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The need of partnership in business seems to be on the rise with increasing competition globally and limitations an individual has in terms of quality and volume of resources. This is true not only for individual business people but also for big corporate business houses. We learn about many big business partnerships in various fields every now and then. The significance of these partnerships in business has now even reached global levels. Business partnerships by Mukesh Ambani’ Reliance Industries in recent times is the best example of business growth through partnerships in business. On the other side business partnership between Aditya Birla group & Idea failed miserably. Here comes the point to review the benefits, drawbacks, risks and many other factors related to partnerships in business. Then another question is how to select business partner to fulfil the basic idea of business growth. I will explain all these factors here. I have the capability to answer both these questions for you. I will assist you to decide yourself on both these questions through a calculator for this as below. 

Benefits of Partnership in Business 

These are times of partnerships, collaborations, and expansions. But many times, these partnerships end up in dilution and eventual loss.

There are many advantages to great partnerships:

1. The two heads are better

2. Your business is very easy to establish, and start-up costs are low

3. More capital is available for the business

4. You’ll have the higher lending capacity

5. High-caliber employees can be made partners

there is an opportunity for income splitting, an advantage of particular importance due to resultant tax savings there is limited external regulation.***

To decide whether one should go for partnership in business and if yes, how to select a right business partner. There are two categories of factors that one needs answer to decide on this subject. One is the essential qualities & traits person (s) entering into partnership should have. And second to verify these qualities from the birth chart of two parties intending to form business partnership. I will explain both these categories in detail separately as below: 

Risks in Partnership in Business

1. Evaluating the risk as these are a definite disadvantage of a Business Partner are:

2. The liability of a Business partner for the debts of the business is unlimited

3. Each one in the partnership business is "jointly and severally" or liable for the partnership's debts; each business partner is responsible for the share of partnership debt as well as being accountable for the debts.

4. A risk of disagreement and friction among partners and the management

5. In a partnership business, each partner is an agent of the company and are liable for actions by another partner

6. If partners join or leave, you will probably have to value the partnership assets and can be costly.

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Business Partnership compatibility factors

Compatibility by name itself signifies suitability, complementing and supplementing each other so is compatibility factor in business partnership.   Few hints will make a partnership run. We provide you a great tool in astrology through which you check business partnership compatibility as per astrology:

1. You need to share some values.

You need not write the first word of your business plan until you know that you and your business partner have the same dreams, goals, and vision of the new business. The two-business partner must share the same values, goals, and work ethics if you need to have a business to succeed.

 2. Choosing a partner with the same skills.

When in your partnership business has different strong points, you must double the power of your initiated business team. For instance, a tech expert who wants to start an Internet business would do good to find a partner with marketing skills. Both business partners can focus on doing what you both have a passion for or are good at.

3. Have a track record together.

A partnership business that is succeeding as a business partner does not require to have a run a company together before. It requires a more excellent track record of going with a similar challenge together successfully. You should look for a partner you have handled conflict with, achieved with the common goals with and survived through tough times within the past.

4. Clearly define each partner’s role and responsibilities.

Informal organization where the business partner does what is needed now, which can work in the first stage of business, not in the long term. When defining each parent's job title and duties, which helps in eliminating disagreement by giving each business partner control of his or her domain, employees and the customers also give benefit from knowing to which partner handles which aspects of the business.

5. Selecting the right business structure.

You need to organize a partnership as a partnership business, a limited connection, or a limited liability of a corporation. Each form of marketing  a business partner has its advantage and disadvantage in terms of responsibility, which has taxes and continuity. It can make you understand which one you need to go to.

6. Put it in writing.

If you are planning to start a partnership business with a close friend of yours, there is a need to draft a legal document regarding the business structure. It should include both business partner capital contribution to your business. Who will be the decision-maker, and how would they resolve the disputes in the industry, and how will the partnership firm dissolve or if one business partner leaves the firm? Working upon all things that go wrong and how you both can handle the firm. It’s hugely more comfortable to deal with difficulties that arise.

7. Be honest with each other.

Mitigating your right feeling as you don't want to hurt business, the partner will cause some more problems if one is eliminated. Instead of your partnership business to work, both must feel healthy and openly sharing the opinions and contending disagreements that arise. Comprehension of your concern under the carpet leads to bitterness and annoyance, which can destroy partnership and business.

