is very disadvantageous for the natives. As a lord of Lagna, it brings some advantages(Lord of Trines and Quadrants). On the other hand, a weak Mercury will keep one unhappy and unhealthy. 

Jupiter- Jupiter is the lord of the 7th house, which is a Maraka house and also the 10th house. According to the verse “केन्द्राधिपत्यदोषस्तु बलवान् गुरुशुक्रयो" Jupiter is evil and weak in the 12th, 8th,6th, and 2nd houses. It signifies bad health in dasa and bhukti. If strong and placed in 5th Jupiter, it can bring several good results and from the Government or wife or inlaws.

Venus- The 5th and 12th house is ruled by Venus. As the 5th house lord, it brings benefic results. Thus, Venus brings a positive impact on education, progeny, and good luck when it is strong, and the results can be bad if Venus is weak.

Saturn- The 9th and 8th house is ruled by Saturn. If Saturn acts as the 8th house lord, it will have a negative impact. But when Moola Trikona sign Aquarius falls in the 9th house; Saturn becomes benefic. When there is good conjunction and aspect Saturn will give auspicious results. 

Good Yogas for Gemini Lagna 

1. Mercury + Venus, 2. Mercury + Saturn (weak).

Yogas with No good 

1. Jupiter +Venus (Both are spoilt being lords of 7th & 12th) 

2. Jupiter + Saturn. 

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