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Sun Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

Dasas play a crucial role in astrology. They affect both situations and incidents in a native's life and reflect various planets' effects on a native's life. If a native is affected by the Sun's data, he has to live in distant places. As a separative planet, the Sun causes turmoil as the king does by his conspicuous presence. When the Sun's data is strong, the native gains lots of wealth through interest, rulers, preachers, arms or Brahmins or by medical practice as the Sun indicates medical practice and medicines like Rahu and Saturn.  In relation to the 2nd house, the Sun makes a native proficient in medicine, especially when Saturn or Rahu influences the 2nd house. Similarly, the influence of Saturn, Sun, etc., on Lagna or Lagna lord allows the native to earn his livelihood by medical practice or medicine. Under this dasha, the native is busy chanting Tantrik mantras. Regarding mantra, Sanskrit grammar says "मननात् त्रायते इति मंत्र" which says reciting of which frees the native from all types of sins. Under the Sun's Dasha, the native thinks very profoundly and develops relations with high government officials or the rulers. The native also gets name and fame as the Sun is an indicator of prestige and fame, such as the Lagna's 10th lord. The Satwik planet sun is soul, connected with spirituality, so the native develops an interest in various religious activities.   

The Sun's Dasa lousy part is its weakness. As a result, the native indulges himself in useless talking and is defeated in war. The native becomes debt-ridden, and he develops some ocular difficulties (the Sun is the Karaka of eyes). The native may also suffer from a sour stomach (the Sun is the lord of Simha that signifies the zodiac's stomach). The bad Sun Dasha causes distress due to separation from family and friends, etc. So, it harms fire, enemies, rulers, etc., when the 10th lord is weak with the weak Sun. The weak Sun Dasa with the weak 6th lord causes problems from foes. The weak Sun's Dasa with Ketu or Mars and weak lords of the firehouses causes threat of fire. The weak Sun's Dasa with Mars and the 6th lord causes quarrels and theft with brothers and other relatives. The weak Sun's Dasha also gives rise to unwanted quarrels. As a result of this, the native is unable to prolong his good relations with society.  

Bhuktis in the Sun Dasa

The Sun in trines, angles, eleventh house, or exaltation indicates an increase in status, intelligence, knowledge, general prosperity, the son's birth, wealth and success in undertakings, and stable mind. The native gets recognition from rulers. If the Sun is well-placed and associated with 2nd and 4th lords, the native will get enough assets and wealth, builds houses, and gets royal comforts. If the Sun is in bad houses—6th, 8th, or 12th—or conjunct evil planets, there may be loss of wealth, rulers' wrath, and disgrace and authority. The native may also suffer from high fever, chest pains, eye troubles, headaches, stomach ailments, accidents, loss of father, theft, and danger from reptiles.   

Sun-Moon Dasha: The Moon in its sign, trines, angles, and exaltation gives in its Dasa acquisition of woman, i.e., marriage, if married birth of a child, happiness from spouse and children and prosperity. The native may also amass pearls and expensive dresses and enjoys sea voyages and gains from females. 

The Moon afflicted with lords of evil houses and deficient rays may cause sickness to female members, quarrels with superiors, losses, loss of position, wealth, and fear of drowning in evil houses. If Rahu afflicts native, schizophrenia, anticipatory fears, and certain phobias may be experienced in the bhukti of the Moon.

Sun-Mars Dasha: Mars in own sign, angles, exaltation, trines, or 11th house denotes property, wealth, gains from the estate, gains from red clothes, and general prosperity. The native is powerful, overpowering, firm-minded, and successful in police or army. That means native will get overall happiness if with lagan lord. Fulfillment of desires is also on the cards if with the 10th lord and is the leader of people. The native will get a favour in the court of law. If Mars is afflicted, weak, and lies in Lagna or Sun's evil houses, the native becomes quarrelsome with subordinates, well-wishers, and superiors. The native becomes irritable and wicked by nature. The native may lose one of his brothers and have imprisonment due to his fit of passion. If Mars lies in bad houses or 2nd or 7th houses, the native may suffer from acute diseases, fever, inflammatory problems, accidents by fire, hurt from animals, apoplexy, and bilious ailments.

