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You are not getting promotions in Job many times become the reason for the change in Job. It is a great idea to think about a job change when you get better pay, and the present Job is stressful. The new Job offers better work when you want some unique challenges, or you are no longer passionate about the field you are working in. But understand one thing very unique: that a change in job may involve change of location & interaction with people of different nature & values. Location and place of work as it has very significant value in your work success. Hence one must be very careful before deciding on job change due to no-promotion or paypacket lower than your expectation. 

Your birth chart indicates job change, time of job change, and promotions in Job provided it (your birth chart) goes in the hands of a good astrologer. Happiness in Job, increment in satisfaction, fulfilment, and the stress level are some of the features which can be seen through a horoscope easily. 

Nothing to worry:I have some very potent astrological method to read prospects promotions or job change in your horoscope.

So, I would like you to know the possibility of job change through the job change calculator. 

Put in Date, time, and place of birth and see for yourself the possibility of a Job change in your horoscope.

Combination of the Job change, through which you can plan the next move: 

It would be best if you have planned a job change to ensure prosperity and progress. 

Rules to predict when the job change is possible

1. As per horoscope 2nd, 6th and 10th housesare known as the Artha House.

2. Definition of Artha is Meaning, Goal, and Purpose

3. 2nd House represents your possessions, things you have, or you have accumulated. The House represents family, money in the bank, and locker, it gained knowledge and goodwill. 

4. 6th House representsstrength and productivity at work. The House represents competition, routine work, doing Job, and solving problems. 6th House signifies enemies, obstacles, and some other things, but we are limiting to things related to career. 

5. 10th House represents the status and respect in the world. The 10th House is essential because everyonewants status and respect in life, and these things do not come without proper work, meaning that the 10th Households power to influence the ability and capacity to work(6th House) as well. 

6. 6th House and 10th House, influence career and ability to earn. 2nd House indicates the earning, weak 2nd House can mean difficulty in managing the money earned, and a strong 2nd house indicatesthat you are capable of saving money and managing it in away that either you do not lose it or may it grow over a certain period.

7. The strength of the Houses, based on their influence in your job and career, is 2nd house, should be weaker than the 6th House, andthe sixth house should be weaker than the 10th House. 

8. If you want to find a good job, promotion in Job, win over competitors and enjoy respect in the society, you need to haveplanetsthat signify the 6th and 10th House. 

Few more rules for change of Job:

First House in the horoscope represents you and your physical body by which you exist in the physical world. 4th House represents the end of the physical body, and the 12th House represents loss and liberation. The cycle of life goes on ifthe soul has unfulfilled desires. 

6th House is considered to be theHouse of job or your workplace. 4th House from the 6th House is 9th House and 12th from 6th House is the 5th House. 

Job Change or stress in Job can be seen through the 5th and 9th House.

If a planet is signifying these houses, then there isa possibility of losing a job in the time of such a planet. 

You must wait for the period of the planet, which signifies the House to be positive for the career (6th and the 10th House) to havea change in Job. 

If the same planet indicates 5th and 9th House and 6th and 10th House, then native can think about the change in Job

If you have such planets in your horoscope, then there are possibilities of a change in Job, and the duration of the planet indicates the houses.

There are specific points that should be noted in the horoscope if you need to evaluate the prospect of change in Job.

a. You should know the importance of the 2nd,6th, and 10th House for your career. 

b. 11th House is the House that can enhance and magnify the gain, and it reduces the pain of a house or planet which can give you in life.

c. Once the planet indicates 6th and 10th House along with 11th House, the scope of working and making money increase by many manifolds and planet can become beneficial for your career.

1. Identifying the planet which signifies the houses 6th, 10th, and 11th and the Houses, which are responsible for a 5th and 9th houses. 

2. Check when the periods of those planets will operate. 

a. Identify the planets and signifying 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, and 11th houses. 

b. Avoiding planets signifies 8th and 12th houses. 

c. Selecting favourable planet 

d. Watching the duration of the planet will operate.

With the above things in mind, here are the predictive codes in your kundli for a job change:

a. Once the Lord of the 1st House is posited on the 10th House, you will start planning for the job change

b. The Lord of the 10th and 6th House creates harmony in the 1st House, and you may consider the period for considering the job change

c. When Lord of 10th and 6th House is in conjunction, square, or opposition with Saturn, you need to look for a change in Job

d. The Lord of 10th and 6th House changes the Signin secondary progression or direction. There is a possibility of a change in Job

e. Once the second Moon replaces the Lord of 10th or 6th Houses, respectively, in the horoscope, the period is suggested the most suitable for a job change

f. Once the second Moon aspects the 10th and 6th House, chances of changing the Job are visible in the Kundli. 

g. The positioning of Jupiter in the 10th or 6th House also promotes the chances of changing the Job in your horoscope. 

h. When Jupiter becomes a strong and supporting aspect with the 10th and 6th House rules, it creates a perfect chance to switch jobs. 

i. When the Lord of 6th House enters in the 10th House in your horoscope, there is a possibility of changing the Job. 

j. Once the Lord of 10th House comes in the 6th House, it creates the same situation of the job change. 

k. If the directive Sun sits in the first or last degree of the Sign, it is said to have set for the job change.

