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Transiting Saturn stays in a sign for almost two and a half years and then enters the next sign after that. Whenever Saturn enters in another sign, its result depends upon the legs with which it is entering the sign. Legs! Yes, legs of Saturn and these are defined as Gold legs (स्वर्ण पाद), Silver legs (रजत पाद), Copper legs (ताम्र पाद) and Iron legs (लौह पाद).

Transiting Saturn Legs – Classifications and the result.

Transiting Saturn
Gold Legs:

Transiting Saturn while transits over the natal Moon or 6th or 11th from there, it is said that it is transiting on Gold legs. With golden legs, Saturn provides prosperity, happiness, success, gains, elevation, extension, and accomplishment of ambitions, etc. to the native.

Silver Legs:

Transiting Saturn comes on Silver legs when it transits in 2nd, 5th or 9th signs from the natal Moon. This is also a good transit, through Silver legs, as it gives the native happiness, increase in income, promotion, fame, honour, and success in endeavors.

Copper Legs:

Transiting Saturn comes on Copper legs if it is transiting in the 3rd, 7th or 10th house from the natal moon. This transit gives ordinary results, but this is not adverse.

Iron Legs:

Transiting Saturn comes on Iron legs for the native when it transit is 4th, 8th or 12th from the natal Moon and it is regarded as worst as it provides immense adversities, setbacks, tensions, failures of undertakings, frustration, tensions, ill health, humiliation, and unwelcome changes.
From the above analogy, it implies that Saturn’s entry on Gold legs is the best. Next, best is when the entry of Saturn takes place on Silver legs. Saturn’s entry into a sign on Copper legs is not good but is not bad as well. However, the transit of Saturn on Iron legs is the most undesirable, and it gives rise to many tensions and problems.
But before analyzing the legs of Saturn, the Sadhe Saati of Saturn or Laghu Kalyani Dhaiya should also be taken into consideration for finding the exact outcome of the transit of Saturn in a particular sign and house.

Point to ponder:

Depending upon the position of Saturn, the native is classified with the nature of Legs for a lifetime. But these legs keep on changing with the changing position of the Saturn. Yes! You heard me right, the new dimension to this Leg or Paad analogy is that the legs of Saturn keep on changing with transiting Saturn & the changing position of Saturn.

Let us illustrate it with an example:
  • Suppose the moon sign of the native is Aries.
  • Saturn will bestow on to him the effect of Golden legs when it is transiting the Aries Sign, the Virgo Sign or the Aquarius Sign.
  • Similarly, Saturn will bestow on to him the effect of Silver legs when it is transiting the Taurus Sign, the Leo Sign or the Sagittarius Sign.
  • Moreover, Saturn will bestow on to him the effect of copper legs when it is transiting the Gemini Sign, the Libra Sign or the Capricorn Sign.
  • And, Saturn will bestow on to him the effect of Iron legs when it is transiting the Cancer Sign, the Scorpio Sign or the Pisces Sign.

So, get ready to experience the roller coaster ride of Saturn, while it transits different house in your horoscope.

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We should never fear from Saturn as explained here.

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