Bandhan Yoga - Jail Yog Causes and Solutions

Bandhan Yoga

Indication Of Jail/Imprisonment In Horoscope

To see a Bandhan Yoga or Jail Yoga/ imprisonment in horoscope, one needs to analyze twelfth house in horoscope. A person loses a court case and is sentenced to prison. This means that when the sixth house fails to protect the native the complementary house to it (twelfth house) gets activated and forces the native to confinement. 

There are many ways to assess the potency of this Bandhan or jail yoga in a horoscope. Let us discuss them one by one.

Planets In birth chart indicating Imprisonment

As a horoscope indicates all major events about a person’s life, the same way specific planets and planetary combinations indicate imprisonment in a person’s life. Horoscope shows Bandhan or prison yoga through some particular Grahas. There are planetary combinations indicating the possibility of incarceration in one’s chart. 

Any isolation – whether mental or physical, falls under the Bandhan Yoga, which is defined in “Jataka Tatva” by Mahadev, Lord Shiva. Mental solitude here means that although you are not confined physically, but your routine or something else is such that you will feel caught. The Jataka Tatva by Bholenath states that if there are malefic planets positioned in second, fifth, or ninth houses of one’s kundali, then there are higher chances of the native getting imprisoned. Thus, these are among the astrological indications of jail. These get further strengthened if there are negative Grahas placed in twelfth house too, and Saturn is also afflicted. 

Main planets leading to Jail Yoga

Now let us understand as to which are the main planets showing jail yoga in horoscope. The planets responsible for prison yoga are Rahu, Saturn, and Mars.

1. Rahu is considered to be an outcast planet and is also the primary significator of Jail yoga in horoscope. Its influence can make a person rebel against those in power, or false accusations may be made against them. 

2. Saturn is the significator of Karma or Fate, and Vedic Astrology also considers it to be a judge. During its major-period, sub-period, and Sade Sati, one receives the results of their past deeds. Therefore, if one were a good samaritan in the previous years, they would find all their desires fulfilled, and more. However, those who have some transgression in their past will discover jail yoga in horoscope. 

3. Mars, the red planet of war, has an aggressive nature and its influence on a native indicates violent expressions within them. It may cause the person to act fiercely and violently, which means a jail yoga in horoscope may also be present. 

If the above three planets become associated somehow in the kundali, then there are strong possibilities of Bandhan yoga in horoscope for the native.

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Important Houses for Legal issues 

Legal issues can be of many types, but many of these issues like jail, imprisonment etc. become a blot on a person for the whole life. Even post present life, these people are known for their notorious acts & families also suffer. Therefore it is relevant to know as to which are the principal houses in horoscope leading to legal issues like jail, imprisonment & life sentences etc. Therefore whenever a person is involved in legal matters, especially criminal cases, it is highly recommended to consult a good astrologer to examine some specific houses in the horoscope, which lead to jail. Now understand which are these houses as explained below: 

The Sixth House: House of Litigations and enemies

In case, someone is stuck in legal matters and wishes to win in them, then the sixth house and its Lord should be strengthened. When these are weak, the person is inclined to face losses and defeat. These challenges are likely to grow further when the major period and sub-period of the Shashtesh are ongoing. However, it may not always be obligatory that the obstacles are legal in nature. 

The Eighth House

Eighth house in one’s kundali is the significator of unexpected changes and issues concerning finances and partnerships in life. When the house and its Lord are weak in one’s birth chart, then it indicates possibilities of legal issues in these aspects. As a result, there may even be jail yoga in horoscope. 

The Twelfth House

Twelfth house in the kundali is the significator of isolation, detachment, and even imprisonment. Hence, if you wish to learn about Bandhan yoga in horoscope, you need to take the house and its Lord into account during kundali analysis. 

The Tenth House  

Tenth house is one’s kundali is your House of Karma. As a result, it also plays an essential role in choosing the punishments you may face in life for your deeds. It is, therefore, also taken into account when examining jail yoga in horoscope. 

