What should you consider when designing a house according vastu?

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Today there is an increasing trend of following Vastu tips while constructing or designing a house. This practice is not just a part of some show off but Vastu as the ancient science of architecture has proved its excellence over the ages. People have immensely benefitted themselves with the effective Vastu tips which have ensured prosperity, growth and happiness in their lives. Whenever someone construct a new house, it becomes important to follow Vastu Shastra Tips for new home as it brings overall growth and fortunes for the dwellers.

Important tips while designing your house

Vastu for Main Entrance of the house: According to Vastu shastra, the main entrance of the house not just serves as an entry point but also the main point for all kinds of energy and vibes to enter the house. The Vastu direction for house entrance should be in the North, Northeast or East direction. It is Auspicious Yoga to buy a house with entrance in such directions. It should be avoided to construct any bathroom, shoe rack or litter place near the entrance door. Also any water fountain should not be placed outside the main gate. The main entrance door should not be black in color and should open in a clockwise manner. Also one shouldn’t put any animal figures near the entrance.

Vastu for Living Room: A living room should look like a welcoming place as it is meant to be. While following Vastu for Living Room and furniture, one must choose bright and happy colors. You may place mirrors on the Northern wall while gadgets and electronic items should be placed in the South west direction. It is good to have the living room in the East, North, or Northeast directions. The furniture in the living room should be located in the west or southwest direction. This direction will remove all kind of vastu dosha from the house.

Vastu for kitchen: The Vastu Shastra recommends the placement of fire and fire equipments in the Southeast direction of the house. A kitchen should never be constructed in the North, East or North East direction. Both fire and water i.e. gas stove and washing sink should not be placed close by. A Kitchen as per Vastu should also not face any washroom or share a common wall with it. The female should face East or South while preparing food. Blue and black color should be avoided for the kitchen slab. A marble slab under the gas stove removes Vastu Dosha in the kitchen. The kitchen storage should be located in the cabinets at the southern wall.

Vastu for bedroom: It is advisable to have the bedroom of the main earning member in the southwest direction. The beds should also be placed in the southwest direction. If you are Constructing Bedroom as per Vastu then choose colors with earthy hues. These colors bring positivity in the bedroom and in the relations of the couple. The ideal directions for a bedroom are South-West, North, West and North-West. One should not place any mirror or TV just in front of the bed and should also not sleep with head lying in the North direction.

Vastu for puja room: The East or Northeast directions are considered very well as per Vastu for Puja Room. The North direction is excellent for religious and spiritual growth. The walls can be painted in yellow, white, ivory, and green colors. The North east is the best direction for a Puja room. The puja room should be neat and clean with idols kept at the height of your chest not above or below than that. One should not use red color cloth in the puja room especially in the Northeast corner. A Vastu expert may even suggest the type of utensil and material to be used in the puja room. There have been different directions prescribed for different deities.

Vastu for the color in various rooms: The color should not be decided as per the aspirations of the family members rather help of Vastu should be taken in deciding the colors on the walls of various rooms. The colors as per Vastu Shastra play a pivotal role in determining the prosperity and peace in a house. For bedrooms one should choose the serene colors like pink, green, light blue, yellow, coral and orange. These colors help to elevate the mood of the dwellers while attracting the positive vibes in the house.

Timing of entering your house: The timing of entering the house is very important. One should ask for the shubh muhurata by some scholar to enter the house. In Vedic Shastra, it is believed that anything done in the shubh muhurata or auspicious timings bring auspicious results. One should refer to Hindu Panchangam to avoid bad muhuratas like Rahu kaal, kaal vela, inauspicious tithis etc. Also, one should arrange for the greh pravesh puja and hawan to invoke blessings of divine into their dwelling. Enter your house only after breaking a coconut at the entrance and also always put your right foot first inside the house.

Things which can bring negativity to your house

Useless and broken articles: It is a bad omen to keep broken and unused articles in the house. These invite negative energy in the house bringing losses and bad health to the native. The things which have not been used in past years should be discarded or donated. Similarly, broken stationery and other useless items on the child’s study table should be thrown away. Efforts should be made to keep the house as much clutter free as possible.

Sad and negative decor items and art pieces: It is advisable to not to keep pictures of war scenes, crying infants, dead animals, sunset, troubled females etc. in the house. Any item of décor that creates a feeling of sadness or aggression should not be placed in the house. Also, paintings of water bodies or aquariums in the house may produce mental stress and state of confusion. Water represents finances and keeping them in the wrong direction may cause financial losses and unwanted expenditure.

Dried flowers: In absence of open spaces, people have started keeping dried and artificial plants and flowers in their house which is bad for the prosperity of the house. Wilted flowers or plants bring negativity to the surroundings and also the artificial flowers create an environment of harshness in the house. Cactus and some other flowers may bring bad luck to the natives. Thorny plants cause quarrels and conflicts between the family members.

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