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Please be informed that if the position of the Moon in an individual’s horoscope is in Cancer sign, then he or she is a Moon sign native. Let’s see what Dr. Vinay Bajrangi,  says about the effect of the transiting planets on Cancer Moon sign in 2018.

 Cancer Moon Sign Natives (1st January 2018 to 23rd March 2018)

 Cancer horoscope January 2018 is dull.During this period, Ketu will pass through your 7th house from the Moon, indicating that sufferings are more.

Pay greater attention to your health, as you are likely to suffer from a disease, especially pertaining to Gastroenterology (stomach). If you are afflicted with such a problem, it might take longer than usual to heal. You feel tiresome and mentally sick because of which there is a lackluster performance in your work. The health of your parents is also a matter of concern.

As for expenditure, you need to be meticulous, as you tend to spend your cash on useless heads, indicates the transiting position of Rahu. At any cost, avoid taking a loan or borrowing money from anyone during this period. If you are an agriculturist, you need to be vigilant about the crops, since there is a possible theft.

It is imperative that you maintain a proper code of conduct and avoid any conflicts with people, especially with your spouse. Maintain an amicable relationship with your relatives, as there is an indication that you might develop enmity with someone. Also, don’t get involved in any litigation. Take care that your reputation doesn’t get spoiled.Someone might possibly try to humiliate you. Don’t get indulged in suspicious activities such as black magic. Cancer horoscope 2018 monthly is not constant all the time. Some Cancerians will see progress, at once, in business and financial state.

According to Dr. VinayBajrangi, Cancer horoscope 2018 sign needs assessment of the past life and its effect on the present one. After Karma Correction, an approach that he takes in solving problems, you will feel greatly relieved. This solution can make cancer horoscope 2019 all the better.

Cancer Moon Sign Natives (23rd March 2018 to 11th October 2018)

During this period, planet Jupiter will pass through your 4th house from the Moon, indicating that you will fall in a sea of worries. You will go through a lot of hardships at work, and the promotion that you are expecting is likely to get delayed. Don’t get involved in any litigation or property related matters. It is better to avoid making new friends during this period, as you’ll suddenly end up unfriending them. Also, with existing friends, maintain a cordial relationship. This period indicates that you will be visiting a grieving family. Take steps in order to do away with unnecessary expenditure.

A long journey is on the cards. Take good care of your and your mother’s health. Also, it is better that you avoid playing with pets and going on motor journeys, during this phase, as accidents are likely. Maintain a smooth relationship with your family members in order to avoid any frustration. Also, you are likely to encounter humiliation and mental anguish. Panditji strongly recommends that you have the Karma Correction.

Cancer Moon Sign Natives (12th October 2018 to 31st December 2018) 

The transiting Saturn passes through your 6th house from Natal Moon, indicating monetary benefit. The cash flow is will be smooth during this period. This will help you clear all your bills, dues, and, more importantly, the loan you had taken long ago. Subsequently, you might buy a property – a land or home. The transiting Jupiter also starts giving benefits. The result of all endeavors will be fruitful.

This time, you’ll be winning over your enemies. Your personal, as well as professional life, is appreciable. Not to mention, you are in good health. There will be peace at home. You will socialize with a lot of people, and in the process, will get the benefit. There is support from elderly people in your family. Some of your friends will be co-operative too.

Cancer horoscope 2018 love is promising. But, there are too many emotions in Cancer is an love life 2018. If you are married, you will enjoy a jovial, sensuous relationship with your spouse. You might welcome a new member in your family. If you are in love, you’ll go through full of emotions. If single, you’ll meet your perfect match.

 You will show a lot of devotion to work, during this time. You will execute your plans successfully. Your efforts will not go in vain. Also, you can expect a lot of opportunities and gains in business. All in all, this period is full of happiness and joy.

You can also read the forecast for the year 2018 for Natives.

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Sanjeev December 17, 2017 at 5:44 pm

Sir me being cancer native look quite convinced reg your prediction on health as I have started feeling about it. Can we have some precautions to handle it. Your worthy advice on this social site can help many of my zodiac sign Regards

    vinaybajrangi December 17, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    For specific remedial measures, I will have to look at the horoscope, for which I need your date, time and place of birth.

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