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Our horoscope has some fearsome planets which if negatively placed, control or adversely affect our lives; one of those planets is Mars or “Mangal.”

There are many attributions given to Mangal in which some are good and some other bad but the most important attribution given to Mangal, which is known to all, is that it has a considerable say in negating marital bliss.

Yeah!  It is true that Mangal has a negative role to play if it is adversely placed in a house that has to do something relating to marriage or married life. But wait! Not all positions are bad, and even if the positioning of Mangal is not considered good, something or the other can be done to mellow it done and let me explain that in detail for you.

A person is considered Manglik i.e., the marital houses are afflicted by Mangal when this planet is placed in the following houses.


The first house refers to temperament, character, Peace of Mind, happiness, and sorrow. If Mangal is adversely placed here, then the native tends to insult others, and his success fame and reputation can be at stake. The position of Mangal in this house is therefore negative, and the native is termed Manglik.

2nd House:

The second house as per some is also a Manglik position as this is the ‘Kutumb Sthan’. Which denotes the expansion of the family. Mangal here is not considered very nice as it can prompt second marriage too.

4th House:

Mangal in the 4th house can negate the native of happiness, home comfort, and right domestic environment. The relation with the extended family can also sour This is a Manglik Position.

7th House:

The seventh house refers to marriage, partner, sexual intercourse, success in marital affairs, reproductive fluids and genitals and afflicted Mangal here gives rise to Manglik Dosha.

8th House:

The eighth house is the Swa- Mangalyam house and refers to the longevity of the marital Bond, an afflicted Mangal here shorten the married life and makes the native manipulative in domestic chores. This placement of mangal in 8th house gives rise to Manglik Dosha.

12th house:

Deceit, Persuasion, sexual pleasure, suffering in secret because of marital bond is seen from this house. An afflicted Mangal makes this house a Manglik house.


Mangal has a strong role to play in imparting energy to various other planets and propel the significations of any house. It activates and behaves differently in different signs. Not every placement of it in different Signs can be treated as inducing negativity especially concerning to marriage.

Those who have a shorthand at astrology or are Institutions to wrongly guide and just fleece money, follow the above rule blindly. They label all those having a Mangal in any of the above-mentioned house, as Manglik. Now a chart has twelve houses, and the number of positions that I explained above is six, this means 50% of the natives should be Manglik as per the above analogy. This is grossly wrong and needs further refinement of astrological applications.


A few may have their reservations agreeing to it, but the fact of the matter is that most of the signs make Mangal non-toxic for marital purpose and only in a select few signs which either are unable to cope with the negative energies of Mangal or aggravate Mangal’s negative energies are the Manglik Signs.

These Signs are:

  • Gemini
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Aquarius


The key to understanding whether someone is Manglik or not is:

  • See, which house is Mangal positioned on the chart. If it is in the 1,2,4,7,8 or 12, then go to the second step.
  • Check the Rashi/Sign of the Mangal’s house.
  • If it is Gemini, Leo, Virgo or the Aquarius, then only the Native is Manglik or else not.

All those who are termed as Manglik, this statement is for you all: Even if this negatively placed Mangal is causing some flutters in the married life, for which we have a definite cure, it imparts right amount of positivity as well, as it is the Karaka or propeller of energy and spontaneity and adds fuel to the efforts we put for any cause.



In additions to the problems that were categorized above, there are a few fierce Dosha attributed to Mangal.

  • Late marriage Dosha
  • No marriage Dosha
  • Dilution (Divorce) of marriage Dosha
  • Multiple marriage Dosha
  • Widow Dosha
  • Childlessness Dosha
  • Child Grief Dosha
  • Male progeny Banish Dosha
  • Linage Curtailment Dosha
  • Bastard Dosha

As the above mentioned Dosha play heavily on the minds, a Manglik is not accepted well in the society.


Among the nine planets present in one’s horoscope, Mangal is just one. It is probably not that bad, but lack of knowledge and need to administer the right astrological dosage always falls short.

If in one’s horoscope Mangal is ill-placed then this has to be counterbalanced by some positive placement of some other planet in the other horoscope, and this is the basis of Vedic Milan.


The following example shall clear the point further:

  • If in a horoscope the spouse’s life it short, marry him/her to someone who has a long life as per his/her horoscope.
  • If there is a multiple marriage yoga in one horoscope, marry it to someone who has just one marriage Yoga.

This matching is not the Job of a novice; it has to be done by someone immensely experienced. And probably because of this astrologer play safe by rejecting those horoscopes for matching which need an expert hand.


Perfectly yes! Apart from correct matching, there are many Upaays which can be done to overcome this.

Among the most widely known is the GHAT/KUMBH VIVAH, in which a Manglik girl is married to Lord Vishnu, whereby getting the blessing of non-fractured married life.

This is one of the Manglik dosha solutions for Girls but apart from this, there are many other upaays that can be done based on the placement of planets in the horoscope.


The answer to this is again Yes! Correct matching which negates the Mangal Dosha is the most acceptable solution apart from carrying out various Upaays.

The most widely carried out Upaay for a Manglik boy marrying a non-manglik girl is the TANTRIK VIVAH WITH GODDESS LAXMI.

This upaay ensures a blissful married life.  

I will be happy to assist you, should you have some doubts write to me in the comment box below or else visit my website and blog for other related articles.

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Pooja Verma October 5, 2018 at 6:05 pm

If a boy is manglik and girl is non-manglik and they want to marry would it will possible? Any cure is possible for this?

    vinaybajrangi October 5, 2018 at 10:56 pm

    It really depends upon the horoscope. The Manglik Dosha, if present, should get canceled by the other horoscope.

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