Parental and family-owned business as per birth chart

parental business

The main idea of writing an elaborate explanation on the success in parental/family-owned businesses is quite simple. Parental business or business in legacy does not suit all. If this were not the case, probably many old timed well-established business house would not have vanished from the business horizon. India has many such examples with the most relevant being Anil Ambani counting many more like Modis, Singhanias, Mallaya, to count like this. 

Does your horoscope supports family business?

Success in family owned business or ancestral business is not a universal factor. This is because starting a business, doing business & success in business come from different planets and houses in the birth chart. But carrying on parental/ancestral business has a totally different planetary combination. Success in parental business has clear indications in a  birth chart. I will try to explain all this separately.

The greatest fear for a businessman is "whether his legacy is carried forward by his offspring". 

Consider the following cases:

1. A son not willing to join a flourishing business started and owned by father.

2. A son is not interested in joining an ailing business of his father.

3. A father not expanding his business as he is unsure of his son's plan. 

4. Father at war with his son over the ancestral business that was passed on to him (father) by his father. 

5. Cousins are fighting over the rights of an ancestral business. 

6. Typicality's' of a HUF (Hindu undivided family).

7. Daughters are staking a claim on to the parental business or property. 

8. Court matters generated out of ancestral business or properties. 

9. Conflicts of egos. 

10. Sons are fighting over the father's business. 

Each of the above cases has hundreds of astrological combinations conveying different results. It is for a seasoned astrologer to examine those results and suggest Karma corrections if any.

Generally speaking, above are the emotional relationship issues and the inter-relationship between two individuals.

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Consider this case: 

1. A son not willing to join a flourishing business started and owned by father. 

A couple once visited me to discuss the future of their son. Their son was a well-qualified individual to have gone for higher studies abroad with a commitment to eventually return and join hands with his father in his business. 

But, he did not return. The day he got married, the apprehension that he will not come back grew stronger. The couple back here in India is devasted and at a complete loss of ideas. 

The father's business is growing and demanding business. It needs several hands and fresh brains at the top. The aging father does not know what to do. 

I solved this complex maze by correcting the inter-relationship between the Daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law. Despite having a sprawling bungalow in Delhi's posh locality, the son and his wife were allowed to live in some rented apartment near the business establishment. Although this exercise took two long years, the positive planets in the horoscope helped. 

2. A son not interested in joining an ailing business of his father:

 A well-qualified son is continuing in his average paying job, but he is not interested in joining hands with his father. Father had a dream that his business would start flourishing the day his son joins his businesses. Due to this difference of opinion, there has been a continuing uneasiness at home. The ladies of the household, too, are perplexed. 

One can handle all such issues by studying the horoscope of the son. In this case, the son's horoscope did not have a business yoga and was best suited to do a job. 

Even if he had left his job and joined his father's business, he could not have done enough. 

This reading helped in regaining the lost harmony among the family members. 

3. A father not expanding his business as he is unsure of his son's plan: 

There are such instances where there is a possibility of expanding the business, but an uninterested son pulls the ambitious father into a shell. 

I had seen many such cases, but here I would like to mention one specific case. The father was hopeless as he was sure that his son would not return from a well-paying job in America. After seeing his horoscope, I advised him to continue with the expansion and ask for his daughter or some cousin's help. 

This was done to bait his son as I had indications from his horoscope that he would sometimes be compelled to join his father. It was in 2009 when the son returned to India to join his father. The duo is doing very well since then. 

4. Father at war with his son over the ancestral business that he got from his father: 

A person had come to me with the horoscope of him and his father. The problem was that both of them were involved in an ancestral business started by his grandfather. The son had invested a good twenty years in the business and had taken nothing as salary. Some misunderstanding leads the duo to break up, and the father pushed the son out of business.

The son who had invested his life in the business had nothing else to do. 

To rectify the matters, he had gone to the court for suitable judgment. 

I had predicted a favourable outcome in favor of the son. It so happened, and this was a very infamous case in which the son won.

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5. Cousins fighting over the rights of an ancestral business: 

This is a common case uniform for old business families. Here the rule of law is simple; those having a stronger 8th house gets the most from the distribution and those who have the weaker work without many gains. 

But there are several ways to strengthen the castle of fate. If the gate is on the side of those who get less, they develop their portions, which bloom more than their counterparts. 

Many who had complained of injustice in bifurcations' of the ancestral business later rejoice as fate takes them to unprecedented heights. So, the key is to learn to make fate at your side. 

6.Typicality's' of a HUF (Hindu undivided family):

Sometimes the law favours the apparent defaulter. The one who is not so strong to understand the gravity of the legal papers repents in the end. 

But again, as explained earlier, the ultimate court rest with the Almighty. If you know the means to bring them to your side, you win eventually. 

7. Daughters staking a claim on to the parental business or property:  

There has been a surge in these cases in the last twenty years. The breed with the mindset of having two kids is now in the adult stage. Both of the offsprings have been brought up with the same care and with the same responsibilities. 

Most of the girls are not keen on letting go of her share more so when the law and rulings are on their side. 

Problems come when a female child is held bend on the diluting the place of residence or business for her claim on the stake. 

I have seen the horoscopes of a number of such cases and have given them solutions which have been very fruitful for both the parties. 

8. Court matters generated out of ancestral business or properties: 

There are instances when the entire extended family is fight over the rights of the ancestral business or properties. 

Sometimes the hierarchical tree is so big that it is beyond the control of anyone. Some have a direct interest in the business. For others, it is just a matter to play around, and some are not bothered. 

It becomes hard for those who have a direct interest in that business or property. It may be that many of their agonies come to an end if they get the share they deserve. 

As many heads are involved in these kinds of issue the simplest way to strengthen your own horoscope to get the results.

I have seen simply worshipping the Kul-Devta or the family deity doing the trick. A holistic evaluation of the horoscope also is a wonderful solution. 

9. Conflicts of egos:- Have you seen an ancestral business collapsing? I am a witness to many such tales as the persons involved visit me after all the tricks under their hat fail to give results. 

The chief problem most of the time is the conflict of egos and the element of superiority complex. This happens between the father- son, between son-son, between cousins and also due to the interference of a third person who is usually unconnected to the family.

Astrology offers sultan to such problems but only if some respite is sought when there is enough time to correct the damage. Usually people come with their grievances when much water has passed down the bridge.

10. Sons fighting over the father business: - This is again a super case which we find in most of the business families. Usually, it so happened that the sons started to fight the next day their father had died, but I have witnessed many cases in which the infightings had started even before the death of the father. 

The father confused, and be-little'd by his off spring is left with no choices but to distribute his own business to his sons. 

Those who are compelled to do so, just bring the horoscope of your kids to me. I will tell you how and when to go about it. I will also try and look at some possibility that this act does not happen at all or suggest the simplest way to gain out of this troublesome situation.

In any of the above cases, your prime duty is to go for a detailed horoscopic analysis so that you come out victorious of any of the situation. I will tell you the main factors in astrology to see success in parental business. 

For seeing success in family/parental business, one has see yoga to do parental business. Whether one will succeed in family owned business? Is there a yoga of doing parental business in my birth chart? Which houses or planets indicate success in family owned/parental business. I will now explain all these points separately.