Child Adoption in my birth chart

Child Adoption

Nowadays, adoption of a child has become a phenomenon as more and more childless couples are opting for child adoption. The reasons for adoption can be any of the ones listed below, but every cause can be meticulously read from a horoscope:

1. Infertility

2. Women may be facing some medical conditions.

3. The couple may not want to pass the genetic disorder.

4. Single parents interested in starting a family.

5. Same-sex couple.

6. May be interested in giving an orphan a loving home.

7. I want to help someone who is not in a financial position to raise a child.

Whatever may be the cause, but there are definite indications in a horoscope. 

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Child Adoption and Astrology

Before actually examining the horoscope form the child-adoption-related angle, it becomes imperative to check the horoscope for the above seven factors and their influence on the child adoption.

Once one of the above seven factors is verified, the main task to evaluate the horoscope for child adoption begins. Now there are different aspects and types of adopting a child or foster children. Astrology has sufficient explanations as to under what circumstances what type of adoption is advisable. And what are planetary combinations supporting or rejecting that type of adoption. There are different combinations in the horoscope for baby adoption. These combinations clearly show whether you should adopt a child or not and what type of child adoption will be best for you. Now support or reject these different types of adoption methods.

Which are the Planetary combinations for Child Adoption

Now, I will explain what the different combinations in horoscope for child adoption are. These combinations need to be seen to decide what type of adoption is possible & workable for you. These combinations are described in detail as below:

1. Adoption through Surrogacy (Authorizing other blood to raise a Child for the native) 

Saravali 34.28. 1) If 5th House falls in the divisions (like Rashi, Navamsa, drekkana, etc.) of Saturn and is with the Mercury's transition, without Jupiter, Mars or the Sun and the Native obtains the child by authorizing someone else's blood to raise same for him from ascendant's wife. 2) Some similar result prevails, if Mercury's Rashiis in the 5th House containing Mercury in it and is in aspect of Saturn but without aspect of other planets as cited above.

a. A combination of adopting and letting others raise the child. 

b. Saturn's and Mercury's influence on the 5th House in Rashi and Amass indicates the child's adoption. This will be made clear in the upcoming verse. Saravali 34.29: If the 5th House belonged to Saturn and can be occupied by Saturn himself with the aspect of Moon, one can procure a child by adoption. Identically its effects by following with the position of Mercury in the 5th House owned by the native receiving the Moon's aspect. 

c. In the upcoming verses, we will see how the aspecting Graha (on the 5th House) plays a significant role in determining the circumstances in which a child is adopted. The key here is that the 5th House should be aspected by Jupiter, Mars, or the Sun. 

d. Including Moon and Venus, Moon's combination indicates the native by adopting the child to be a parent or by adopting a baby from a pregnant mother. Venus means adopting through marrying the partner. 

e. If there are no planets that are aspecting from the 5th House and the native has no intention of bringing up the child himself, he would never let others bring it up.

2. Signs of Baby Adoption in birth chart

Saravali 34.29. (1)If 5th House belongs to Saturn and can be occupied by Saturn himself with the aspect of Moon, and one procures with a child by adoption, or by the act of any purchase.(2) The same effect follows Mercury's position in the 5th House owned by him receiving the Moon's aspect. 

a. Some parents afford children through adoption or by buying from birth parents and other sources. 

b. There are certain combinations seen in the horoscope of the parents. The Karaka for childbirth is just Jupiter, Sun, and Moon. Moon indicates the pregnancy of the native, the Sun rules the ability to bring a new soul to life, and Jupiter gives the blessing of bringing forth and fruits of Marriage. 

c. Saturn is opposed to all 3 Graha ruling the natural childbirth. Saturn which represents old age and a state where the sexual drive is nil, and ruling frigidity. Mercury is in the group of Saturn rules at a very young age where the sexual inclination is not yet been developed. Hence two planets are involved in the absence of natural childbirth and adoption.

d. Influence is predominant such as Saturn or Mercury, on the 5th House, which is aspected by Pregnancy Karaka simultaneously. The power of Saturn or Mercury on the 5th House can happen in the following manner, (1) The 5t:

e. Dealing in Saturn or Mercury Sign, (2) Saturn.

f. Saturn, which is placed in the 5th House, (3) Saturn.

g. Saturn, which is conjoined with the Lord of 5th House, (4) Saturn.

h. Saturn which is bounded with the 5th House or Lord of 5th House. 

i. Moon's influence on the 5th House is pertinent for the ascendant to get a child as some families don't adopt even if they lack children. Moon's aspect on the 5th House or Lord of 5th House or combination with them would ascertain that the ascendant will take a child who is else or not. 

