Timing of Business Expansion/Growth as per Birth Chart

business expansion

Most business people often worry about the timing of business growth as per birth chart occasionally. Doing business and expanding it are two different things, and astrology defines separate sets of rules for them both. People doing very good in their business may suddenly lose money while attempting an expansion. There are also cases where one starts a new venture, and due to it, their parent business takes a beating, and eventually, everything closes. The essential thing to check here is the timings of business expansion/growth from your birth chart. For this, we also have to see the position of planetary combinations, which help in business growth and expansion. However, you need not trouble yourself with these things. We are here to help you out. 

While taking a decision for business expansion in birth chart, one should know the following first:

1. Is it the right time for company growth strategy as per birth chart? 

2. Which planets help in business growth/expansion, and are they in your favour?

3. Are there indications of business growth in birth chart, as compared to where you are today?

4. Is the business expansion in birth chart about your parent enterprise, or is it about something new altogether?

5. Is the ‘Dhan Yoga’ or the Laxmi Yoga functional at the time of business growth in birth chart? 

It is always best to understand the mechanics of your kundali and astrology for business growth before going for expansion. When all precautions are not taken, a sufficient amount of money, reputation, and time could go down the drain in your endeavours. ***

Tips for Business Expansion and astrology

Let us discuss some fundamental tips for business expansion and astrology. What are the primary factors responsible for business expansion in birth chart, and how can astrology give me right time to expand business. 

Assess Your Key Performance Indicators

When you assess your key performance indicators, it helps you determine whether your business is ready for an expansion or not. These indices define whether you are meeting your financial commitments or not. With this knowledge by your side, you can determine if the profit you are making is enough to survive. 

Cash Flow

Your cash flow is another factor essential to know about before you take the steps for business expansion. An endeavour like this tends to be very expensive, and therefore, you need to be sure that you will be able to bear the charges, as well as maintain your profit margin to survive. There are a myriad of means through which you can manage your cash flow and fund your expansion. These include getting investors for additional cash or ploughing into your own profits. However, whichever step you may choose, ensure that you take small steps, and avoid the risk of overstretching yourself. If you don't doing something like this, you may find yourself lacking the necessary cash flow in the middle of your business expansion. 

Evaluate Your Requirements

Before you can begin your expansion in actuality, you need to assess your needs carefully first. Here, you need to come up with an efficient plan of action. This design needs to include how and what sections you wish to expand first, how the entire process will take shape, and what you want to achieve from this. In addition to this, you also need to define a time limit for yourself; otherwise, you may find yourself spending far more and for longer than you should.


Logistics are another essential factor you need to check before taking the necessary steps towards business expansion. When you expand your enterprise, you are obviously expecting growth with it. However, sometimes this growth can raise particular logistics issues. For example, if you’re making more sales, then you will need to have warehousing and shipping available that can accommodate this improved growth.

Prepare for Additional Staff

With your business expanding, you need to prepare for additional staff as well. This includes prepping in advance, not only for hiring new people, but also for providing their salaries, and other amenities, as per your company norms. 

Do your Market Research

Before you take the necessary steps for business expansion, you should always do your market research first. You may have the funds required to grow your enterprise; however, the market should also have the requirements you wish to fulfil. Hence, research and ensure that there are enough customers to warrant an expansion.

Marketing Adaptations

Marketing adaptations is the step that comes right after or during your business expansion. Now that your enterprise has grown to include several new aspects, or is stepping into a new region or field, you will need to adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. Post business growth, you will not only need to lure in new customers but also make the recent changes appealing to your old ones. For example, if you’ve decided to expand your horizons into the international markets, then you need to see where your customers are, and how you can reach them. 

All of the features of business expansion in horoscope discussed above relate to the positioning of Saturn, tenth house, and its Lord, i.e., Dashmesh.

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Which Planets Help In Business Growth/Expansion? 

Let us try to discover which planets help in business growth/expansion, and play a significant role during business expansion in horoscope:

The role of Saturn

Astrology lovers are often unaware of the positive facets of Saturn. Shani Dev plays an essential role in taking a person from the rock bottom to the top. The favourable placements of yoga karaka Saturn give a person prosperous and prestigious life. 

Saturn is a Worker among the Navagrahas. It is the Lord of zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius, remains exalted in Saturn, and is found in a debilitated state in Aries. Aquarius is a Moon Trikona Sign for the planet, i.e., this is the sign where it offers results most quickly. 

Shani Dev also plays an essential role in the pace, comprehension, status, and progress of your enterprise. Hence, it is significant in astrology for business expansion. In-depth analysis of Saturn, its nakshatra in natal chart, Navamsa chart, and zodiac signs, etc. help define the direction of the firm and business growth in birth chart. 

When trying to examine prospects of business expansion in birth chart, one must necessarily study the placement of Saturn in the kundali, as described above. 

Role of Sun and Moon in expansion

Sun and Moon play the significant roles of the King and the Queen in the process of business expansion in birth chart. On examining their placement in natal chart, one can understand better about the nature, optimisation, and future prospects of growth of the enterprise. 

Role of Mercury in expansion

Mercury is also essential in the astrology of business expansion. The planet signifies research, contemplation, knowledge, science, intellectual sharpness, memory, and so on. All these play significant roles in easing the process of business growth in birth chart, and the native does not face any losses.

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When can an Expansion be Fruitful? 

