Job Issues or No Job in Birth Chart

Job Issues

Our kundali holds not only a map of the sky at the time of our birth but also predictions for various aspects of our lives, including yogas of job issues or unemployment problems in birth chart. Not only that, but your natal chart can also be helpful in determining whether a native will be better suited for a job or a business. In this article, we will discuss the astrological combinations which are responsible for inspiring a native to move towards the former instead of the latter. 

To begin with, if a person opts to get a job, instead of setting up their business, then there are several problems they will have to deal with. These include:

1. Periods of no job

2. Anxiety to find a new job.

3. Fear of losing a job/job loss

4. Favourable timings for a job change

5. Lack of job satisfaction.

Houses responsible for Good Job 

A working professional will want to avoid all possible job issues, and thus, needs to know about the houses responsible for a good job. We have discussed the favourable yogas for business separately. If you missed it somehow, you can click here to read: Business Astrology. 

Second House

Your second house is your Dhan Bhava or House of Wealth. Therefore, it signifies receipt of money through any and all means. These include your income, i.e., salary, funds through borrowing or selling something, gains and profits, and so on. 

Sixth House

Your sixth house is also known as your House of Debt or Rina Bhav. Thus, it represents any funds you received by applying for a loan, or through repayment of a debt you were owed. It also signifies your service or work, and hence, the wealth you gain by rendering your services to someone else, i.e., through employment. 

Tenth House 

Your tenth house is your Karma Bhava, i.e., your House of Career and Profession. Your vocation and job predictions are based on your tenth house, its Lord (i.e., Dashmesh), and planets positioned in this house. This is the principal house responsible for job in horoscope and career astrology. 

Seventh House

Your seventh house is your House of Partnerships. Thus, it signifies business and reading opportunities and especially deals with firms in partnerships. 

Combinations responsible for Job – Astrologically 

If you wish to have a profession, there are certain combinations responsible for job – astrologically which need to be present in your kundali, necessarily. 

1. To begin with, your sixth house should be stronger than your seventh house in birth chart. This astrological phenomenon is the most fundamental principle which helps in career astrology. It determines whether you have yogas of a job in horoscope, or business. 

2. The number of Bindus allotted to the Ashtak Varga are also essential in job predictions. When there are more points in sixth house, as compared to seventh house, this indicates higher chances of a job in horoscope. 

3. If Dashmesh (Lord of tenth house) gets placed in Kendra Bhava or Trikona Bhava or is associated with Lagnesh (Lord of ascendant or first house), then the native will have a  job in horoscope. Moreover, they will get employed in a place and position they desire. 

4. If there is a Parivartan Yoga present between Dashmesh and Lagensh, Panchmesh (Lord of fifth house), or Navmesh (Lord of ninth house), then it is considered to be an auspicious planetary combination for a job in astrology. 

5. In the case that Dashmesh is in its exalted state, placed in its friendly house, or is aspecting tenth house, then the job predictions indicate that the native will get employed during the Major Period or Sub Period of tenth house Lord. 

6. If Dashmesh gets associated with ninth house, or Navmesh is connected with tenth house and Dashmesh through aspect or conjunction, then there are yogas of job in horoscope for the native. 

We have discussed the government job yoga in birth chart in a separate article. You can click here to read them, if you missed the writeup earlier: Government Job prediction in astrology. 

Duration of No Job in birth chart

When you know that there are yogas of job in horoscope for you, you also know that there may be a duration of no job in birth chart. The state of being jobless or delay in job may occur due to your own devices and desires. On the flip side, a job loss may transpire due to circumstances out of your hands. Many a time people settled in jobs become jobless for various reasons. This can happen due to dynamics of professionalism, and sometimes it happens all of a sudden. However, in both situations, the question that arises is, “how long will I remain jobless? What is the duration of having no job as per my birth chart? What do my future job predictions state?” 

