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Ketu Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

In Ketu Dasha, the native broods over the past, and the plans do not materialize due to improper implementation time. Ketu in 6th, 8th, or 12th indicates troubles due to bad people, and the native is a hypochondriac. The native is transferred frequently, suffers due to psyche. However, the native feels at ease at religious places, in spiritual conversation, in pilgrimage, in the company of yogis and holy people. 

Bhuktis in Ketu-Dasa 

Ketu: The results of Ketu bhukti are almost the same as said earlier. Ketu retards down the significations of the house it is occupying and the planet in conjunction. So, the outcomes of Ketu Bhukti are to be understood through the Ketu's position.

Ketu-Venus Dasha: In angles, Venus dignified in 3rd or 11th house from the Lagna or Ketu indicates royal grace, a gain of wealth, transfer to the department of liking, marriage, favors from women, and benefits. Venus weak, afflicted, in 6th, 8th, or 12th from the Lagna or Ketu signifies eye troubles, headaches, loss of popularity and honor due to loose morals, problems to wife and children. Venus afflicted in 2nd, or 7th house causes urinary infections and maraka results. 

Ketu-Sun Dasha: The Sun dignified, in angles or 11th house from the Lagna or Ketu, denotes success in undertakings, health, wealth, prosperity, and a son's birth. The Sun afflicted in 6th, 8th, or 12th from the Lagna or Ketu signifies separation from parents, government penalties, transfers, loss of wealth, sunstroke, affliction to eyes, opposition from superiors. The Sun afflicted in 2nd or 7th gives unhappy results and maraka effects such that native remains in ill health. 

Ketu-Moon Dasha: Dignified Moon with bright rays, in angles, or 11th house from the Lagna or Ketu is moderately good as it signifies some gains of property and wealth, acts of philanthropy, the birth of a female child, if the native is unmarried, he/she married. The Moon weak, afflicted in 6th, 8th, or 12th from the Lagna or Ketu indicates mental stress, thinking disposition, useless wandering, business losses, no benefit in public dealing wasteful use of money, etc. 

Ketu-Mars Dasha: In angles or 11th house, Mars in dignity indicates honor from the government, gains of land, and proper, happiness from brothers, courage, and inclination to fulfill desires. Mars weak, afflicted, in 6th, 8th, or 12th from Ketu or Lagna signifies foreign travel, accidents, losses from fire or theft, difficulty passing urine or sex troubles, etc. Mars as maraka in 2nd or 7th house indicates poisoning, the crop of boils, acute infections, and death-like situation if not death. 

Ketu-Rahu Dasha: Rahu in angles, 3rd or 11th house denotes gain by speculation or indirect means, gains from a low caste and western races, travel to the western countries. Rahu in 8th or 12th house or afflicted by malefices denotes serious troubles, worms in the stomach, rheumatic complaints, apprehensive nature, malarial fever, sudden quarrels, Rahu in 2nd of 7th house indicates a danger of death from poisoning, serpent bite.

Ketu-Jupiter Dasha: Jupiter dignified in angles or 11th house from the Lagna or Ketu is good and indicates self-confidence, auspicious functions at home, property, wealth, the birth of a son, the grace of family deity, new appointment, acts of philanthropy, association with holy people, Brahmins and preachers; travel to foreign countries, etc. Jupiter afflicted, and in 6th, 8th, or 12th from Lagna or Ketu denotes separation from kiths and kins, loss of position and honor, loss of wealth by theft. Jupiter as maraka in 2nd or 7th gives sudden death. 

Ketu-Saturn Dasha: Saturn relationship or 11th house from the Lagna or Ketu signifies the realization of goals, favor from rulers, and money from low people's leadership. Saturn afflicted in 6th, 8th or 12th indicates troubles to health, obstruction in undertakings, lethargy, loss of fame, parents' death, failure in litigations, change of residence pains due to excess of wind and bile, court cases with the relatives. If Saturn is equipped with maraka powers, he kills the native from a lingering illness. 

Ketu-Mercury Dasha: Mercury in own sign, in exaltation, angles or 11th house from the Lagna or Ketu denotes gains of land, general prosperity, progress in business or trading, success in competition, increase of knowledge, useful conversations, religious enlightenment, religious ceremonies at home, association with scholars, satwik meals. Mercury weak, afflicted in 6th, 8th, or 12th indicates destruction of prosperity, mental affliction, suspension of discriminative faculty, quarrels, pilgrimage to wipe out adversity, fraudulent schemes, Mercury in 2nd or 7th and afflicted indicates loss of speech, stammering, death due to imbalance of tridosas.

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