3. Adopting a Child without consent

Saravali 34.30. The 5th House contains Saturn, which is un-aspected by others and fall in a Saptamsa owned by Mars, the ascendant will adopt a grown-up child without the consent of natural parents.

a. Influencing of Saturn on the 5th House indicates the ascendant will not be blessed with natural childbirth.

b. If Moon does not simultaneously influence the fifth House, the native doesn't want to adopt a baby with the legal consent of the parents of the orphanage.

c. If the 5th House falls in Saptamsa of Mars, it indicates the violence as a method of procuring the child. It can show the use of force, army, police, or even the kidnapping.

d. Determining the Saptamsa of the 5th House required once you know the longitude of the Bhava. This is known by taking the longitude of Lagan and placing a point in the 5th House with the same longitude (as the Lagan). This point becomes the cusp of the 5th House and represents the core of the 5th Bhava as per the same bhava scheme of child adoption in the birth chart.

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4. Adoption of an Abandoned or Foster Children in your birth chart

Saravali 34.33. If the fifth House is occupied by Mars falling in many of Saturn's divisions that can be in aspect to the Sun, one will obtain a son. The son is adopted by a stranger after its being cast off by its original parents and sage Karuna.

a. The Planetary combination for child adoption is a variation to the previous verse (Saravali 34.31-32). Instead of Sun, which is placed in the 5th House, which is owned by Saturn, Mars is placed, which are aspected by the Sun. 

b. Child adoption, in essence, the 5th House should rule by Saturn (in Rashi, Navamsa or Drekkana), Mars, which should be placed in the 5th House (in the mentioned division) and at the same time receiving aspect of Sun.

c. Planetary Combination for child adoption, the child is abandoned by the birth parents who are adopted by the ascendant (showing kindness)

d. Such incidences happen very often event at current times. 

e. One should get exhort under the following circumstances.

f. The fifth House by Saturn joined or aspected by Mars.

g. The fifth House by Mars combined or aspected by Saturn. 

h. In addition to that, if Saturn rules the 5th House, placement of Sun, which indicates unusual circumstances. Placement of Moon in the fifth House ruled by Mars is equally affected. 

i. The case, which is generalized of this principle, is, combined, which are influenced by ownership, placement, or combination of Saturn-Mars-Sun or Saturn-Mars-Moon on the 5th House in Rashi, Navamsa or Drekkana indicated by some unusual circumstances of childbirth. In these cases, the fifth House should be ruled by either Saturn or Mars and not the dignitaries.

5. Adopting a Child from a Widow

Saravali 34.34. The fifth House fall in Saturn's Vargas and it contains both Moon and Saturn; in combination with both the Sun and Venus, the child will be affected by a widow given to the ascendant in remarriage. 

Sometimes a person marries a lady who had a child from an earlier marriage. Then after childbirth, there is death or separation from the previous partner.

a. Sometimes a person who marries a lady who may have a child from an early marriage. Then after childbirth, there is death or separation from the previous partner. 

b. The same incident can happen if a lady marries a gentleman who has a child from a previous marriage.

c. A person can get a child from the previous Marriage of the wife, i.e., the child of one of the parents, and the mentioned combination is present. 

d. One should understand the aspect of a combination as it doesn't apply literally in most real-life horoscopes.  

e. Saturn should own the fifth House. Moon and the Saturn should be placed in the 5th House. Venus and the Sun should aspect the 5th House. 

f. The variations can happen in the following ways: (1) Moon adjoins 5H Saturn in any place, other than the 5H, (2) Venus or Sun should aspect the Lord of 5th House. (3)Anyone of them (Venus/ Sun) aspect the 5th House and another one point the Lord of 5th House. (4) One of them (Venus/ Sun) adjoins the 5th House and the other element, the Lord of 5th House. (5) One of them (Venus/ Sun) conjoins the Lord of 5th House and the other aspect, the 5th House.