The time for which a person will remain jobless can be determined from Major Periods of particular planets. Adverse Major Periods combined with unfavourable transits can make a person unemployed. In such circumstances, the duration of no job and delay in job can be read easily. Here are the planets and Major Periods and transits responsible for job loss in horoscope:

1. The Major Period of Venus or Saturn, irrespective of their Lordships.

2. The Major Period of a malefic planet, which aspects the sixth house or Shashtesh (Lord of sixth house). 

3. The transit of Saturn in eighth or twelfth houses from sixth house.

4. The transit of Saturn in eighth or twelfth houses from the natal Saturn.

5. The transit of Saturn in eighth or twelfth houses from sixth house in Navamsa chart.

6. The transit of Saturn in eighth or twelfth houses from sixth house in Dasamsa chart.

How long will I remain Jobless?

A good astrologer can easily tell how long you will have no job, and answer your question about, “How Long Will I Remain Jobless?” There is a simple method of calculating the transits, which applies to the Nakshatras. It gives accurate results and helps make job predictions in astrology. 

When the planets, Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter transit the Vadha and Pratyari Nakshatras from the Janma Nakshatra. Through this rule, the length of the jobless time can be calculated. 

Fear of Job Loss in birth chart

The fear of job loss in birth chart can often be greater than the act itself. There are numerous elements that give rise to this fear, some psychological, but most aided by the astrological ones. All of them can be fought with and addressed, and your natal Moon and ascendant or first house explain the effective ways to deal with this anxiety. Here are some of these essential tips:

Control Negative Ideas

Do you know that you can tell your brain to stop focusing on the negatives and instead look towards the brighter side of things? This is definitely harder than it sounds, but possible nonetheless. Box all your negative thoughts, about yourself, your capabilities, your office, and anything associated with you and your job and either throw it or put it away. Don’t let your comparison with others overwhelm or sadden you. Instead, use those pointers to improve yourself further. When you are continually thinking pessimistically about your insecurities and problems in job, it damages your attitude towards work. As a result, it affects your performance, thus, creating a domino effect leading to job loss ultimately. 

Reduce your insecurities by working hard

To get rid of your anxiety and fear of job loss, you need to reduce your vulnerabilities, which you can do by working hard. Whenever your insecurities threaten to overwhelm you, start thinking about your work instead, and devise ways to make it better. Ask yourself whether you are really delivering as per your top capabilities? Is this the best you can do and what the company employed you for? Always remember that a company would never kick a person out unless they have a valid reason. 

Work hard to secure your place, because there is no substitute to perseverance and industriousness. Find ways of improving your skills. Not only will these be helpful in safeguarding your job, but will also add to your repertoire of skills. Write down things you can do to enhance your talents and collect tips from your seniors. Also, talk to them because sometimes we can make mistakes without knowing about them. Open communication between you and high-level officials can weed these out and give you the chance to rectify them. 

Manage your financial security

Manage your finances better to ensure economic security in case your fears ever come true. Having some funds in reserve will provide you with the confidence to feel secure in yourself, which will help you shed one of the significant factors associated with the fear of job loss. Once that happens, you can slowly get rid of your anxiety as well, feeling safe in your job too. To strengthen your finances, you need to work on your income vs expenses ratio. Try to lower the latter by making a list of your expenditures and removing the ones which are whimsical and unnecessary. These may include cancelling your gym membership when you never go and instead ding activities like dancing at home to remain healthy, limiting your mobile phone bills, and so on. 

Improve your Skills/Education 

Another factor which adds to the fear of job loss in people is that they find themselves lacking in skills or education when compared to their colleagues. This will always happen because there will always be someone better educated and talented than you. But instead of losing heart at this fact, you should take it as motivation to improve yourself. Join courses (free and otherwise) to improve your capabilities, maybe get another degree in your specialisation. 

Often there are instances where people stop trying to work on themselves once they get a job, being satisfied with where they are and becoming stagnant. You should avoid this and explore new horizons, for it will improve your efficiency and open new doors of opportunities for you. As a result, you will have an ever-growing skill set which will bring you security in job. Simultaneously, being constantly busy in work and studies will keep all negative thoughts away from you. 

Start finding a new Job 

Generally, a company would not fire their employees unless they have a valid reason. However, there are also instances where petty powerplay and politics, due to poor management, can make someone feel cornered. Or you may feel unhappy and unappreciated in your job due to some other reason. Whatever the case may be, if you are suddenly starting to get the vibe that you will be forced to leave your employment, then it is time to take action yourself. Update your resume and beautify it once again. Brush up your profile and become more active on sites like LinkedIn to come across new and better opportunities. When you are quitting on your own, you will not have to face the fear of job loss, because you will do so with proper planning. 

