Can Two People Of the Same Sign Marry Each Other?

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

When two persons of the same sign/nakshatra marry, they find that their plus points and minus points are amplified simultaneously. You will share the same energy level, needs intrinsic qualities, and similar worldviews that are byproducts of your past and present experiences. They seem to have this intrinsic ability to support each other unconditionally as they think alike. Same Sign/nakshatra couple eminently match in temperament.

Let us also think of love marriage or arranged marriage here. In the case of a love marriage, the couple thinks alike in all aspects and has an equal share in problems and happiness in life. But they are more open to working towards a solution rather than precipitating the problem by arguing endlessly. Also, in the case of a love marriage, the couple would probably share the same Sign, or one person’s ascendant will be the other person’s Sign. Hence wavelengths would match.

What is Zodiac Sign Compatibility?

Zodiac sign compatibility is the edifice on which the stately structure of marriage or a relationship is built. People marry out of so many reasons, be it haste, well thought out deliberation, or with a purpose. Perfectly compatible marriages hardly find any strife or differences, whereas disagreements and discord can tear a relationship apart. Probably they belonged to the opposite zodiacal sign. What about people of the same zodiac? Let us discuss this here.

They have love compatibility.

Are there tools to check the zodiac love compatibility?

Yes. You can consider checking the Zodiac love compatibility tool, a wonderful tool that can tell you if your prospective match suits you in every way. One more tool called the love compatibility check will help you see how well you connect with your partner.

Each element and zodiac sign has its weaknesses and strengths. It is the same case with the same Sign/nakshatra couples. It just decides how compatible the couple is, overall.

However, like any good thing in life, this too comes with its own snags along the way. Let us discuss the issues.

Do the same star couple have Nadi dosha?

Sometimes you can say that a boy and a girl at birth have the same Sign, but different Nakshatra can contemplate marriage because they do not have Nadi dosha. But all aspects, including Shadashtaka yoga, an affinity between Sign and Lagna lords, Gana Maitri, raja yogas, and other yogas, longevity, divorce yoga, should be investigated in the horoscope. In any case, one should take horoscope matching as a last resort for checking compatibility and then go ahead with further plans. Marriage predictions can be made only after thorough kundli matching.

What if the couple is running a bad gochar period together?

Another problem per marriage astrology is those good periods would bring double happiness in the marriage of the same Sign couple, and bad periods would be equally bad for a couple running a bad gochar period together. Gochar would be the same for both of them, but dashabhukti would be different as per the chart. For instance, the spouses are going through ashtama Shani in gochar, and the dasha for both is also bad. The wife or husband’s chart also does not indicate longevity yoga. Then, it will surely be fatal for one of them in the gochar period.

On the contrary, if the wife’s chart has longevity yoga for husband and running a good dasha, with other benefic influences in her horoscope, her husband’s life would not be endangered in the ashtama Shani gochar period. He may be just hospitalized and recover soon after that. So, while comparing the charts of the same Sign couple, we need to ensure that at least one of the couple’s charts is replete with good yogas and is good in all ways. The dashabhukti can have an altering effect on the gochar too.

Do stars play a role in Marriage Matching?

The same problems occur even in the same nakshatra marriages. The couple should be under a different star or different division within the same star to marry. Upon counting, the boy’s birth star must be positioned behind the girl’s birth star. Ashwini boy can marry a Bharani girl, but vice versa is not possible as her star arrives before the boy’s star. Boy with Ashwini 1 division can marry a girl with Ashwini 4th division. But it can’t be vice versa; secondly, same-star marriage does not augur well for the couple. The couple born under Rohini star, for example, cannot marry even if the boy’s star division comes before the girl’s star division.

There is another theorem like Nakshatra Matching that can be used for making marriage predictions. It says that Rohini, Arudra, Magha, Hastha, Visaka, Sravana, Uttrabhadrashada, Revathi stars are excellent if you consider marrying within the same Nakshatra. (Purvaphulguni), Ashwini, Kritrika, Mirgasira, Punarvasu, Pusa, Uttraphulguni, Chitra, Anuradha, Uttarshada do moderately well. Bharani, Ashlesha, Swathi, Jyeshta, Mula, Dhanshta, Sadabishak, Purvabhadrapada stars do not vibe well at all in a relationship of the same sign. Hence stars play a role in Horoscope matching for couple.  

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