Planetary combinations leading to Jail Yoga/ Imprisonment 

There are specific planetary combinations leading to jail yoga/imprisonment in a horoscope

Jail yoga in horoscope, also known as Bandhan yoga in horoscope, forms when Saturn, Lagnesh, and Shashtesh are placed with either Rahu or Ketu in the Kendra or Trikon houses. The former, also known as Lakshmi Sthana or Angular houses are the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses. One the other hand the Trine Houses or Trikon Bhavas are ascendant, fifth, and ninth houses. This planetary combination is an astrological indication of jail. However, if Saturn is Lagnesh itself, then the malefic effects of this prison yoga in horoscope decreases. 

In addition to this, there are other such planetary combinations too which form Bandhan yoga in horoscope. Here are some of these:

1. When the same number of planets are positioned in second and twelfth houses, third and eleventh houses, fourth and tenth houses, fifth and ninth houses, and sixth and twelfth houses, they form jail yoga in horoscope. 

2. The planets positioned in second, fifth, and twelfth houses also indicate confinement or Bandhan yoga in horoscope. 

3. At the time of the native’s birth, if the Lords of ascendant/first and sixth houses are in conjunction with Saturn and placed in a Kendra or Trikon bhava, then it is an astrological indication of jail. 

4. When an afflicted Lagnesh (Lord of first house) is being aspected by Lords of sixth or twelfth house, it implies there is a Bandhan yoga in horoscope. 

5. If Saturn or Mars is the Lagnesh in a kundli, is afflicted, and it is in conjunction with Lords of ninth or twelfth house; then jail yoga in horoscope will form during transit of Lagnesh through first, sixth, or twelfth house.

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Types of Bandhana Yoga

There are different types of Bandhan Yoga in horoscope. Though the final result of all these types of Bandhan yoga is jail or life imprisonment, the causes are different. We will discuss four types of Bandhan yoga in horoscope, as explained below. 

Ari Bandhan Yoga 

Saturn is the significator of Ari Bandhan Yoga in horoscope, which forms as a result of your negative karmas from the past, known as your Prarabdha Karmas. A curse carried forward to this life from one’s previous incarnation, or incarnations can lead to its creation. As a result, there may be tremendous sorrow, sufferings, and depression in the person’s lifespan. Due to this curse and jail yoga in horoscope, the native is overpowered by their enemies easily. Additionally, they can also suffer from a disease or physical defect. Often, the imprisonment indicated in birth chart occurs due to the wrong company they keep. Such people usually get involved in drug trafficking, mafia, robbery, alcoholism, adultery, and such sins along with their friends. As a result of the Bandhan yoga in horoscope, they get caught and end up in jail. 

Vir Bandhan Yoga 

Mars is the significator of Vir Bandhan Yoga in horoscope, and it leads to capture by enemies in war. Hence, it is found in birth charts of those who fight in wars. These also include people who get involved in civil wars, street fights, terrorism, Naxalism, mob fights against police, and so on who are arrested and thrown in prison. The red planet gives this astrological indication of jail. In addition to these, it may also create a Bandhan yoga in horoscope of those who are caught for crimes like murder, rape, non-payment of loans or taxes, white-collar offences, cybercrime, cheating, real estate issues, and so on. These natives would usually act brave when facing the law, but will later get captured and punished. 

Naga Bandhan Yoga 

Rahu is the significator of Naga Bandhan Yoga in horoscope, and its roots are also attached to the karmas of one’s past lives. If a person used black magic or witchcraft on someone in their previous incarnation, then it will backfire on them in this one. Due to this jail yoga in horoscope, the native may offend another in public or online, promote religious hatred or racism, mafia, drugs, bombing cities, illegal mining, possessing large amounts of unaccounted cash, and so on. Such people usually start their life on the wrong side of the tracks and grow up to be powerful by opposing the law. In the end, they either serve time in jail or underground. One example of a person having such Bandhan yoga in horoscope is Dawood Ibrahim, who can never have a public life in the future.