Read motivational success stories 

Motivation is a powerful tool against your fear of job loss. If you are troubled continuously with this anxiety, take up reading motivational success stories of the people who faced such dilemmas in life. Regardless of how prosperous one may seem, you need to remember that they fought a plethora of ups and downs in their life to reach the top. Read up on their life stories, learn from their experiences, and discover how they faced the challenges that came after job loss. 

Once you can understand the root of your fear of job loss and combat it, you will find yourself to be a transformed person with more confidence and satisfaction. We will help you get to the bottom of your troubles and job issues through your kundali analysis.

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Effects of Planetary Transits on Jobs and Careers

Like all other factors in a kundali, there is an essential role of the effects of planetary transits on jobs and careers. Let us take a look at all of these:

1. Job predictions about a new vocation or task can be easily made when Lagnesh makes its transit to enter tenth house, or Dashmesh enters first house or ascendant in its transitory motion. 

2. On the flip side, if Lagnesh or Dashmesh (Lords of first or tenth houses respectively): 

a. Enter sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses during their transitory motion or, 

b. Form a conjunction with the Lords of latter houses, then it indicates an obstruction like job issues, problems in job, delay in job, job loss, and so on. 

3. During their transit, if Lagnesh and Dashmesh: 

a. get in conjunction with each other, 

b. or are placed such that one is aspecting the other, then the native is likely to land a new job at the time. 

4. In case when both the events mentioned above are false, i.e., Lagnesh and Dashemsh are neither in conjunction, nor aspecting each other, or if they enter their inimical sign during their transitory motion, then this points towards delay in job. 

5. The zodiac sign that is occupied by Dashmesh or Lord of tenth house is also essential in making job predictions. When the transit of planets including Jupiter, Lagnesh, or Dashmesh place them in fifth or ninth house from the sign, then that promises achievements in job in astrology for the native.

6. When Jupiter enters sixth, eighth, or twelfth house from where Dashmesh is placed, then it brings several challenges in professional life, including job issues, problems in job, delay in job, job loss, and so on. 

7. The next essential factor responsible for making job predictions in horoscope is the zodiac sign which contains the highest amount of benefic points in Ashtakavarga. When Lagnesh, Dashmesh, or the planet whose Major Period is ongoing transit into this sign, that promises success in job in astrology. 

8. On the flip side, there is the zodiac sign which contains the lowest amount of benefic points in Ashtakavarga. It can also be used to make job predictions. The transit of Lagnesh, Dashmesh, or the planet whose Major Period is ongoing into this sign indicates issues related to health, wealth, and profession. 

Deriving satisfaction out of a Job

Another significant aspect of making job predictions is finding ways of deriving satisfaction out of a job. A person will only be able to enjoy their position and career when it comes with the following ‘perks’ attached to it:

1. A happy working environment.

2. Fair policies and practice.

3. A caring organisation.

4. Appreciation for you and all workers, equally.

5. Impartial and decent pay.

6. Chance to stick with a job for a long time. 

7. Timely and equitable promotions. 

8. Safety and security.

9. New and adventurous challenges for the employees to handle and overcome, thereby bringing them better hands-on learning opportunities.

10. Responsibilities. 

11. Creativity in job and freedom to depict it in your task.

12. Independence to hone one’s personal interest and hobbies, or a job associated with it. 

13. Respect from Co-Workers.

14. A cordial relationship with supervisors.

15. Constant feedback is given in a positive manner to help improve yourself. 

16. Flexibility to work

17. Nature of Work.

18. The Feeling of Belonging to the company.

19. Opportunities to take up new leadership roles in the company. 

20. A warmth in the company atmosphere, making every individual there feel loved. 

Your kundali can easily indicate ways of achieving these twenty things in their entirety. As a result, not only can you seek an excellent job with the help of astrology but also find one that you will enjoy utterly. Thus, one should always go for a horoscope reading before making any major professional decisions. When you do that, then your Karma or work can help you overcome even the challenges of an ongoing adverse Major Period. 

Let astrology help you in ways that you have till now only witnessed in your dreams. Find a place where you will face no problems in job and a career which offers you all that you wish. 

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