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Let’s understand the astrological significance of it. On this day the astrology planet Sun is in the Libra sign and Swati Nakshatra. Whereas because of a new Moon (Amavasya) the Astro Planet Moon is also in conjunction to Sun in the Libra sign, and the Astro position of these two planets is such that by worshiping Maha Lakshmi, we get materialistic upliftments

If you are a follower of astrology, then you would know that Sun is debilitated in the Libra sign. The lordship of which belongs to Venus. In the Kaal purush, Kundali Venus is the lord of 2nd and 7th houses. And this Venus incites all the human beings to go for worldly pursuits. This happens because the Atmakaraka Sun along with the lord of mind (lord of 4th house) is placed in the 7th house. Now, this is a beautiful Yoga in which the lord of Kendra and the lord off Trikona unite themselves. In the Kendra forming Lakshmi Yoga and the debilitated Sun also makes Vipreet Raj yoga which boosts the health of the native also.  And therefore in the new Moon’s day in the Kartik month, Maa Lakshmi is worshiped for wealth and ailment free life.

Why is Lord Ganesh worshiped along with Maa Lakshmi

It has been written all over in the Puranas and also it is widely believed that Lord Ganesha through his various forms defeated many demons and intern protected the Gods. And for this sole purpose the Gods granted him the boon to remain ailment free, always victories and nonperishable, With Vakrtunda form he defeated Mtsyasura and protected the God. With his Ekdanta form, he defeated Madsasur, the son of Maharishi  Chyavan.  Mahodar defeated Mohasura.  Lambodar form defeated Krodhasura. His Gajanana roop defeated Lobhasura, Vighnaraja roop defeated Mamtasura. And through all these victories, he saved the Gods from the hands of the demons. And therefore we worship Lord Ganesha along with Maa Lakshmi. So that while Ma Lakshmi blesses us with wealth lord, Ganesha protected us from all the problems that we could encounter in our life.

Please make sure to place to Lord Ganesha on the left side of Maa Lakshmi.

Why Do We Lit Lamps on Diwali –

As per Puranas, the rituals to lit lamps on Diwali is what Hindus are doing from centuries. It is worth knowing, what are the reasons for this. There are many reasons to lit these lamps. Foremost & most noteworthy is that on this day Bhagwan Rama returned to Ayodhya after fourteen year’s Exile.  And that too after defeating Ravana. Therefore the people of Ayodhya welcomed him by lilting the lamps, and we all celebrate this day till today.

The Second reasons are that everyone wants to welcome Maa Lakshmi to their house on this day. Therefore the lamps are lit to show her the path to be followed to their home. Furthermore, people worship her so that she remains in that household for the entire life.

The night of Diwali is new Moon night. And many may not know that as per Purana, there is another significance related to Pitra, the dead forefathers.  And this is to lit the lamps in their remembrance so that they do not deviate from or misjudge the right path, wherever they are.

The timing for Diwali pooja (Rituals)

The schedule to perform the Diwali Ritual or Poojan is as follows –

For Shopkeepers – 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Industries –              3:30pm to 5:30pm

Godowns –                3:30pm to 5:30pm

Office       –                 2:00pm to 4:30 pm

Home       –                6:00pm to 8:30pm

Suggest people adhere to these timings.

Guidance to perform Diwali Pooja

One must clean the room with fresh water; preferably mix GangaJal & gaumutra (Cow’s urine) before starting this Pooja ritual.  Those who will be performing the ritual of Deepavali should all take a bath and put on the clean clothes.  It is always preferred to sit and face the north or eastern direction, and the Asana should be woolen or of cotton.  As a rule of costmary, every Diwali new photos of Laxmi & Ganesh should be placed at pooja place and to remain there till next Diwali. Once again Ganesh Ji should be seated on the left side of Lakshmi Ji. We should organize the following items for Diwali Poojan & should be placed alongside the Idols.

Special items for rituals

Gangajal in some container. The Dhoop, Agarbatti, cotton sticks dipped in ghee , Kapoor(camphor)  , some Chandan in a small bowl , small quantity of full rice grain , dry fruits,  Panchamrit ( consisting of Honey, Tusli, Ganga Jal, Curd & dry fruits)  few suparies , flowers,  garlands, cow’s milk , a bit of curd , honey , moil, roil, sindoor(oak) , scent ( presume), fresh grass, sweets for Prasad , some fruits , some money and the lamps ( clay lamps ) for decoration outside the house.

All these items are to be freshened up with GangaJal with the aid of fresh grass (dub) and some mantras.  One should also blow Shank before starting the Poojan. Then we should begin with the pooja of Lord Ganesha then the worship of Navgrahas should be carried out. Business people should also include & put the essentials used in the business like a pen, cash book, weighing machine, etc along with a Kuber Yantra. In the end, the pooja of Maha Lakshmi is carried out. After the completion of the pooja, the younger’s in the family should take the blessing from their elders & distribute Prasad among the family members. Then the lamps are ignited and are placed outside for decoration & as an invitation for Maa Lakshmi to come & stay at our place. One should always keep the doors & Windows at least until Midnight.

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