What Happens if My 11th House is Strong

11th house

The eleventh house in Kundli means a lot of things. Usually, a person’s horoscope may show all the benefic influences and wealth in plenty, but in reality, he would be not so well off.  The eleventh household the secret to this. It decides to what extent the will of God is going to materialize for this lifetime. The eleventh house is most commonly called “House of Labha,” and “Kama and siddhi House” stands for all the hopes and desires and their realization, and general recognition and rewards for merits and enterprise. It also reveals how far your cherished goals in this life are destined to be met. In other words, it reveals your Praapti.

It is ruled by the sign Aquarius, the 11th sign in the zodiac and closely associated with Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius.

The eleventh house gives wings to your aspirations, your professional gains, and your academic efforts. Your chances of winning elections and litigation are enhanced manifold due to an excellent 11th house.  It also represents winning hunches, health pictures, and literary efforts.  From a detailed investigation of the 11th house, we can find clues to accomplishments, friends circle, personality attributes, and elder brother.  

What are the effects of the eleventh house on the native? 

The results of the eleventh house on the native are varied and manifold. You could depend on the 11th house for the realization of wishes, acquisition of wealth, gains from enterprise, additional sources of income, the extent of your luck and influence, the characteristics of paternal uncle and brother-in-law, kinks of personality (if afflicted), religious inclination, creativity in arts, worship, your approach towards elderly people, the wealth of knowledge acquired, advanced intelligence, acquisition of jewelry, mother’s longevity, and the health of left ear and knee. 

With a fortified 11th house, you can be assured of prosperity, quick progress in undertakings, benevolent partners, and friends that stick together through thick and thin. 

From the study of the 11th house in kundli, you can investigate your emotional attachments and find out if this relationship is serious enough to lead towards marriage. The eleventh house decides if you will be a man/woman of influence and affluence in society. The 11th house would decide your luck concerning reform and unconventional activities. Physically, it represents the left ear, right foot, left hand, and two shanks. The presence of Shubhakartari yoga due to this house confers many encouraging results on the native. 

If you wish to have obedient children, who hang on to every word you say, look no farther than the 11th house. Your children are your genuine contribution to society and the best form of investment whose benefits would be multiplying with time.  A supportive circle is an any-day must for anyone, and you can look up to the 11th house to provide you with just this. Apart from that, children astrology can help you to have obedient children.

This house of karma is double faceted while dispensing rewards for the deeds of the native. Bad karma begets the reward/result that it deserves, and good karma ensures the wellbeing of the native during that period. 

The rewards thus dispensed should be understood as an outcome that rewards the native’s efforts. Sometimes, you see some highly stoical people losing their marbles instantly and behaving unbecomingly.  Their peace is obviously disrupted due to an afflicted eleventh house. Sometimes, these natives come across as a hidden repository of occult knowledge.  Would you like to know how ill-fated or lucky you are concerning your would-be daughter-in-law? Just refer to the eleventh house. Children from reputed lineage are seen to have a well-fortified eleventh house. It saves you from the caprices of enemies, brings an end to losses of all kinds and health disturbances.

More fascinating is its effect on your mother’s final journey, including her rebirth. It also reflects on the spiritual proclivities of your mother and the egotistical tendencies of your father.  A detailed examination of the eleventh house would reflect the kind of professional network of which you are apart, and the process of Karma correction by an able astrologer can help you to get out from the issues you are facing right now.

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