g. Any kind of adoption is indicated by Saturn ownership of the 5th House. The placement of the Moon and Saturn meant some events of separation or death, while Venus and Sun influence or indicates the remarriage. Venus is the doer of Marriage, while Sun is the Lord of Dharma. 

h. Generally, the Graha owning the fifth House indicates the reason behind adoption (Saturn= lack ability to procreate). The Graha in the 5th House shows the triggering adoption (Mars stands for abandonment/violence; Saturn indicates death). Graha aspecting the situation in which adopting takes place. (Sun stands for generosity, Venus stands for Marriage  

6. Children from an Unmarried Mother ( Mother without getting married )

If the Moon is in 7th House along with the Sun, or the Moon in the 5th House in combination, or the company of the Sun, it is a possibility of child adoption through an unmarried girl as per astrology. 

a. Another variation of the above-stated combination referring to baby adoption through Marriage to someone having a child before Marriage. 

b. Sun is the ruling sign of a creative child. The two lotuses in the hand of God Sun represent creation. Lotus is the symbol of Lord Brahma, who is Lord of Creation. Lord Brahma illustrates sitting on the Lotus that is originated from the Navel of Lord Vishnu. Moon the Karaka of Pregnancy as it represents the Mother.

c. The Sun and Moon are informally connected with the matter of pregnancy and childbirth. Planet Jupiter offers the authority of delivery from authorized wedlock and through Dharma. 

d. When the combination of Moon and Sun influences the House of Marriage , i.e., the 7th House or the House of childbirth, i.e., the 5th House, the planetary combination for child adoption from an unmarried girl increase. 

e. One should not just skip the result as these combinations can only be confirmed if another situation supports this. There is a possibility that in the horoscope of most people, children adopting form unmarried girls will have the above-said combination. The reverse may not be there. It is also seen that there is a possibility that one who is having this combination will acquire from a single female. Or a child from a woman who is pregnant before Marriage.

Saravali 34.36-. If the 5th House falls in the distribution of dignitaries and contains the Moon and the Sun in combination with Venus, there is a possibility native will have child adoption by a woman who is pregnant at the time of Marriage.

f. It is stated above in the previous verse. The condition is the same as the last verse, i.e., the involvement of Sun-moon in the 7th House or the 5th House. 

g. Besides, the ownership of the 5th House by dignitaries indicates baby adoption children from already pregnant Mothers. I recall the owner of the 5th House by Saturn indicating adoption due to lack of ability to procreate. The ownership of the 5th House means the reason behind adoption. 

h. Venus aspecting the 5th House, indicates that the native will adopt the child at the time of Marriage. This is also said in Saravali 34.34 mentions that aspect of Venus cause child adoption at the time of Marriage .  

7. Children from a Female Slave in your Horoscope

Saravali 34.38. If the 5th House be in Navamsa of Venus and be aspected by Venus, the native will prefer child adoption by a female servant. Advised by some scholars, even if Moon's Navamsa and Moon come in the picture, the effects will come to pass. 

a. This is an unfavourable combination. Although slavery is now non-existent from most of the world and mistreatment towards women has diminished. 

b. Even now, the children who are born through forced sexual contact, the possibility can be without consent or because of a person's control. Sometimes women must compel because of Social, Physical, or emotional livelihood compulsions. 

c. Venus is the indicator of sex, which is from pleasure and comfort. The 5th House owning Navamsa of Venus is the indicator of the cause behind child adoption. Possibility of consent less sex or use of power if there is an involvement of Mars. Also, Jupiter and Sun's participation indicates sex through consent in an authorized relationship (according to Dharma)

d. The aspect of Venus on the 5th House indicates Marriage Marriage that can be extended to a relationship with the lady.

e. Moon involvement indicates higher emotional attachment, and hence it can also indicate pregnancy before Marriage, which can culminate later into Marriage 

To conclude: Reading above narration gives a clear idea as to under what circumstances, one should go for adoption of a baby child.(why to adopt a child) First thing to verify is whether your birth chart supports adopting a child. Second since there are different options of child adoption, what type of child adoption suits you best. For further assistance, get your horoscope analysed in-depth for adoption by seeking an appointment or get a small handwritten report.

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