IVF Baby and Pregnancy Astrology Guide

IVF Baby

If you are a childless couple and have come to this page to find the auspicious time to go for the IVF procedure, then you have done the best google search to date. 

I have the experience to share. Many childless couples who have gone all sought of methods to bear a child eventually choose to go for IVF baby. But what if it fails, do you have the slightest of the idea that it leaves a mental toll too.  And here is what you may be forced to undergo:

1. You may be forced to go for it more than once.

2. It is a mentally draining challenge. The nagging thought of being infertile is sometimes too much to handle.

3. It involves a cost, a reasonable price.

4. A failed IVF is as good as an abortion. It is leaving the woman frail. 

5. A failed IVF convinces the couple that nothing would work for them, they leave all hopes. 

6. Those couples who go for IVF baby and eventually fail had done everything right except knowing the right time astrologically, which could grant them their wish. 

Here, before proceeding forward, I would want to check the chances of you as a couple having a child through IVF

Date of birth of a male 

Date of birth of a female 


Push for the result, the possibility in percentage, and the probable time from now.

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Don't rush at In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

As per astrology, there are specific horoscopic indicators of infertility and infertile periods. Traditionally astrology recognizes the number of inborn horoscopic combinations for fertility and infertility factors that many women go through. It reflects hormonal imbalance; this problem should be carefully treated, and you should respect it. In periods of infertility, conception is complicated and sometimes impossible. People suffering from this problem may not have a body that is in its best form. 

It is a wiser step to wait for the infertile period to pass. 

We are liable for a non-genetic infertility imprinting at birth. It is advantageous for the couple to know about their barrenness if it is of inheritable origin, and if it is, then is it temporary or permanent. We suggest that it's better to wait for the duration of infertility to pass if it's possible. It's not advised to waste excessive resources and to go against nature's grain to perform In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process. 

It is very inconsiderate to invoke Mother Nature to do the process which she is reluctant to do. It is a wiser step to wait for her and her whether if she can alter her mood and tend to raise the vital energy. It is also better for a progeny to get carried out in times of typical energy surge than in the times of insufficiency. 

An infertile couple must be advised to check if they are within some astrologically computed infertility duration. If they are, then it is indeed the best option to wait for the time to pass if the age of would-be mother allows. The Astrological consideration of infertility may offer some alternative methods for alleviation and overcoming. An unexplained problem of infertility may have some astrological combination. 

Those couples who cannot conceive tend to go for In Vitro Fertilization. The problem of infertility in India is about one-fourth of the total population of the married couple. It can be medically undetectable, and the cause of infertility is unknown. The terminology used for this very problem is termed as unexplained infertility. It can affect some couples, but astrology has an answer to every mystery. Medical astrology is capable of identifying natural barrenness of a non-genetic origin, the strength, and span of periods in life when it peaks. 

Medical astrology can describe the factors which are related to unexplained infertility or even dig out its causes. In general, the unexplained or undetectable infertility can be astrologically explained.

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Unhealthy times

According to astrology, the infertility duration is not optimal for general health. Therefore, IVF, as a rule, takes place in these unhealthy times. One can hardly decline the fact that time is insignificant. In Vitro, Fertilization is performed in very unnatural environmental conditions, which is the essence of standard medicine, which is not identified. It can be linked astrologically to the typical development of a fetus.

Barren times depressions

According to astrology, infertility and emotional depression have some standard indicators which in general can run simultaneously on approx. Half of the infertility indicators decrease endurance and psychological depression. During barren periods, the mother may feel sad and lonely; they may even get more desperate for a child. Let them realize that it can be egocentric of them to be in a hurry having a baby. But they forget that to a child, it is best to come in times of emotional prosperity and not in low spirits. 

Insemination during infertile periods may pose a risk

Medical astrology is associated with fertilization during its barren period. It may increase the probability of miscarriage because of the health issues of a child shortly. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid any kind of conceptions during infertility. In Vitro Fertilization compensates the increased risk of miscarriage with many fertilization methods. However, these scientific methods may not reduce the risk of other complications which may occur in the latter part and can get associated with the procedure.

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Checking for infertility period in advance

When deciding about giving birth, the age of the mother also matters. It is practically proven that if the woman intends to have a child, but she has to postpone pregnancy for some reason, she must check whether she is still fertile or infertility duration is started.

Looking for gaps in infertility periods

Gaps or cracks in an infertility period can be sought if, for any reason, the mother cannot wait and has no other chance to conceive in nature. IVF doesn't guarantee success, and the attempt can empty your pockets. 

Fertility varies with time. Not all days are the same, and the barren duration is desolate. There is a possibility of pregnancy or at least infertile days in arid times. It can be used as a more significant weapon when you want a natural way of conceiving. Fast transit influences can temporarily mitigate or perhaps abolish the durable barren period. Currently, the efficiency of gaps can be assessed approximately. However, the computerized research can dramatically improve accuracy.

IVF planning and Nakshatras.

Every female has some fertile days in a month. We can take the help of astrological science and choose the most fertile days. We must refer to the rules and watch the transit of the Moon. We can decide this from the Female Chart. 

Note the Nakshatra of Lagan. Note 7th, 14th, and 21st Nakshatra also from this. So a total of 4 Nakshatras we have noted in the Lagan group.

We must note the Nakshatra of Lagan, a note about 7th,14th, and 21st Nakshatra. Total 4 Nakshatras that we have pointed out in the Lagan Group. 

Note about Nakshatra of Moon, a note about 14th Nakshatra from the Moon Nakshatra also. Total of 2 Nakshatra in Moon group. 

Note Nakshatra of Sun as per Sun's Degree.  Not the 14th Nakshatra from this. Total 2 Nakshatra in Sun group. 

A total of 8 Nakshatras are capable of creating a pregnancy. It often happens that some Nakshatras are common in all three groups, so in this case, can be only 6 or 7 Nakshatras. Remembering common Nakshatra, if any in 2 or 3 groups, then that of Nakshatra is most fertile for the lady.

As per the menstruation cycle, you must note the dates of the cycle. We were leaving six days after the cycle date. From the 7th day to the 23rd day, we must search the Nakshatra from the list. Day on which one of the above-listed Nakshatras which are found, we must select that date for IVF. 

Some of the essential points which must remember while choosing the Nakshatra. 

Ketu should not be in the Nakshatra at the time of IVF, and it creates a possibility of miscarriage sometime. 

If Rahu is in that Nakshatra at the time of IVF, chances that the soul of an ex-family member may enter the embryo later when the fetus stage can develop. 

Rahu opens the possiblity for the souls who are willing to enter the fetus due to their strong desire to take birth in the same family. 

Saturn on that Nakshatra should be avoided. Because when Moon touches that Nakshatra, Vish Yoga, or Punarphoo dosha will be the development of Embryos will be slow, and the child will be weak. 

Jupiter is aspecting Moon that the day it should be rest assured that IVF will be a successful and healthy child will be born. 

Before deciding the IVF month, it's essential to check the position of the planets after nine months in the horoscope of husband and wife and confirm whether planets are also repeated in child or not. A child is conceived with the support of the parents' table so a particular combination will be shared in the child. 

There few methods through which the best periods for IVF could be decided.

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