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Negative Doshas , deformities, blemishes can be present in any horoscope. However,  one should not blindly worry about the same. Astrological insight can help you convert these Negative Doshas into Positive Yogas. The Negative Doshas in  horoscope that  scare or infuriate you, can actually become your friend and bail you out from critical situations. For that one need to know the correct ways to get positivity out of the same. This can help a person to mitigate the impact of negative placements of the planets in his or her horoscope.

Most people have some misconceptions because of hearsay or probably due to known beliefs. Let me tell you some secrets of sages that’ll help eliminate these misbeliefs.

  • It’s not only YOUR horoscope that has the negative placement of planets. You’ll find it almost in each and every horoscope. If you’re wondering why they’re happy, they would have simply had dealt with it timely & deactivated it with some Karma Corrections.
  • A fortune teller who only sees the doshas (negative Yoga’s) in the horoscope of an individual with scaring revelations & forced remedies, rituals etc would not be able to offer a solution, Karmic Way.
  • Positive Karma in the present life can help overcome these Doshas.
  • Your deeds in the Poorv Janam(past life) are solely responsible for your present life.  A positive Karma Correction can help you mitigating the impact  of these flawed past life karmas.
  • You should not try hard to suppress the negative Yogas through remedies or rituals. This can bring you some short-term relief but would later re-surface in more anguished manner. According to Brahma’s Karma, one has to repent for all bad deeds or sins.

From the above theories, we realize that the best way to fix rid of Doshas or negative Yogas is through Karma Correction.

Negative Doshas are actually Yogas also.

There can be many Doshas or negative Yogas in a horoscope.
Regarding some of these, people generally do not know & some of them, we generally know & talk about.

Let me first of all enumerate & describe , the ones which are little known.

Daridra Yoga

Dharidhra Yoga

Daridra Yoga can turn a rich person into a PAUPER. This Dosha attacks when the Lord of income (11th house) enters any house of disaster (Trik house). This Yoga can be present in the horoscope of any person and the person can avoid its activation . For that, the person should not be extravagant in business pursuits, not indulge in the business of speculative nature or more manipulative nature. Further more should avoid heavy financial dealings, over optimistic commitments & that is how the tool of Karma correction is applied here.

Grahan Yoga

Grahan Yoga is formed when the luminaries – Sun and Moon – are influenced by Rahu & Ketu, called Dragon nodes, and when they do, the luminary planets lose their sheen and sparkle. With this dosha present in the horoscope, natives should always be conscientious about their health, keep positive approach , be a possibilitarian and should not think deep of the past problems.

Kuja Dosha

Mars is regarded as a dreaded planet & its presence in some houses (bhav) of domestic happiness can lead to this Doshas. However, we should not always calumniate Mangal or Mars. It should be treated dreaded only if it is badly positioned  & even if positioned badly, there are many proportions that can be thrown on the native to change their nature & alter the ways. One can counter balance the ills of this Dosha with the effective use of signification on other planets. In times when the household females start working shoulder to shoulder with their counterpart males, this Dosha can result in a Yoga in fact & that is how we deal with this Dosha through karma correction.

Guru Chandal Yoga

Guru Chandal Yog

Rahu can Mar Guru. As a result, it can prevent  from tracking the righteous path of an individual, making him or her an outcast. It creates a rebellious Yoga called Guru Chandal Yoga.  When other planets play a role and are blessed by Dasha or Gochar, these Doshas are aptly activated. Rahu is considered a negative planet. It can also  act as a catalyst in and backs a planet when it’s doing something positive. The Guru Chandal Yoga present in a horoscope with support from other planets can actually make a native more blessed than others.

Shakat Dosha

Guru and Moon together represent Shadastaka (6-8 relationship). As result,  prevents coherence between mind and intuition and native is not able to use the intelligence to his / her advantage. This  is present in a majority of horoscopes. However, effectiveness of other transiting planets can nullify the negativity carried by Moon & Guru. So it may not give adverse results.

Some Negative Doshas  which we generally know & talk about.

Kaal Sarp Dosha

Kaal sharp dosha

One of, a very commonly heard Dosha. All the planets positioned on either side of the axis of Rahu-Ketu result in this Dosha. As a result, this Dosha sucks up all the positivity out of the planets. Most of times It deprives  native from most  of the benefits from any planets which are even favorable.

A person having KaalSarp Dhosha gets everything from the Almighty, but is eventually robbed off. So the persons with this Dosha should not strive or focus only on one pursuit. But should keep two to three pursuits in life ( that is the karma correction). So that if we fail in one, we have other options to succeed. This helps the native to avoid repenting for the life with failure in one field.

Pitra Dosha

Pitra Dosha

This is probably the most talked about & calumniated dosha that a native is scared of.  A weak sun shadowed with negative planets result in this Dosha. I have dealt with it very firmly through my commentary of Eight postulates describing Pitra Dosha & its solutions through Karma Correction.

Mangal or Manglik Dosha.

Manglik Dosha

People generally talk about it & especially when it is present in the horoscope of a female. Let me , first of all clarify that in most of the cases, you may not be a Manglik at all. Furthermore there is a conception that Manglik can not marry a Non – Manglik. Pl read my detailed commentary on both these mis-beliefs.

There are various spine-chilling Doshas in astrology. We should know any Dosha or Yoga will bring results only when it is activated .One should know how to study them well to decode the message correctly to live positive & succeed in life. I , after studying tens of thousands of Horoscopes have gained the experience & authority to say that all the negative Yoga’s can be turned into positive ones. This is my methodology of doing your Karma Correction.

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