What do Venus and Mars signify?

Venus and Mars signify

Venus rules over the two famous sidereal signs of the fraternal Libra and the hedonistic Taurus, which come under the banner of the planet Venus. Venus Planet primarily relates to domestic concord, livelihood and it confers affluence, jewelry, real assets, and occupational success and plays a huge role in keeping you slim and lean. Venus provides us clues on how our future partner will be and marriage facts that may significantly alter our lives. It represents conveyances, creative arts, healing, and mysterious mantras. 

Mars, the fiery and masculine symbol, is the son of Earth and Varaha. Mars is very well known for the mangal dosha that it is supposed to cause in the natal chart. It also represents rage and rules over spinsters. Mars-influenced natives fly into a rage at a simple pretext, which occurs when Mars is malefic in the chart.   A strong Mars lends youthful enthusiasm and courage to battle with life and is usually very good at man-management. 

Venus stands for luxury and pleasure of all sorts, whereas Mars signifies soldiers and accidents and injuries. Venus and Mars bring together the elements of concord and discord simultaneously. Venus and Mars signify all these and more.

What careers do Venus and Mars indicate in conjunction?

Venus and Mars indicate, in conjunction, those careers along the lines of creative arts, fashion design, and hotel management. The sign these two planets occupy and the degree placement determine their respective strengths. 

Elaborate on the effects of the Mars-Venus conjunction. 

Mars and Venus Conjunction can have extreme results depending on their respective strength. These people are intrinsically charming to be with. They hobnob with the biggies of society. They have relaxed views on ethics and work. But anyway, they are very lovable people. Their problem starts with marriage. They have pronounced lustful urges and boldness that add a daring touch to their personality. Only Jupiter and Saturn can have an ameliorating effect on these tendencies. This combination in Aries Leo Sagittarius turns a well-mannered man into a ferocious bully for whom it is easy to abuse his wife emotionally and physically. Only Jupiter’s calming rays can have an extinguishing effect on these tendencies. 

Fights and yelling matches will be common between the couple. If this conjunction occurs in the seventh house, the native will be a victim to a violent tempered and highly opinionated spouse. This effect is heightened in 6th, 8th, or 12th from Saturn. If debilitated or exalted, this conjunction brings on diametrically opposite results that result in either extremely committed or highly abusive relationships. If this conjunction is debilitated in the Fourth House, it brings on chaos and misery to the couple. Natives with this conjunction in the Tenth House earn money through textiles, surgery, cuisine, etc. Famous chefs are seen to be born under this conjunction. Marital strife would occur if the 7th lord is in 6th, 8th, or sixth, 7th, and 8th lord is combined with the 6th, 7th, 8th, or 2nd house from the Lagna, moon, or the Venus. If other malefic influences and the same confluence are present, the couple may separate permanently. Jupiter’s aspect can save the marriage from crumbling.

To cancel these doshas, one should check the navamsa and shodashamsha in the natal chart matching to see if the doshas can be neutralized. Dasha bhukti should also support the event of marriage or divorce. If these conditions are met, the dosha will get canceled. Mars and Venus can also indicate amazing chemistry between the couple. Mars and Jupiter are significators of married life for males, whereas it is Venus, in the case of women. If these planets are in mutual aspect in the couple horoscopes, the marriage would be successful. 

What are the effects of Mars and Venus in different signs? 

The effects of Mars and Venus can be different for each sign. Mars in Capricorn augurs well in this conjunction as he is exalted in Capricorn, and Venus is friendly. In the same way, if Venus is beneficial in Pisces, his exalted sign and mars also happen to be friendly. This conjunction can get lethal if Mars is debilitated in cancer and Venus does not have any affinity. Similarly, when Venus is in a debilitated position, in Virgo, Mars is not in a friendly position. In Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Mars rules over Venus, and if it is Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Venus rules over Mars. If even one of them is retrograde, the effect can be contradicting. It suffers malefic effects.  

What are the effects of Shukra Mangala yoga? 

Mars owns first and eighth houses. The Eighth House can make or mar the marriage. 

Shukra casts his influence on love and partner. He owns the second and seventh house. These houses destroy the bhava if they come together in conjunction. Shukra Mangala Yoga has a significant impact on the native. Shukra mangal yoga is supposed to have been formed when mangal is in the Seventh House from the house of Shukra. It is also found to exist when Shukra is in mars Rashi and mangal is debilitated. When mangal and Shukra are in mutual aspect through graha or Rashi, this yoga is formed.

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