Conception: Best time of conceiving a child

Deciding the time of conceiving had been a very potential instrument in propagating a child of desired nature and character. In the following article, you will get to know about ancient science which is involved and proven the beneficial characteristics. 

I will first let you know the basic concept, and in the end, I will present you with a calculator where you can put the details of the couple and the approximate time of their mating. Through this, I will let you know the particular characteristics of the child, which will be born through this union.

Twelve ancient Rules of Mating

As per the ancient conducts, through sexual intimacy, you can achieve prosperity, friendship, companionship, mental maturity, longevity, physical and psychological health. It is seen that if a person performs privacy by abiding specific rules, then he is protected from disasters. A wild intimacy can lead to destruction in his life. In ancient times, the couple didn't use to sleep together every night like we see today. Their intercourse was only to make children, and they used to believe in making out on auspicious days and auspicious times, which help them in having qualified children.

Intercourse activities between husband and wife are one of the significant aspects which depict a healthy relationship—being provided by a condition that they are having a sexual relationship for the sake of love and not just for sex. Specific rules of intercourse have been availed by knowing and how it can increase pleasure.

The rules areas: 

1st Rule: There are five types of elements of air in our body. The name of these are: 

a. Wynn

b. Same

c. Apan

d. Udaan 

e. Prana

The function of one of the airs described above is to excreted fences, urine, Venus, Womb, and Mensuration Flow. Venus is considered to semen, which has an obvious relation to sexual intercourse. There is a difference in the speed of air, or it can get contaminated in any way, which raises the bladder and rectal diseases in the human body. It also affects the power of sexual intercourse. Air is a factor in controlling mensuration, reproduction, and sexual intercourse. Therefore, to keep the air pure and moving, you should keep your abdomen and depart from the toilet at the right time. 

2nd Rule: According to the author of the famous book Kamasutra, Acharya Vatsyayan has depicted that a woman must have a piece of useful knowledge about Kama sastra, as the use of this knowledge is more important for a woman than a man. It is essential for both men and women should have sound knowledge about intimacy; only then good happiness is attained. According to doctors, women should study and work in the father's house before marriage and with the permission of the husband after marriage. Vatsyayan advises that women should behave like females in bed. This maintains stability in the married life and prevents the husband from getting attracted to other women. Also, it helps in maintaining a good relationship with their wife. This makes that a woman should have knowledge of sexuality, which can help them in becoming proficient in the art of making love, and it keeps the husband tied in love. 

As per Acharya Vatsyayan, one can be a reliable person to teach the intercourse to a girl-girl from a midwife, confidant who has played together and is familiar with the male intercourse after getting married. Married woman Sakhi, our old aunt or elder sister, middle or old maid, elder sister, sister-in-law, or sister-in-law, who has enjoyed sexual intercourse. It is necessary to be clear-spoken and sweet-spoken so that he can give accurate knowledge of the work.

3rd Rule: According to the scriptures, there are some days on which the husband and wife should not establish physical relations in any form, such as Amavasya, Purnima, Chaturthi, Ashtami, Sunday, Sankranti, Samadhikaal, Shraddha Paksha, Navratri, Shravan month and Ritukaal, etc. Men and women should stay away from each other. By following this rule, happiness, peace, prosperity, and mutual love are to be maintained in the house. Otherwise, the person invites accidental events along with homemakers and loss of money.

4th Rule: The first hour of the night is an appropriate time to make out. As a result of making out in this auspicious time, the child will be religious, pious, disciplined, sacramental, loving parents, working in religion, glorious, and obedient in their instincts and prospects. He possesses a long life and fortune, and Lord Shiva blesses him. 

After the first hour of the night, demons are touring around on earth. If you are making out around this time, possibilities of a child possessing the same qualities as of demons. The reaction after the first hour of the night is also inauspicious as possibilities of running into diseases surround your body. A person may have insomnia, mental distress, fatigue, and it is also believed that fate also annoys him.

5th Rule: If one wants sons after daughters as children, then one should understand the ancient rules revealed by Maharishi Vatsyayana. According to this rule, a woman should always sleep on her husband's left side. While lying on the left side for a while, the right tone and the left hand turn on the right-side turn. In such a situation, lying on the right side of the man's right voice will start moving, and the left voice of the woman lying on the left begins moving. When this happens, then intercourse should be done. Conception occurs in this condition.

6th Rule: Sexual intercourse should be prohibited if either of you don't have a good mood or the environment is not appropriate. It should be noted that successful intercourse is done only when everything is at the right place, and your partner is in mood, and you both have mutual consent.

7th Rule: According to Ayurveda, one should not have sex during menstruation or any disease, infection. If you want to protect yourself from viruses or bacteria, then some hygiene rules should be followed before and after coitus. Do not coitus if there is any kind of wound or rash on the genitals. Retire from the toilet before coitus. Clean the genitals or take a bath after copulation. In ancient times, it was the rule to bathe before and after sex.

8th Rule: Under trees considered sacred, sex is prohibited in public places, squares, gardens, cremation grounds, slaughterhouses, hospitals, dispensaries, temples, Brahmin, Guru, and teacher's residence. If a person does this, he must suffer the consequences.

9th Rule: It is not acceptable to have a physical relationship with the other one if they are not husband and wife. An ugly, bad-tempered, rude behavior and an uncultured person is when he or she has sexual intercourse with a prostitute. It is considered a sin, and it's against nature's law. Those who are doing it will regret in the latter part of their lives. All these endless activities are being noted and watched by one sitting above.

