Vastu Tips for Home - How to bring peace at home according to Vastu

  • 2024-01-22
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Home is where peace is! Vastu shastra is an ancient science of affirming peace and prosperity through right balance of energies in your surroundings. Some common Vastu shastra tips help to create a peaceful environment in the home. Vastu principles bring positive energy to the premises to maintain peace and prosperity. Let’s understand few common Vastu shastra tips that bring prosperity and peace to your home-

The entrance of the house

The entrance is the main entry point of all kinds of energy in the home. It should be obstacle-free, clean, and well-lit. Vastu Shastra suggests that the house’s main door should preferably be in the North, North-East, or East facing house. The logic behind is that you should face the abovementioned directions when you step out of your entrance. The entrance depicts progress and achievement in life. 

One should use high-quality wood to construct the main entrance door and it must be appealing in looks. One should also put torans and name plates at the doorway. It is important to remember that one should not place fountains, shoe racks, or animal statues near the main door. Dark colors should be avoided. One should, however consider placing an image or idol of Lord Ganesha at the main door to ensure happiness and peace in the house.

Proper placement of various rooms in the house 

The house’s rooms or compartments should be located per Vastu guidelines. There is a specified direction for each room. For e.g. the kitchen should be in the South-East direction. Similarly, the puja room should be located in the North-East direction etc. Proper location of various rooms affirms prosperity and luck through proper channelization of energies. This also helps expel the negative and evil energies out of the house.

Right selection of colors

Vastu Shastra suggests using the right colors for different areas of the house to maintain a smooth flow of energy in the house. Certain colors are known to eradicate negativity by absorbing the negative energies in the surroundings. The colors like yellow, pink, and orange are known to induce positivity around. One may alternatively use flowers, candles, bed sheets, and towels in the same colors to transform an organized portion of the house into a structured one. The results will be visible within a few days of bringing changes in color. If someone in the family constantly faces health issues, then placing the pillow covers and bed sheets in the same color helps overcome diseases and mental depression. 

Indoor plants to bring peace in home

Indoor plants may transform the energies inside your home. Keeping indoor plants is an extremely beneficial Vastu tip for maintaining peace at home. The indoor plants add freshness and uplift the moods of the dwellers. These bring the overall well-being of the family members apart from adding fresh vibes to the house.

Proper Ventilation

One must ensure proper ventilation in the house as per Vastu tips for a peaceful home. There has to be circulation of air and sunlight inside the house. For that, the doors and windows can be left open for a few hours in the morning. The house should absorb sunlight as it is the main source of life on Earth. If it is impossible, one should use bright-colored interiors and lights in the house. It is a good practice to light a lamp near the water source in your house as it protects and improves the general well-being of all family members. 

Vastu guidelines for kitchen

The southeast direction is the most appropriate direction for constructing a kitchen. It should be painted in bright colors to facilitate activation of the fire elements. One may choose colors like yellow orange, pink, brown, peach, etc. the dark colors, especially red and black, should be avoided. The gas burner should be placed in the Southeast direction. The sink or washing area should be in the North or North East directions. Moreover, the gas stove and sink should not be placed on the same platform. The storage in the kitchen as per Vastu should be done in the South or West direction.

Vastu for bedroom

A bedroom is meant for taking rest and developing intimacy between the couple. It is preferable to have a bedroom in the Southwestern corner of the house. This direction brings stability, happiness, and wealth to the person occupying it. The bedroom as per Vastu should always be well-lit and painted in bright colors. In order to have a good quality of sleep, the bed should be placed either in the West or South direction. In this way, your legs will be placed in the East or North direction while sleeping. This ensures mental peace, better sleep, and overall well-being of the person. The walls of your bedroom should be painted in pink, orange, white or light red color. Avoid dark colors. These colors indicate warmth, stability, determination, passion, and peace. The bed should not be in front of the window and there should not be any mirror or TV placed before the bed. A bedroom should always be clutter-free to restore peace in the bedroom. 

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Remove broken and useless things

One should not keep broken or useless things in home. Broken and useless articles attract negative energy which is not appreciated for a peaceful home. Every tiny thing if broken should be thrown out of the house. Similarly, the clock and electronic items which is not in working conditions should be discarded immediately. No matter how precious an old thing is, if it is broken should not be kept in the house as it acts as a barrier to your prosperity and growth.

Build Storage carefully 

One must choose the storage area wisely as this affects the peace and prosperity in home a lot. First of all, it should be storage and not clutter. Secondly, never overboard an area with too much of stuff as it will block positive energy there. This will obstruct the positive flow of energy. Rather, small and compact areas in different parts of your house should be built and regular check on the stored items is highly needed.

Install a water fountain 

One should install a water fountain as per Vastu in the North-East direction of your home. This should always be in working conditions and never stagnant. This ensures constant flow of money into your business and peace at home. Water adds calmness and constant flow of positive energy throughout the house.

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Place happy pictures at the South Western wall

Put pictures of your family members at the South western wall of your house. Happy moods as reflected through pictures affirm peace and happiness in the lives of family members. South west direction helps in storing whatever is placed here and here it restores happy moments in the family.

These simple Vastu tips gather peace and prosperity in the lives of family members. One should also visit a professional Vastu consultant to understand other peculiarities about different aspects of life. Merely by placing things in right directions help in channelizing the energy in optimum way and thus bringing fortunes to the dwellers.

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