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Mars Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

Under Mars's strong Dasa, the native tends to do heroic deeds for others' benefits and make efforts for such deeds. Under Mars's data, the native gets benefits from military departments by executing a trade of weapons by fire. He amasses wealth through litigations and quadrupeds as Mars lays focus on these aspects.  If Mars is weak, the native bears losses from the government's penalties, from theft, fire accidents, enemies, bilious complaint, fever, blood disorders, etc. So, under Mars's weak data, there is a loss of wealth and moral downfall. Besides, the native quarrels with his brothers, wife, and son.

Bhukti in Mars-Dasa

Mars in trines, angles, own house, eleventh house, or exaltation in the third or conjunct Lagna indicates professional advancement, success, marriage, gains by endeavours of the native, estates and land, and general prosperity. Afflicted and weak Mars in 6th, 8th, or 12th houses, the danger of theft, robber, accidents by weapons or firearms, the possibility of surgery, bone marrow disorders, anemia, urinary complaints, and quarrels with brothers and superiors.  Seriously afflicted Mars in Maraka houses indicates death due to infectious diseases or high fever.

Mars-Rahu Dasha: Rahu in trines, angles, 11th house, 3rd or 6th house indicates prosperity, governmental Grace, and gains and lands from trading. The native shows courage and overpower his enemies. He journeys to distant countries and has new acquaintances and relations. In the 8th or 12th house or aspected by malefic planets indicates a fear of serpent bite. The problems that crop up include loss of cattle, robbery, imprisonment, diseases related to bile, and rheumatic and phthisis problems. Rahu in maraca houses indicates the fear of unnatural death.

Mars-Jupiter Dasha: Jupiter in exaltation, own sign, trines, angles, 2nd or 11th house from Mars or the Lagna or conjunct lord of Lagna, 5th, 9th or 10th indicates royal favour, fame, wealth, a gain of property, business prosperity, marriage, birth of a son and happiness and prosperity after his birth. Suppose Jupiter is afflicted and weak in the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses. In that case, it indicates dishonour, poverty, loss of wealth, fear of cheating, bad terms with friends and relatives, liver and stomach complaints, and bad health. Jupiter indicates fever and illness in maraca houses with their lords or being the lord of maraka houses, due to infectious liver. 

Mars-Saturn Dasha: Saturn in exaltation, own sign, trines, or in the eleventh house from Mars indicates legislator, such as success in undertakings ceremonies at home, comforts, prosperity, and leadership of low people. Saturn in angles from Mars or the Lagna indicates persistent effort and hard-earned prosperity to get recognition. Saturn in 6th, 8th, or 12th houses from the rising sign indicates loss of wealth, dishonour, imprisonment, poverty, fear from enemies, resorting to black magic, and residences abroad to earn wealth. Saturn in maraka houses in conjunction with malefic planets indicates displeasure of superior, troubles of wife, quarrels among family members, and the possibility of accidental death. 

Mars-Mercury Dasha: Mercury in exaltation, own sign, trines or angles from Mars or rising sign indicates an increase in wealth, respect for religion, happiness with relatives, intellect, the birth of a daughter, righteous existence, a gain of estates and lands and wealth from the trading community. Afflicted and weak Mercury in 6th, 8th, or 12th house from Mars or the Lagna indicates anger, loss of wealth, nervous disorders, anger, quarrels, wrong decisions leading to losses and troubles, nervous disorders, disorders of tridoshas, i.e., bile and phlegm, wind, heart ailments, etc. If an afflicted Mercury lies in the 2nd and 7th house, the native may suffer from dangerous disorders that may make him paralytic.  

Mars-Ketu Dasha:  Ketu in trines, 3rd or 11th houses or conjunction with or aspected by benefic planets indicates happiness through the ruler's Grace and benefits from that place and the birth of a son. If in conjunction with a Yogkaraka, it indicates profits from people in an administrative capacity, friendship with royal family members and superiors, and all-round prosperity. Ketu's malefic data indicates danger from weapons, electric lightning of thundering clouds, loss of a house by fire, loss by theft, and many other mishaps. Besides, there are ailments of the lower abdomen and stomach. If Ketu lies in 6th, 8th, or 12th from Mars or afflicted by malefic planets indicates troubles with white spots on the whole body, dysentery, fever or troubles with teeth, trouble to wife and children, and getting hurt by wild animals. In maraka houses, Ketu indicates loss of wealth, health troubles, etc.

Mars-Venus Dasha: Venus in trines, angles, own sign or exaltation from Mars or the Lagna or with Lagan lord indicates benefit from superiors, sudden gains, rich people and women, especially comforts of all sorts, wealth and birth of a son, musical inclinations, amorous sports, and luxurious life. If it lies in 6th, 8th, or 12th, it indicates physical troubles with excretory systems, losses, troubles with women folk and Venus and preachers. Venus, with 10th lord, indicates work of charity and gains from cinema like things. If Venus lies in its own sign in 2nd or 7th houses, Venus becomes a strong maraka and may give troubles to death if not exactly death.

Mars-Sun Dasha: The Sun: The Sun in angles, own sign, in exaltation, in conjunction with lords of trines or trines or 10th house, indicates courageous deeds, honours, fame through politics, prosperity, the birth of son and sound of health. If the Sun lies in 6th, 8h or 12th houses from Mars or the lagan or conjunction with malefic planets, it gives headaches, body pains, cerebral meningitis, colon disease, high fever, etc. The Sun present in maraka house causes troubles to son in his Bhukti.  

Mars-Moon Dasha: The Moon in trines, own sign, exaltation, 1st, 4th, or 10th houses or conjunction with the lord of trines, it indicates auspicious ceremonies, the fulfilment of all desires and marriage and the birth of female issues. Suppose the afflicted and weak Moon lies in 6th, 8th, or 12th houses from Lagna or Mars. In that case, it indicates mental depression, certain phobia, trouble to wife and daughter, emotional imbalances, financial losses, and displeasure from superiors. If the Moon lies in the 2nd or 7th house, it gives rise to serious illness and mental afflictions. 

Thus, Mars's description and various bhuktis therein come to an end.

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