How Wealth and Fortune Change After Marriage

How Wealth and Fortune Change After Marriage

It is widely accepted thought that a marriage may either make or mar a person. Marriage is the most important phase in our lives that not just make us meet our life partner physically but also with the karmic bondages he/she is carrying through the past lives. A couple come together for a reason with roots laid deep back in numerous past lives in the form of planetary placements in our birth chart. This is probably the reason, the supremacy of match making has survived ages and still continuing.

Now, in Vedic Astrology, the seventh house is the house of spouse for any person. The planetary influences at the seventh house clearly predict the status of your married life. In India, marriage is known to bring saubhagya to a person. It really has practical existence than just a wise statement. Marriage may change your financial conditions, wealth and fortune. So, choose your partner carefully as either you get it or you lose it!  

Does Fortune Change After Marriage?

You must have noticed people reaching heights of success or amassing great wealth just after their marriage. Some people tend to get lucky as soon as they marry. How does this happen? This clearly states that some changes have definitely happened due to the arrival of a life partner in someone’s life. We all are born with our unique planetary placements and it is said that the planets in one’s chart influences the other living together in a family.

The seventh house is the house of marriage and spouse and it is eleventh from the ninth house which is a house of fortune. The eleventh house shows fulfillment of desires and all kind of materialistic and spiritual gains. As soon as we marry, we tend to activate the seventh house which is a house of gains of your fortune! A strong seventh house ensures, enhancement of luck after arrival of spouse in your life and vice-versa.

Here, the kundli of the partners are working mutually and each is responsible for the luck factor of the other. That is the reason why kundli matching is considered very important. A compatible and fortunate partner may brush up his/her luck upon you. There are planetary combinations that complement each other and an astrologer after analyzing both the birth charts may very well predict how fortunate your partner will be for you?  So, this is absolutely true that luck and wealth changes after marriage.

What Does Finance Horoscope Says?

  • A finance astrology estimates your financial status and accumulation or level of your wealth. It explains your sources of gaining wealth and means to achieve it. While examining the finance astrology after marriage an astrologer usually takes account of these houses:
  • The associated houses to ascertain the finance of a person after marriage are the 2nd, 7th and 11th houses. They give a vital clue about your chances of getting wealthy after marriage. If all these houses are associated with each other then there are chances of becoming wealthy after marriage. If these houses or their lords are strong and are in relation in the birth chart, the native is certain to make fortunes after marriage. 
  • A strong and auspiciously associated seventh house indicates overall prosperity and happiness to the native after marriage.
  • Similarly, the second house and its Lord have to be well disposed for gaining financial growth and prosperity after marriage.
  • In Astrology, the 8th house is the house of the wealth of your spouse. It is also considered the mangalya sthaan for the female which indicates fortune after marriage or the longevity of marriage. Thus, if the 8th Lord is well placed in the birth chart, the native is sure to gain financially through the business or career of the spouse. It is also the house of in-laws and a strong 8th house or its Lord specifies gains through in-laws as well. Read our article published in outlook magazine What Does Finance Horoscope Says?

Which Planet Gives Wealth After Marriage? 

  • A strong relationship between the 2nd, 7th and 11th houses or their lords create financial prosperity through marriage. But it is necessary for them to get activated through their dasha periods at the time or after marriage.
  • 7th lord if placed in the eleventh house or second house may give wealth to you. Thus, the seventh Lord and its association with benefic houses as mentioned above gives wealth. 
  • Apart from these planets, the karakas of spouse i.e. Jupiter and Venus for females and males respectively indicate amassing wealth after marriage. If in a male chart, Venus is strong the native will get benefits through the wife. Similarly, in a female chart, the position of Jupiter decides acquiring wealth through the husband. 
  • Not just the birth chart but the D-9 chart also matters when it comes to ascertain the gain of wealth after marriage. The position of the seventh Lord in navamsha chart and also the seventh house in navamsha chart signifies quantum of wealth and happiness through marriage.

Which House Gets Activated After Marriage?

The seventh house gets activated after marriage. The placement and strength of the seventh house decides what kind of marital life you will enjoy after marriage. The seventh house signifies the gains of fortunes and also the fortune of your desires as it shows eleventh from ninth and ninth from the eleventh house. The twelfth house of the birth chart shows sexual pleasures derived after marriage. So, even twelfth house gets activated after marriage. We should not forget that the twelfth house is also a house of losses thus with marriage, gains and losses both get activated and it depends on your planets what will you derive through your marriage!

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