10th Rule: The couple should never have sex during pregnancy. If mating happens during pregnancy, there is a risk of crippling and sickness for future children. Although some scriptures there is a mention of sexual intercourse for 2 or 3 months, but it's not appropriate if intercourse is not done after pregnancy.

11th Rule: The scriptures agree that auspicious time for beautiful, longevity, and healthy progeny can be attained. We should be prohibiting sexual intercourse on Gadant, Eclipse, Sunrise, and Sunset period, Nakshatra, Rikta Tithi, Diwakal, Bhadra, Parvakal, Amavasya, Shraadh day, Gand Tithi, Gand Nakshatra and 8th Moon. At the time of conception, there will be auspicious planets in the center and triangle of the spouse, sin planets in the third, sixth, eleventh houses, Mars, Guru, etc. on the lagan, have auspicious planets and have the same night before menstruation, at that time sattvic thoughtfully If the response is made by wishing for a worthy son, then definitely a noble son is achieved. At this time, the right voice of the man and the left voice of the woman should be played, and this is a very reliable solution. The reason is that when the right view of a male moves, his right scrotum excretes sperm in large quantities so that a large amount of male sperm comes out, so a son is produced.

12th Rule: Sexual intercourse is achieved in the first four days of menstruation. Girl from sexual intercourse in the fifth night, son in sixth night, bonded daughter in the seventh night, imperfect son from sexual intercourse on the eighth night, son of Aishwaryashalini in the ninth night, son best from sexual intercourse of tenth night, beautiful conduct with suspicious behavior from sexual intercourse of eleventh night Virgo, superior and virtuous son from twelfth night, the anxious girl at thirteenth night and sexual intercourse from fourteenth night gives virtue and strong son. Laxmi Swaroopa's daughter from the intercourse of the fifteenth night and the omniscient son of the child on the conception from the intercourse of the sixteenth night. The latter does not often stay pregnant.

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The time when you should prevent Mating 

Without consideration, intercourse makes life sorrowful and painful by not giving desired children. Below are some yogas: 

1. At the time of intercourse, if the combination of Saturn and Mars is in the seventh house from the Sun, then the husband and the seventh house from the Moon give complex diseases to the wife and the state of loss.

2. There is a fear of death if there is a sight of Mars, if the sin of Sun or Moon, Mars and Saturn are in the middle of life, or if Sun or Moon is visible from Mars with Saturn, or Mars is suffering loss from the Sun or Moon.

3. In the yoga given above, the sinfulness of the Sun offers sincerity to the father and the sinfulness of the Moon to the mother. When the mother of a fetus is Mars or Saturn, there is suffering like death.

4. If the 9th house or the ninth house sin is visible from Mars and Saturn in the womb horoscope at the time of sexual intercourse, then the father means that the person dies. In contrast, the relation of the fourth house or fourth house on Mars and Saturn, the mother of the fetus gets death or fear of death.

5. Rahu-Ketu should be related to the fourth or ninth house or its owners at the time of sexual intercourse, and even if there is a lack of sight of the auspicious house, know the fear of death. Reason-scholars consider Rahu as harm and Ketu as Mars.

Best Time for Mating 

Scientists believe that by looking at the state of the abode at an auspicious time, the effort made to attain children gives the best child happiness. High yogas are being given below to get promising results:

1. In the period of intercourse, you should have auspicious houses in the second, fourth, seventh, ninth, and tenth house from the ascendant or Moon of the horoscope.

2. Look at the auspicious planets from Yuti, Lagna, and Moon, and Lagna or Moon should do sin in the act and eleventh house.

3. Surya or Guru's sight, be it in the Lagnesh or the Moon.

4. The Navamshapati of the ascendant of the concept horoscope affects the shape, color form, and nature of the fetus. The Moon's Moon decides the color of the body. Once the lagan and the Moon are on the heenbali, the behavior of the unborn child is assessed from the planet's most giant planet.

5. If there is more than one planet in the horoscope at the time of sexual intercourse, then the merits and demerits of the fetus should be considered according to the worlds which are in the center, second, fifth, eighth, or eleventh house from the lagan.

6. If lagan, Moon, and guru are in the odd zodiac and odd Navamasa, then know the sum of getting a son. In contrast, the lagan, the Moon, and the guru give the best girl when they are in the same zodiac sign.

Menstrual Cycle and Childbirth 

After the menstruation, the yoga and behavior of the child from fifth to sixteenth night are obtained as follows: 

1. After menstruation, the cohabitation that occurred on the fifth night of the night gives birth to the daughter.

2. The mating of the sixth night gives birth to the best son.

3. Matching the seventh night gives a beautiful but unmarried girl with defects.

4. The intercourse of the eighth night gives birth to a son with weak infertility.

5. The intercourse of the ninth night gives exceptionally lovely and polite inside.

6. The tenth night union gives a girl with leadership qualities.

7. The night of the eleventh night gives the ugly and sick girl.

8. The twelfth-night mating provides scholars and rich sons.

9. The meeting of the thirteenth night gives fickle, unstable minds and conduct fewer girls.

10. A virtuous son gives fourteenth night cohabitation.

11. The sex of the fifteenth night gives virtuous.

12. The match of the sixteenth night is the brightest son of sharp intellect.

After you have gone through all the literature on the timing of mating, I now allow you to plan your child or know about him/her fundamental nature:

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Enter the date of mating:

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