Sun-Rahu Dasha: If Rahu lies in trines, angles, the earlier bhukti's part is bad. The later part indicates the acquisition of wealth, happiness from friends, travel, enjoyment, happiness, speculative gains, wealth, and contentment. The Rahu planet's effect is good if it lies in 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses if it is with the lord of Trikonas and confers on the native prosperity. And, the native tends to acquire all kinds of material prosperity by any means. Rahu lies in 6th, 8th, or 12 houses from the Sun; it causes stomach ache, dysentery, tumours, the danger of poisoning, fear from reptiles, deportation, and imprisonment. The native has a danger of accident and death and loss of one of the teeth if Rahu lies in the 2nd or 7th house.

Sun-Jupiter Dasha: Jupiter in trines, angles, 11th from Lagna, in own sign or exaltation indicates intellectual development, spiritual knowledge, rise in position, the birth of a son, general prosperity, and governmental favours.  The native is very respectable in society, do justice, and become an administrator. The native may be employed in diplomatic service. In debility, Jupiter afflicted in evil houses indicates troubles, ranging from rulers, superiors to the elderly people. The native may be hypocritical by nature and has a deceiving and cheating disposition for the cause of religion.

Sun-Saturn Dasha: Saturn in trines and angles, influential by sign, indicates happiness and wealth earned by hard work. The native becomes prosperous by his hard work. He may get a position in the municipality or become a leader of low people. If Saturn is weak and afflicted and lies in evil houses from the Sun, the native may suffer from rheumatic problems, abdominal pains, gaseous distension, biliousness, cold, and cough. Besides, the native may have a loss of honour and wealth and face useless travel, accidents, and imprisonments. If Saturn is weak and afflicted in the 2nd and 7th houses, there are chances of accidents and death.  

Sun-Mercury Dasha: Mercury in exaltation, own sign, trines, angles or in 11th house from the Sun or the Lagna indicates interest in humorous disposition, intellectual pursuits, respect among educationists and intellectuals, favours from the king, exposition of wits, increase in cattle, marriage, the birth of sons, pilgrimage, prosperity, prestige, and respect for religious folklore. Suppose Mercury is weak, afflicted, and lies in bad houses from the Sun or Lagna. In that case, it may give rise to physical and mental disorders, useless wandering and short journeys, stomach troubles, and other contagious diseases and troubles to wife and children. If Mercury lies in Maraka houses from the Sun or the Lagna, then problems—vocal defects, stiffness in the body, nervous defects, and loss of wealth—may crop up.  

Sun-Ketu Dasha: Generally, Ketu Bhukti is not good; nevertheless, if Ketu lies in 11th in benefic Vargas, good results are on the cards, such as contentment and happiness and comforts from wife and children. Some astrologers have deciphered even good Ketu results in the 8th house, but this is scarcely true. If in bad houses from the Lagna or the Sun, it gives rise to dental problems, ailments of the buccal cavity, urinary ailments, travel to foreign countries, exile, harassment from superiors, death of father, transfer if in service, death of father and troubles from enemies. If Ketu lies in Maraka houses from Lagna or the Sun, there may be severe troubles and danger of death. Besides, the native remains indisposed in Ketu Bhukti, so troubles are likely from superiors.

Sun-Venus Dasha: If Venus lies in the sign of exaltation, own house, or unafflicted in trines, angles or the 11th or Karka Rasi with the Moon, it indicates luxurious living and inclination for music, wealth and precious dresses, and delicious foods. Suppose it lies in bad houses—6th or 8th from Lagna or the Sun. In that case, it indicates mental anguish, loose morals, son and prosperity, blindness or diseases of eyes, displeasure from superiors, loose morals, or sexual complaints. If it is in Maraka houses with Marakas, it indicates loss of wealth and mental anguish. If it lies in 8th or 12th houses with malefic planets, it may cause death in quarrel over wine, women, etc. 

Hence, the Sun Dasha's description and various Bhukti's involved in it come to an end.

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