Vastu for Study Room - How do I keep my study room positive

  • 2024-01-14
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Greetings, concerned parents and guardians! As the 10th and 12th board exams draw near, the amalgamation of excitement and anxiety is palpable. I am Dr Vinay Bajrangi, here not only to offer academic guidance but also to provide insights from the realms of astrology and Vastu principles to establish a balanced and positive setting conducive to your child's exam preparations.

Astrological Insights: Understanding Your Child's Stars

Astrology, an ancient science, believes that planetary positions can influence one's mindset and actions. Schedule a consultation with an astrologer to gain insights into your child's favourable study times, ensuring they make the most of their efforts.

Vastu Tips for a Positive Study Space

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian discipline encompassing the art and science of architecture, underscores the significance of aligning energies within living spaces. Apply Vastu principles to your child's study room by placing the study table in the northeast direction and avoiding clutter. This promotes positive energy flow and enhances concentration.


Astrological Gemstones for Focus and Confidence

According to astrology, certain gemstones are believed to enhance concentration and boost confidence. Consult with an astrologer to determine if wearing a gemstone aligns with your child's birth chart.

Vastu-Approved Colors for the Study Room

The selection of colours plays a crucial role in shaping mood and energy levels. Choose Vastu-compliant colours for the study room, such as light green or blue, known for their calming and concentration-boosting properties.

Aligning Study Schedule with Planetary Hours

Astrology suggests that certain hours of the day are more conducive to learning based on planetary influences. Tailor your child's study schedule to align with these planetary hours for optimal absorption of information.

Astrological Guidance for Stress Reduction

Seek astrological advice on stress management techniques tailored to your child's birth chart. Astrological Remedies such as meditation, chanting specific mantras, or performing planetary-specific rituals can alleviate stress and foster a positive mindset.


Vastu Remedies for Positive Energy Flow

If your child's study room faces Vastu challenges, consider implementing Vastu remedies such as placing a pyramid or using mirrors to redirect energy flow. These adjustments can create a more conducive atmosphere for focused learning.

Astrological Affirmations:

Integrate positive affirmations into your child's routine based on astrological insights. Empower them with personalized affirmations that resonate with their birth chart, reinforcing a positive mindset.

Vastu-Approved Study Room Décor:

Adorn the study area with Vastu-compliant décor items, such as crystals or plants, to invite positive energy. These components contribute to creating a study environment that is well-balanced and harmonious.

Astrological Blessings for Success:

Seek astrological blessings for your child's success by performing rituals or pujas recommended by an astrologer. These practices can instil a sense of confidence and assurance in your child.


Dos and Don'ts: Vastu Tips for the Study Room


1. Optimal Lighting: Ensure proper lighting is positioned above and around the study table. Bright lighting promotes concentration and is beneficial for the eyes.

2. Ample Sunlight: Choose a study room with abundant sunlight. Avoid setting up a study space in dark corners of the house.

3. Wooden Furniture: Use a wooden study table instead of plastic or metal. Wood, being a natural material, carries high vibrational frequencies.

4. Light Wall Colors: Opt for light tones when painting the walls to establish a visually serene ambiance.

5. Positive Décor: Decorate the study room with positive and motivating thoughts. Surrounding your child with uplifting messages contributes to a conducive studying atmosphere.



1. Avoid Beam Placement: Do not position the study table directly under a beam of light, as it may hinder the child's focus during studying.

2. Staircase Proximity: Never place the study room directly under a staircase, as it may bring unfavorable energies.

3. Say No to Plastic or Metal Furniture: Refrain from using plastic or metal furniture, as these materials may not align with the desired energy for studying.

4. Dim Lighting: Avoid dim lighting, as it is unsuitable for concentration and may strain the eyes.

5. Mirror Placement: Steer clear of placing mirrors in the study room, as they can be distracting to the mind.

6. Eliminate Distracting Images: Avoid placing distracting photos or images, especially those of idols, in the study room.

7. Thoughtful Placement: Ensure the study table does not directly face a toilet or bathroom, as per Vastu's recommendations.


As we embark on the journey of board exams, let us not only rely on academic strategies but also incorporate the wisdom of astrology and Vastu. By aligning your child's study environment with these ancient sciences, we can create a holistic approach to ensure positivity, focus, and success during the crucial 10th and 12th board exams. May the celestial energies guide your child to triumph and excellence!

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