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Moon Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

When the earth's satellite, Moon, shines brightly in Bhava Bala and Rasi Bala, the native becomes prosperous and prestigious in Dasa-Bhukti. In Adhi Yoga, Gaja Kesari Yoga, and many other such yogas, beneficence is the wealth giving element. In the   Moon Dasa-Bhukti, there is always gain from the government or rulers and the womenfolk. In the Moon Dasa, the native fame (as this fame is denoted by the Sun, Lagna and tenth house, but the Moon is also Lagna, so in its Dasa Bhukti fame and prestige are foretold. It is very much logical.) The native also gets status quite similar to a minister or king. Under the Moon's Dasa-Bhukti, the native honours and serves Brahmins and other pious people with godly status. The native also gets wealth by perfumed oil trade and watery products or vegetable and fruit trade and the land's eatables. Under the benefic Moon Dasa, the native carries out religious ceremonies and maintains moral values. (A strong moon makes the native morally good and controls his mind and emotions). The native gets employed in navy, carbonated water factory, water supply department, etc. Besides, he remains busy with the study of Satwik literature, and he is very honouring and polite by nature. He also enjoys extensive travelling (as Moon is an ambulatory planet). He also shows motherly treatment (a mother takes care of her child). He is also blessed with many female issues (as Moon is female by nature). The native is involved in agricultural activities (as Moon is a watery planet. When it is related to the 4th lord, Saturn puts the native into agricultural and social welfare activities.  

On the contrary, if the moon does not shine brightly, it gives various problems to a native—sluggishness, sleep, phlegm disorders, diseases in the head, quarrel with relatives, lack of interest in good deeds, and cruelty, under its Dasa Bhukti.  

Bhuktis in the Moon Dasa

The Moon having 9th and 10th lords in her sign, exaltation or eleventh house indicates honour from the government and masses, association or marriage with females, the birth of female issues, happiness, wealth, and prosperity. The native also solemnizes the girl’s marriage. Suppose the Moon is afflicted, weak, lies in evil houses, and is associated with malefics. In that case, it gives rise to many problems, such as loss of a job, trouble to mother, mental worries, anxiety, emaciation, dropsy, urinary troubles, or even death. If the Moon conjunct with maraka lords in maraka houses, it causes stiffness in the body, disappointment, or death chances due to drowning.  

Moon-Mars Dasha: Mars in trines, angles, in exaltation or own signs indicates wealth by honour, hard work, increase in houses and land, success in undertakings, and prosperity. Mars in 3rd, 6th, or 11th house indicates an increase in status, expansion of estates, honour in society, and overall success. Mars in 6th, 8th, or 12th houses or aspect or conjunction of malefic indicates unsuccessful efforts, quarrels, the danger of fire and theft, destruction of property and wealth, litigations, inflammatory complaints, fever, loss of blood in an accident or surgery, etc. When Mars is with maraka lords, it becomes a powerful maraka. A powerful Mars creates strong material desires, and the native tends to become abusive and express his views forcefully.

Moon-Rahu Dasha: Rahu in trines or angles indicates poor results during the initial stage, but one may have troubles with thieves, enemies, reptiles, and snakes. Besides, one may have a misunderstanding with superiors, relatives, and friends. Other problems—anxiety, mental worry, pilgrimage, loss of reputation, and religious disposition—crop up in one’s problem. Rahu aspected by benefic planets in 3rd, 6th, 10th, or 11th house or with a Yoga Karaka indicates success in prosperity and undertakings and benefits from western races. If Rahu lies in 6th, 8th, or 12th from Moon or Lagna indicates loss of wealth due to rulers as penalties, schizophrenia, persistent illness and troubles to wife, fear of bite from reptiles and undiagnosable ailments.

Moon-Jupiter Dasha: Jupiter in trines, angles, own sign, eleventh house, or exaltation denotes an increase in estate and land, prosperity, comforts, religious ceremonies, the birth of a fortunate son, and support from government and superiors. If Jupiter is afflicted, weak, and lies in 6th, 8th, or 12th houses from Lagna or the Moon indicates deportation, unsuccessful wandering, loss of service, business losses, loss of a son, penalties from the government, destruction of property, indiscriminate eating or ailments due to obesity.  Jupiter lying in 3rd house gives success in undertakings due to rightful thinking. In the 2nd house or 7th house as Maraka indicates death by vehicular accident.

Moon-Saturn Dasha: Saturn in own sign, trines, exaltation and strong in 11th house denotes an increase in wealth and prosperity through agriculture, estates and lands and friend and family circle. It is a propitious time for starting new undertakings. If Saturn lies in angles, the bhukti is trouble-shooting, and the native cannot take undertakings. Suppose Saturn lies in the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses from the moon or Lagna. In that case, it indicates a native’s visit to religious places to alleviate the evil effects, such as pains in knees and joints of bones, windy rheumatic ailments, addiction to some intoxicant, diseases and surgical interventions, disgrace from rulers and masses, and dishonour. If Saturn lies in the 2nd or 7th house, it may kill the native in its bhukti.   

Moon-Mercury Dasha: Mercury in trines, angles, own sign in 11th from the Moon or the Lagna denotes an increase in intellect, knowledge, wealth, trade and superiors, government, and intellectuals. The native may set up a transport business or undertake frequent short journeys. The native may also get a university degree or pass a competitive examination. Weak Mercury in 6th and 8th houses causes mental worry, loss of wealth, nervous disorders, vehicular accidents, and disease due to tri-doshas, i.e., wind phlegm, bile, danger to son and wife, imprisonment, and hospitalization. Mercury gives maraka results in 2nd and 7th houses from the Moon or Lagna.  

Moon-Ketu Dasha: Ketu in trines, angles, or the 3rd or 11th from the Moon or Lagna denotes an increase in happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Loss of wealth during the initial stage of the bhukti and solace in the middle are also foretold. The native gets into lots of tedious tasks. Ketu aspected by malefic planets or lies in the bad houses from the Moon indicates public disgrace, displeasure, and hostilities. The native is his foes and remains depressed and does not systematically do his duties, so there is a disgrace of superiors. Ketu lying in maraka houses indicates danger from fiery diseases, i.e., acute complaints that crop up suddenly and poses a threat to one’s life.  

Moon-Venus Dasha: Venus in angles, trines, exaltation, own house, or conjunction with Moon indicates a happy bhukti. The native wears precious clothes, enjoys delicious foods, gets the grace of rulers, develops an interest in music, collects gems, builds beautiful houses to live in, etc. Weak Venus and evils houses from the Moon or the Lagna denote scandals due to ill reputation, loss of position, prostatic malfunctioning, kidney or urinary troubles, sexual ailments, controversies, etc. If Venus is afflicted by evil planets, the native shows morals, love, cohabitation with bad women, and sexual ailments. Venus in the 2nd and 7th houses indicates death due to urinary complaints or sex scandals.

Moon-Sun Dasha: The Sun in exaltation, own house, trines, angles or 11th house indicates friendship, position in high society, political gains, royal favour, the birth of a son, promotions in service or the native joins government services. If it is an evil house or in coordination with a malefic planet, it indicates disgrace of superiors, loss of wealth, diseases of bones, heart ailments, loss to the father, the affliction of eyes, and even his death. If it is tenanted in maraka houses or with such lords, it indicates a danger of high fever and resulting disorders. 

Thus, the Moon’s description and subsequent bhuktis come to an end.

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