Above stated points are some of the most accurate method which can predict the job change.

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Yogas for an Effortless Promotion

Below are some of the astrological facts by which you can get effortless or maybe sudden promotion in Job

1. If the Lord of Tenth House and Ninth House are in conjunction in the Tenth House, the Lord of Sixth house and 11th House aspect, the 10th House and the Lord of seventh House is an aspect of the Ninth House. 

2. Similar to the above point, if the Lord of the tenth house is in the ninth House, Lord of ninth House is in the Second House, the Lord of Sixth House in the Ascendant and the Lords of Houses of benefits and wealth are in conjunction in 10th House there is a possibility of receiving sudden job promotion

3. Promotion in Job is also on the cards if the Lords of Ascendant, ninth House, and tenth House are in the conjunction in eleventh or second House, and the Lord of the sixth house is in the center house. 

4. When Lord of the ninth house is aspecting the tenth House, and the Lord of second House, the sixth House and House of benefits are not aspected by any malefic planets, and if they form a conjunction with the center house, you will get promotion in Job.

5. If the Lord of Sixth House and House of benefits aspects the tenth House, Lord of tenth house is aspecting ninth, tenth or eleventh house, and the Lord of ninth House is in the tenth House, there are possibilities that you can receive a sudden change in the Job and a smooth job promotion

6. There is a possibility of promotion if the Lords of sixth and tenth House are either aspecting each other or forming a conjunction with each other, and the Lord of the Tenth House is in the House of benefit or wealth. 

7. Another Yoga for sudden promotion in Job is formed if Jupiter is in Capricorn or Aquarius sign and is aspected by Saturn, and Mars is in its own Sign and is aspected by Sun. 

8. Similarly, if the Venus is in Gemini or Virgo Sign, and Mars is in its ownsign aspected by the Sun, you may get a sudden promotion in Job.

9. If Lord of the third House or the sixth House is debilitated and aspects the Ascendant, there is a possibility of direct proportion in the Job. Similarly, when a debilitated planet in the third or sixth House aspected by Moon, there is a possibility of getting promoted. The promotion which is there on the cards once the Lord of the tenth house in conjunction with the Lord of second House and the Lord of fifth House or ninth House is positioned in the 10th House, and if the Lord of sixth House is aspects the tenth house. 

10. At last, you might receive a sudden promotion once the Lord of Ascendant, fifth House, and House of fortune are in conjunction in the tenth House, and the Lord of the tenth house is not aspected by the malefic planet.

Yogas for Promotion

Are you expecting any Promotions lately? Are you finding a possibility for a new position that can benefit you with higher payments and privileges or positions compared with old? Is it about an upward move in rank and responsibilities? 

Astrology can give you all the answers. Your birth chart has many hidden codes that are embedded in it, which can be easily analysed.

Let us discuss some Yogas which are related to your promotion

Yogas for Promotion and Demotion: -

a. You may get promotion in Job if the Lords of Sixth and Tenth house form relations with any benefic planet and ninth, tenth, and eleventh House or with their lords. 

b. But if the Lord of Sixth or tenth House is in the eighth or the twelfth House and does not form any conjunction with the benefic planet, you may face some obstacles in the job promotion.

Yogas for Government Promotion:-

It would be best if you talked about Yogas are related to a Government Promotion. 

a. You may receive a promotion once the Lord of Ascendant or benefic planet aspects tenth House, Lord of tenth house is positioned in twelfth House, and the Lord or the House of wealth. 

b. You may also receive a job promotion once the Lord of Ascendant aspecting ninth House, the Lord of House of wealth is in the sixth house and aspected by Lord of House of benefits, and the Lord of the Tenth House is in the twelfth House. 

c. There are possibilities of receiving a governed promotion once the tenth House is aspected by Lord of House of wealth or the Lords ofthe House of benefit and the sixth House. 

d. There are only chances of job promotion once the Lord of the tenth and the sixth houses are either in conjunction or aspected the Lord of House or benefits and the House of wealth. 

e. If the Lord of Tenth House is aspecting the Lord of sixth House, either in conjunction or aspect the Lord of the tenth House or tenth House of benefits and house of wealth. 

f. A promotion is in the card when Lord of sixth House or sixth House itself is related to a Yoga Karak planet. You may get promoted when a strong and an auspicious planet Jupiter aspect the Lord of tenth House.

g. At last, you may get job promotion after experiencing certain hurdles when the Lord of the Tenth House is in the Eighth House, the Lord of sixth House is debilitated, and the Lord of the Tenth House is aspecting either the sixth House of the Lord of Sixth house.

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