It can be a big issue to discuss, especially when you are excited about the start-up which can't wait to start. But once you take the time to start the foundation for lasting Partnership Business, the new business will never get off the ground.

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Reasons for partnership business failures

There are some common reasons for the failure in a Partnership Business. These are as follows:

1) Creation of misunderstanding with the partners.

2) A Fraud behaviour of the business partner.

3) Lack of transparency between the partners.

4) Lesser of bonding in the partnership business.

5) Absence of communication skills in the partners

6) Having any base fewer arguments.

7) Development a feeling of "I" in the partners

8) Designing own ideas business by any of the partners.

9) Hidden agenda of having the partnership business.

10) Imbalance in the hard work for the company.

11) Absence of compatibility yoga in partnership business.

Now let us proceed to read further as to how do we check & verify all these factors astrologically.

Planets for Partnership Business/ Indications of Partnership Business in birth chart

In the above narration, we have read about benefits, drawbacks and risks of partnership business. We have also read about essential qualities and traits, the person going for partnership & prospective partner should have.  Now let us understand how astrology helps you deciding on business partnership matters and selection of a right partner. There are clear indications & planetary combinations to decide success in partnership in business. These  indications in horoscope help you choosing right partner in business.

For this astrologer should see the Ascendant's birth chart indicating a business. Astrologer should see the planetary combination of the partnership business is there or not. The answer to all these questions is that we should look for inter connection among the Ascendant's 3rd, 7th, 10th, and 11th House. The 3rd, 10th, and 11th Houses and lords indicate only the business. But if 7th House or its Lord is connected with the business house and its Lord, then the person will do the partnership with some another person. The connection of all these houses also needs to be seen with planet Mercury for the partnership business.

The intrinsic relationship between the 7th and the 10th House with the ascendant, the 2nd, 3rd, and the 11th houses shows great success in partnership business. Standard placement of ascendant Lord and the Lord of 7th House and both the business partners should not be in 6/8th or 2/12 position concerning each other.

The Lord of the constellation in which ascendant Lord and the Lord of 7th House, which should not be placed at 2/12 or 6/8 position concerning each other.

In this case, if there is any connection between the 7th House or the 12th House in the horoscope, then there is a possibility of loss in partnership business.

A connection between the 7th and the 6th House in the horoscope, then there is a possibility of an issue or conflics in business partners. 

We need to draw attention to the position of malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Sun, and Rahu in the birth chart. Any planets like Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury must be free from the negative influence of Saturn, Mars, Sun, and Rahu- Ketu. If planet Mercury is afflicted due to Rahu, Mars, or Saturn, then Ascendant will face problems in the partnership business.

Timing for selection of Business Partner astrologically

For doing anything for auspicious results, time plays a very crucial role. Same way, accurately selecting time for business partnership is inevitable. The period and the sub-period system in astrology can provide the best timing for business partnership. This has to be seen from the horoscopes of both person going for partnership and the prospective partner. In case the entities involved are other than individuals ( means Corporate/Public undertakings etc), there are refined tools to review this. But in all such cases, astrologer should see prefect planetary combination between 2nd, 7th, 10th, and the 11th House. Once we find the placement of planets in these houses is favourable, one should be sure that the partnership will be  a cherishable one. This will have your relations with partners also smooth and long lasting.  

Moon sign compatibility in the Business Partnership

The relation of Moon Sign is the most crucial point for success in the partnership business. The Moon sign of partners fall under the adverse symptoms and are placed at 6/8 or 2/12 as the position concerning the other in horoscope, and this combination expects the partnershipbusiness. The Moon sign compatibility is necessary for all the partnership in work.

A question may arise " how your relationship with a business partner?" According to astrology, the friendship between the ascendant lords and the Lord of 7th House in the birth charts of Business partners indicate a great relationship. If there is a link between 7th House and Mercury with the 6th House, show issues in the partnership business. 

To conclude: When it comes to starting a business, many questions arise: The first question that arises in mind is, should I do business? What is the partnership? Can I go for a partnership business? 

Same way when we are running a partnership business, there are different types of questions that arise in mind, e.g., is partnership business good for me? What happens if a partner wants to leave the partnership? What should I need to consider when choosing a business partner? How do I know if I have a bad business partner? And many more.

Only one person can help you answer these questions who has the perfect knowledge of reading the birth chart and advise you regarding partnership business yoga and success in business from partnership  in your horoscope. I have already mentioned replies to all these questions regarding business standards and partnership business in the above article.

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