Kojagiri Purnima – How to please goddess laxmi?

  • 2023-03-15
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To earn the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, the Kojagari vrat is performed on the full moon day of Ashwin month. If anybody performs this fast with full devotion, Goddess Lakshmi becomes very happy and blesses them with wealth and prosperity.

Significance of the Kojagar Fast 

Kojagar means being awake or the feeling of being awake is more meaningful. Our consciousness and feeling can be awakened on this festival. Hence, to earn the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, many spiritual and religious works are done on this full moon night. This includes sadhana work, chanting of mantras, worship-donation-bath, etc.

The Popularity of Kojagar Fast

Kojagari Puja is considered very important in Hinduism. Most women keep this fast in Bihar, Bengal, and Odisha. This day is known as Sharad Purnima across the country.

The Wealth-Giving Kojagar Purnima Fast

On this day, Goddess Lakshmi moves around the world at midnight with boons and assurance of protection. Lakshmi Puja done on this day is best for accomplishment. Ashta Lakshmi Puja and Shri Vishnu Puja are very effective. This fast, which removes financial misfortune, can end all troubles and bestows prosperity and honor in life. 

How to Perform Kajogiri Fast in an Effective Manner

On the day of the Kojagari vrat, one should wake up early in the morning before sunrise and take a bath. Wear clean, dry clothes after taking a bath. Taking the resolution of fasting throughout the day is important. If you cannot keep fast on this day, then worship Goddess Lakshmi Ji with full devotion.

The idol of Lakshmi Ji should be installed in the temple or place of worship. It is auspicious to worship Goddess Lakshmi with lotus flowers, Akshat, camphor, incense lamp, sweets, etc. Red clothes, seasonal fruits, Kheer, and milk products should also be offered to Goddess Lakshmi. Her aarti should be done with full devotion, and the story should be read and heard. Along with Goddess Lakshmi Puja, Lord Vishnu, Shri Ganesh, Indra Dev, and Chandra Dev are also worshiped on this day. When the moon rises in the night, 11 lamps of ghee should be lit. Arghya should be offered to the moon with a mixture of raw milk and water.

Goddess Lakshmi’s arti should be done with full devotion. We can please Lakshmi Ji through Shrisukta and Lakshmi Stotra. A Prasad should be offered to Goddess Lakshmi, and the Prasad should be shared with all.

What is the Popular Katha/story of Kojogiri Fast? 

The Kojagar story has great significance on the day of the Kojagar fast. The Kojagar story is recited during the worship and fasting on this day. It is very important to read and hear Kajogiri Fast’s story with full devotion.


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Story of the Brahmin

According to mythological beliefs, in ancient times, a brahmin, well versed in the Vedas, used to live in a kingdom in the city of Magadha. His wife had a hoarse tone, but the brahmin was kind, selfless, and very polite. The brahmin’s financial condition was unfavorable, and his wife blamed him. She always encouraged him to engage in unethical activities to earn money. One day, the brahmin, fed up with his married life and the bitter words of his wife, leaves his house and heads to the forest. As the sad brahmin walked far from his house and entered the forest, he met serpent girls in that desolate area. Seeing his sorrow, the serpent girls ask him why he visited the deserted forest. The brahmin told his troubles to the serpent. And listening to his troubles, the serpent girls advise him to worship Goddess Laxmi on the full moon day (Purnima) of the Ashwin month. Then she explains how to perform the kojagar fast, and they leave.

Listening to this, the brahmin returns back to his house and worships goddess Laxmi on the coming full moon day of Ashwin month. He performs Devi Stotra and worships all night. Impressed by the dedication and devotion of the brahmin, the Goddess Laxmi blesses him with wealth, and their life becomes prosperous and happy due to the fast. His wife also gets involved in doing auspicious work. Thus, by performing the Kojagari vrat, the brahmin can live a happy life with wealth and prosperity.


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The Story of Two Sisters

According to legend, a moneylender had two daughters. The elder daughter used to fast completely for the full moon, while the younger daughter tended to observe an incomplete fast. Due to incomplete fasting, the younger daughter’s child used to die as soon as they were born. She expressed her grief to the Pandit, who said she had not completed the fast of Purnima properly. But if she had completed Purnima’s fast properly, her child would survive.

She had fasted on the full moon, but the child would die again after birth, so she covered her dead child with a cloth while lying on her back and called her elder sister. The sister immediately comes on her call. The younger one asks the elder sister to sit on the pedestal.

While sitting, the corner of her chunri touches the child, and the child begins to cry. Following the revival of her child, the younger sister thanked the elder for her good fortune and said that she revived her child through her auspiciousness. She tells her elder sister that I have also reaped the benefits of your full moon fasts. Since then, both the younger and older sisters have been fasting on Purnima with complete devotion, and their lives have been filled with happiness due to the fast. Anyone who observes this fast with devotion also experiences a happy life.

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