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1st January 2018 and 23rd March 2018, Forecast

Saturn present in the seventh house from your Moon sign indicates a dull phase. Most of the aspects of Gemini natives need super extra attention. Your financial gains are grim. Moreover, you might lose significant money because of deception, especially if you are in a partnership or joint enterprise business.Also, native Gemini people in full-time jobs run the risk of losing their jobs.This is not the time to take any loan as you won’t be able to repay it in the duration that you are anticipating. The year 2018 for Gemini natives is going be a precarious time, at least in the first half. “Be extremely cautious in whatever you do” is the only advice Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the Hindu Vedic astrologer gives.Success does not seem easy to you. You’ll have to burn the candle at both ends and do everything you can to taste it.

As for students, they have difficulty in focusing on studies. You might get a chance to go overseas, during this time, but avoid going is what Panditji says.Both personal and family health needs extra care, as your spouse or children might complain about health concerns. Some of you might suffer from ailments related to important organs, including kidneys, sex organ, and urinary tract.If care is not taken, it increases the chances of life-threatening problems.The situation is so, it is imperative that peace and harmony are maintained all the time.

Folks who have lost their spouse might tie the knot again. Nurture your companionships. If you do not, your friends might desert you. You will be restless and anxious during this time. So, it is best to avoid any problems, especially litigation issues. Moreover, problems can become worse if you indulge in court cases.

Ketu’s Position and its Effect

Ketu, the descending lunar node in Vedic or Hindu Astrology, will pass through your eighth house from the Moon, indicating physical anguish for you. So, you’ll have to pay close attention to your health throughout this time. Most importantly, avoid taking the risk to be on the safer side.A viral disease can attack some of you that can be fatal. You will suffer from severe fever, body pain, or diseases pertaining to the reproductive system, during this time. Also, a detrimental event occurring at home might put you in melancholy. Because of all these, your mental condition is not good, too.

As far as expenses, money is draining from your pocket expeditiously unexpectedly. Avoid being involved in illegal practices, as the consequence can be a prosecution. Apart from that, you will be defamed in the general public and abandoned by people in your own community. However, when the Moon shines, some of you might get relief from all these setbacks. In fact, you might start experiencing a fresh, enthusiastic life. Foodies become obsessed with varieties of food. Some of you will get involved in spiritual activities.

Rahu’s Position and its Effect:

Rahu, one of the Navagrahas in Vedic astrology, will pass through the second house in your chart from the Moon, signifying trouble time – financially, physically, and socially. Throughout this time, you need to keep a watch on your unforeseen expenditures. As mentioned earlier, your health is also at the weak end. So, practice eating only hygienic food. Also, follow a timely eating habit, as you might develop stomach issues such as acidity. Also, pay extra attention to your eyes. Your spouse might complain about some health issues too.

You must not get involved in any issues, particularly in litigation matters. Chances of winning the cases are very slim during this time. Avoid even the tiniest conflicts with your spouse, as this could lead to a rough phase with him or her. Keep away from outrages pertaining to someone of the opposite sex, since it might ruin your fame in the society. If you want a swift relief to all your issues, visit Bajrangi Dham and consult Jyotish AcharyaPandit Vinay Bajrangi and brief about the problems you are facing, giving essential information. He will assess your past life and know its effect on the present life, and through Karma Correction, he will free you from all these torments.

24th March 2018 and 11th October 2018:

At this time, planet Jupiter will pass through your fifth house from the Moon, indicating pleasure and victory in all your endeavors. Your short-term goals will be realized now, and you will show more dedication to your profession, throughout this time. Your hard work will not go in vain. Moreover, better opportunities and financial gains from a business are on the cards.

Students native to Gemini will fare well in studies. Even if working professionals are interested in learning something, they can envisage success.

As for finance, there is enough inflow of cash. You will be on a shopping spree, along with your family, buying garments, jewelry, or even a house.

Unmarried people will spot their right partner, and they might go on to tie the knot. On the other hand, married people can expect a new associate in the family. Good news is that your relationship with the members of the family will be strengthened now. You will get busier and hire a domestic assistant to help your family accomplish the household chores. You might carry out an auspicious event at home, being deeply involved in it.

It is a good time for socializing too. As a matter of fact, you might be in the companionship of noble persons, and get greatly benefitted in the process. With your mental power in its sharpest state, you achieve success in any attempt you make, during this time. Your views in meetings and discussions are valued the most. Also, even outside, your honor and reputation in the society will also rise. All in all, mental peace will prevail during this time.

12th October 2018 and 31st December 2018:

Jupiter will pass through the sixth house from the Moon, signifying a lot of trouble in the last quarter of 2018. You are likely to be involved in unwanted conflicts with family members and friends, because of which you might develop enmity with a few, including your mentor. Be careful about them, as they might cause trouble like you have never faced before. Although some health problems exist every now and then, your mental condition is dull even when you are healthy.

You must keep a watch on your finances, as there is a chance of loss of money or property, during this stage. There is a possibility of a fire at your workplace. Also, working professionals ought to maintain a good understanding with their employer and coworkers, to avoid any conflicts. If you want to venture into a new business, it is better that you postpone it, as this is not a favorable time. Your relationship with your partner might get bitter if you participate in any arguments. Why not do a KarmaCorrection? Visit Bajrangi Dham and find out reasons behind your problems, no matter how big they are.

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