Venus and Mars Conjunction Will Affect Married Life

Venus and Mars Conjunction

Venus shows how we value our relationships or respond to the partner’s emotions. It mainly concentrates on the romantic side of relationships. Venus is also about creating a comfort zone between the partners. Mars shows willpower and initiative. It also shows pent-up anger and frustration, which we need in a small amount to fight our battles of life. Those astrologers adept in spouse astrology can answer this question very effectively. In this blog, we are explaining “How Venus and Mars Conjunction Affect Married Life“.

Mars and Venus will enter Capricorn on February 26th and February 27th, respectively.

Characteristics Venus and Mars Conjunction:

By sign and degree placement, we can determine which is stronger between the two planets by studying the above as per marriage astrology.

It can enhance the Venusian qualities in a native. It can improve the abilities of acting, art, design, beauty, fashion, and hotel management,

What is Venus in Astrology?

Venus represents the convenience of luxurious items and pleasure. It can be a pleasure. In a male chart, Venus depicts his wife or the kind of woman he has met in his life.

What is Mars in Astrology?

In today’s times, Mars represents soldiers, athletes, and arms dealers and signifies accidents and injuries.

Venus and Mars conjunction may mean the coming together of two volatile planets, the planet of love and war. But like any other planetary combination, this can have its good effects or side effects.

A person with Venus in conjunction with Mars would be a charmer to look at. They would be in the company of bigwigs, politicians, and celebrities. And Venusian influence over Mars can tone down the individuals in their perspectives on ethics and work. It makes the native more lovable.

Venus and Mars Conjunction affecting Married life

Married life problems can be significantly vast. The natural 2nd,7th, and the first and eighth lords conjoining in a house can make a person bold and lustful. If the combination has the aspect of Jupiter or Saturn, the sensual urges would be toned down to a large extent. The combination of Venus and Mars in Aries Leo Sagittarius turns even a docile man into a wife beater. The same combination shows that females will become prey to violence from spouses. But Jupiter’s aspect can certainly calm things down.

The Venus & Mars combination also shows constant quarrels, as Mars is all about aggression and power. If these two planets conjoin in the seventh house, the effects could be undesirable as the spouse would be violent-tempered and egoistic. This conjunction is not so harmful as it may seem like the worst effect can come through only when they are in 6th or 8th and if it is positioned in 6th, 8th, and 12th house from Saturn. Debilitation and exaltation in the case of any of these planets can mean two diagonally opposite things. They can either be highly sexual or committed partners.

On the other hand, if debilitated, they can be sexually abusive. This conjunction happening in the fourth house is also an ominous indication. If these two planets combine in the tenth house, ascendant, or even aspect the tenth house, the native would earn through textiles, criminal law, mines, geology, surgery, etc. The best cooks or chefs are born under this combination which may mean hotel management, beauty, fashion design, maybe the best-suited professions for these individuals. 

Marital disturbances are signified when the 7th lord is placed in 6th or 8th/ or the sixth, seventh, and eighth lord’s conjunct in 6th, 7th, 8th, or 12th houses from Lagna, moon, or Venus.

There should be a strong malefic influence on this in other ways to predict divorce. If Jupiter aspects the combination, the marriage would be saved.


During horoscope matching, Mars and Venus must be checked in navamsa and shodasamsa for cancellation of the doshas as well. If the doshas seem to be canceled, then marriage is possible. Also, the dasha bhuktis at that time should support marriage or divorce. Otherwise, there cannot be any dosha arising out of this combination.

 Mars and Venus can also spell the couple’s out-of-world chemistry, love, and rapport. Both Mars and Jupiter are the marital significator for males and Venus for women. If one of them follows the other in the same or subsequent rashis, and if there is no planet between them, it shows good understanding between the couple. If mars is following Venus, it shows that the native loves his wife more than she does. These planets, found in mutual aspects in each other’s horoscopes, also signify mutual attraction. For instance, if Venus is in cancer in one chart and the other has mars in Capricorn, it is the case of mutual aspect. Mars and venus in swakshetra or Rashi in the two charts, i.e., Mars in Taurus and Venus in Scorpio, show the couple’s deep love foreach other in their love marriage.

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