Twelve Houses in Birth Chart and Human Body Parts

Twelve Houses

Astrology is gaining importance because of the accuracy it offers to predict the future. If you ever visited an astrologer, you must have been told about the twelve houses present in a birth chart. Every action of our lives is represented by houses. The more we dig in, the more we develop an interest in knowing our future. You must be familiar with the planets and zodiac signs by now. Let’s understand twelve houses in Vedic Astrology as follows.

Meaning Of Houses in a Birth Chart

The total 12 houses in birth chart are divided into 12 zodiac signs. You can also say that planets live in the houses. They are placed according to the time, one is born. Each house represents different components of life and also depicts various body parts to tell you about any illness or how it will affect the overall life of the native.

Which Planet Represents Which Body Part?

With the lifestyle we all live in now a days, facing pandemics and several other diseases taking place every other day, we need to make sure about our health. What disease will affect you and when and how to cure it is a serious concern. Astrology helps you in knowing what diseases can harm you and how the weaker planets in your birth chart give rise to ailments. Let’s see what planets and body parts represent in your birth charts and houses. 

Zodiac Signs and Body Parts

Aries– Head, Brain, Face 

Taurus– Throat, Neck, Lips

Gemini- Lungs, Hands, Arms

Cancer– Stomach, Breasts, Chest, Ribs

Leo– Heart, Sack, Spine, forearms. 

Virgo– Intestines, Lower spine, Fingers, spleen 

Libra– Kidneys, skin, Lumbar region 

Scorpio– Bladder, Anus, Nose, Appendix 

Sagittarius– Hips, Thighs, Nerves, Arteries 

Capricorn– Knees, Joints, teeth, skin 

Aquarius– Legs, Ankles, Circulation of Blood 

Pisces– Feet, Toes, Lymphatic system  

Houses and Diseases

First House– The first house is all about you! It’s your appearance, skin, physical ability, and self-image. During kundli analysis the 1st house indicates general health. If the ascendant lord in the birth chart is well placed, then the native will have good health. If the first house in Kundli is weak, then you may have head ache, and skin problems like acne and mental illness as well.

Second House- Shoulder, teeth, throat, facial bones, nose, nails, right eye, and voice falls under the second house of birth chart. It may give fever, bone fracture, stomach-related problems, heart diseases, and brain issues might occur.

Third House– The body parts ruled by the third house are arms, collar bones, hands, breathing, and neck. Cuts, wounds, itches, low energy, and blood pressure are the diseases one is likely to have if the house is weak on the birth chart.  

Fourth House– It governs the body parts like the stomach, breasts, chest, lungs, and digestive organs. Physical ailments and hormonal problems with a weak body are the diseases the native of a weak fourth house might face. 

Fifth House– Abdomen, pancreas, heart, intestines, and spine are the organs ruled by the fifth house. The horoscope with a weak fifth house of horoscope may suffer heart problems, stones, spinal cord issues, etc. although it is said that in the period of the 5th house, there is an absence of sickness and stable health. 

Sixth House– A weak sixth house can cause constipation, hernia, and appendix. This is also called the house of sickness and affects the health of the native quite often. The organs associated are the kidney, anus, and navel. 

Seventh House– The organs that fall under this house are the ovaries, uterus, and lower abdomen. The period of seventh house will trouble the natives with indigestion, face diseases, sore throat, and sexual incompetence. Fever, goiter, and cysts are a few other diseases that the native might suffer due to the weakening of this house. 

Eight House– Pelvic area, external sexual organs fall under this house. The longevity of the native is directly related to the 8th house. Surgeries and anxiety are causes of weak 8th house. 

Ninth House– Thighs, knees, joints, etc are affected by the 9th house. Weakness, stomach ache, bone disease, and the ailments related to teeth, skin, paralysis, tumors, blindness, and baldness are also suffered by the native of weak 9th house. 

Tenth House– Both 9th and 10th houses cause the same diseases and affect almost similar organs of the native. Joint pains, stomach pain, and wounds are the sufferings one might have to face because of a weak 10th house. 

Eleventh House– This house governs organs like the left arm, ear, and buttocks. Chronic diseases are more likely to occur. Pain in the legs and lower part of the body are common ailments for weak 11th house. 

Twelfth House– It is often considered the house of losses, misery and isolation so what body part does the 12th house represent? The body parts that get affected are foot and left eye. The native might have to face insomnia, disability and imbalanced mind. Marriage, property, body, all will have problems in the weak 12th house of the native. It can also bring imprisonment and medical problems to the native. Read more about Health Astrology from our site.


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