Ahi Bandhan Yoga 

Ketu is the significator of Ahi Bandhan Yoga in horoscope, which causes the native to commit unimaginable strange crimes. Ketu is Dragon’s Tail and is therefore headless. As a result, the person under its influence gets involved in brainless activities due to their greed and misdeeds. In the end, due to jail yoga in horoscope they get caught. Their reasons may seem insignificant and even silly at times, but their offences will be severe.

Bandhana Yoga or Imprisonment as per K.P. (Krishnamurti Paddhati)

Bandhana yoga or imprisonment as per K.P. (Krishnamurti Paddhati) astrology are explained as below: 

1. If Sub Lord of first house in one’s kundali represents the significations of twelfth house, then there will be a Bandhan yoga in horoscope of the native. Such a person will prefer isolation, visit unfrequented places, will be interested in the occult, and face hindrances. There are also possibilities of these people getting cheated or deceived, or being a target of treachery or conspiracy. 

2. When Sub Lord of second house in one’s kundali represents the significations of twelfth house, then such a native may have to work in isolative places involuntarily. Such sites include sanitorium, circus, asylum, hospital, or jail. As a result of this unwillingness, their mind and body will feel imprisoned. Hence, jail yoga in horoscope will indicate mental imprisonment. 

3. In case, Sub Lord of fourth house in one’s kundali represents the significations of twelfth house; then the native can be cheated, be a victim of fraud, frequently hospitalised, can face house arrest, poisoned, or jailed.

4. If Sub Lord of sixth house in one’s kundali gets placed in their second or fourth house, while being afflicted by Saturn, then they can suffer from food poisoning. The same happens when Sub Lord of sixth house is positioned in the first house and negatively influenced by Mars. 

5. In the event that Sub Lord of seventh house in one’s kundali gets placed in their twelfth house, the native will be betrayed by their own people. As a result of this, their enemies will gain power over them and will frame them in a conspiracy. However, when Sub Lord of seventh house is under the negative influence of malefic planets, such a person will have jail yoga in horoscope, and they will be arrested for sexual crimes.

6. When Sub Lord of eighth house in one’s kundali gets placed in their twelfth house, such a person will lose in legal cases. Moreover, they will remain under constant mental pressure and agony, due to the Bandhan yoga in horoscope. 

7. If Sub Lord of eighth cusp in one’s kundali is Rahu and it gets placed in their twelfth house, then not only will the native have jail yoga in horoscope, but they will also die while imprisoned. 

8. In case, Sub Lord of ninth house in one’s kundali represents the significations of eighth house; the native may face problems during foreign travel. The Bandhan yoga in horoscope will get them detained or arrested in other countries.

9. In case, Sub Lord of tenth house in one’s kundali represents the significations of twelfth house, the person will earn money through smuggling or will have large amounts of unaccounted wealth with them. If the planet is afflicted by Nodes, i.e., Rahu or Ketu, then the person may have jail yoga in horoscope, and they will get caught in legal complications. 

10. When Sub Lord of eleventh house in one’s kundali represents the significations of twelfth house, then their friend will cheat and frame the person. In such scenarios, the native will feel guilty, and the Bandhan yoga in horoscope will lead them to either choose solitude or surrender to the police. 

11. If Sub Lord of twelfth house in one’s kundali represents the significations of seventh house, then any secret activities of the native will be exposed. Due to their jail yoga in horoscope, their partner will drag them to court. Moreover, any legal cases they find themselves embroiled in will be adjudicated against them. 

12. In the event that Sub Lord of twelfth house in one’s kundali represents the significations of twelfth house, the native chooses to remain isolated from society due to Bandhan yoga in horoscope. 

However, every birth chart is different, and therefore, they should be analysed by an expert to avoid activating one’s twelfth house negatively, even unwittingly. Particular remedies, when observed, can help strengthen sixth house, which will then counter the jail yoga in horoscope, preventing the dreadful event from occurring. 

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