We wish to know about yogas of business growth in birth chart, and when can an expansion be fruitful. Let us discover how we can understand this with the help of our kundali. 

In natal chart of Kalpurush Kundli, Saturn is the Lord of tenth house, and eleventh house is the one which signifies enterprise, income, and business expansion in birth chart. Sun, Moon, Mars, and Ketu are inimical planets of Saturn. Of the rest of the Navagraha, Mercury and Venus are its friends, while it usually offers favourable results in the signs of Jupiter as well. 

Hence, if Shani gets associated with any of its enemies, then it will offer negative consequences to the natives. Opting for business growth during such a major period or transit will also provide adverse results for the same. On the flip side, if Saturn is related to Venus or Mercury, then it brings an increase in the positive and negative outcomes of their associated houses. Hence, the fate of business growth as per birth chart will be favourable. 

Rare but simple method to gauge Success in Expansion 

Let us discuss some of the rare but simple methods to gauge success in expansion. If you have some knowledge of Astrology, then you will be able to discern where Saturn is positioned in your kundali, put it in your ascendant, and discover information and predictions for your enterprise. In addition to that, the planet can also help you know whether the present duration is favourable for your firm or not. The chart formed in this manner is known as Shani Kundali or Saturn Chart. 

Examining this Shani Kundali makes knowing about the fate of business expansion easier. Thus, if you wish to grow your organisation, want to add to it, and that may require a lot of funds, then you need to read your natal chart by assuming the house where Saturn is positioned to be ascendant. After that, we determine the fate of business expansion by reading the Shani Kundali, also taking the major period and sub periods into account. This helps us better in determining the future, as well as know about any possible losses you may face in a particular direction. We will base our advice on these predictions and make suggestions for your business expansion in birth chart in the regions where you will face minimal losses and better profits. 

Role of Navamsa and Dasamsa in expansion

When trying to determine the fate of business expansion, it is necessary to examine the Navamsa Kundali and Dasamsa Kundali along with Shani Kundali in natal chart. If we neglect the Navamsa Chakra (Cycle) and Dasama Chakra, then we will likely miscalculate the impending challenges. This will further create mistakes and problems in making the predictions. 

When Dr Vinay Bajrangi examines your kundali to determine the fate of your business growth, he will be studying your natal chart, Shani Kundali, Navamsa chart, Dasamsa chart, and the Shastiamsa chart (D-60), together. He will then make predictions according to their combined reading. 

Way to read the chart for Business Expansion

If you wish to get the answer to your question about “what will be the fate of my business growth as per my birth chart,” the way to read the chart for business expansion will be as follows. We need to understand the responsible house for business growth, as well as which planets help in business growth/expansion. 

Tenth House

Let us discuss below which planets help in business growth/expansion, that are associated with tenth house, as well as other factors:

a. Planets occupying tenth house, 

b. Dashmesh (Lord of tenth house), 

c. Navamsa house of which Dashmesh is Lord, 

d. Planets aspecting tenth house, 

e. Those aspecting Dashmesh, 

f. The ones in conjunction with tenth house Lord, 

g. Strength or weakness of tenth house and Dashmesh,

h. Strength or weakness of planets posited in tenth house,

i. Houses under Lordship of planets posited in tenth house 

Here, the thing worth noting is that we examine all of the above, along with ongoing major periods and transits, and make predictions about whether you should go forward with your business expansion or not, based on their readings together. 

Second House 

Second house is also analysed in a similar way, as given above because it signifies your wealth and its accumulation. Hence, it also helps you understand whether your income will grow or not if you will gain profits from your business expansion, and so on. 

First House 

First house in birth chart is examined to determine the nature of a native and their inclination towards business. Let us discuss below which planets help in business growth/expansion, that are associated with and influencing first house, as well as other factors:

a. Those which are placed in first house,

b. Lagnesh (Lord of first house or ascendant), 

c. Navamsa house of which Lagnesh is Lord,

d. Where Lagnesh is placed in Navamsa chart, 

e. Planets positioned in ascendant have Lordship over which houses, and 

f. Those placed in ascendant signify which businesses and business expansions.

g. If your first house points towards your business expansion, then we will surely suggest you to move forward in the direction. 

Moon Chart

Your moon chart defines your mental inclination towards the intensity of your business expansion. Therefore, examining it is also necessary. 

Atmakaraka Planet 

The placement of Atmakaraka Planet indicates the fate of your business expansion. Therefore, it should also be examined in a manner similar to the one described above. 


One also needs to understand the significance of Saturn, along with all the factors mentioned above. The placement of Shani needs to be examined to determine “what will be the fate of my business growth as per my birth chart?” Will you be allowed to grow your enterprise at the time you want will depend on this planet. This is so because, in Kalpurush Kundali, Saturn is the Lord of tenth and eleventh houses, i.e., Dashmesh and Ekadashesh. Due to being Lord of tenth house, it holds significant power over business expansion and business growth in birth chart. Simultaneously, due to being Ekdashesh, it determines whether one will gain profits through their business expansion in birth chart or not. 

In addition to all these, examining Dasama Chakra and Shastiamsa Chakra is also essential as they help predict your chances of success of your business growth strategy as per birth chart. 

We have explained a majority of how astrology for business growth works, as well as answer your questions about, “can astrology give me right time to expand business”. However, it is also true that each kundali is different, and hence, it is better to opt for a personalised reading before making any major decisions. 

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