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Some people decide on the Career seeing  siblings, friends, close relatives, ancestors, traditions without judging one’s own capabilities. However I hold a totally different but transparent & easily graspable strategy on Career.  I suggest Career after judging one’s own & not under the influence of any of the above factors or comparing the capabilities with others .  Career & marriage in my opinion play the best & the worst roles in anyone’s life. Similarly, Career & marriage are the most difficult subjects in Astrology. Career builds or spoils the social – economical status of a person. Whereas Marriage sparkles or devastate the personal life of a person. Astrology’s most vibrant and sought for issues is the Career.. Although people rush to get an evaluation of their Job horoscope but when it comes to career astrology, business issues and business astrology, the curiosity index tops for these issues.  The focal points remain as the overall evaluation of the career horoscope.

Career Selection

The main aim of livelihood or career selection: Career Astrology & Business Astrology

At different age, the native can have different thought process which propels the native to work in a particular manner. But he should never forget that the primary aim to select a career or profession is eventually to get recognition, respect, fame, glory, and reputation in the society and this depends heavily on behavior and conduct of the native. So it is essential to choose a livelihood which gives a balanced development which is enough to sustain the native and his family and more importantly gives him reputation, honor, acclaim, and opulence in the society.

Before proceeding further in the knowing the steps of Career Astrology and business astrology, understand that a soft-spoken and ready for service attitude is the key to success and glory.

Before I start my narration on astrological involvement in the pursuit to choose a career, the most important answer to know is the level of status a native could have.

Level of Status:-

The status of a person can be ascertained irrespective of the type of his career he chooses.  The ascendant, 2nd house, 3rd house, 9th house, 10th house, and 11th house and their lords have a considerable say in the status with name and fame the native is going to have in his lifetime.

  • The planet Sun being the significator of a king in the planetary cabinet, whenever exerts influence, blesses the native with high status and authority of the state.
  • Moon again is a royal planet and is indicative of reasonably good status in the society.
  • A dominant Mars gives the native executive authority.
  • Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury bless the native with advisory roles and effluent position in life.
  • A dominant Saturn in the horoscope can bless the native with Karmic duties but may not have the capability to give high status to the native.

These planets interpolate with the above houses, and the status of the native can be precisely ascertained. Once the status of the native is known, the next point to ponder upon is the easiest way to have access to it. Yes! Access to it through a job or a business.

Bur again for career astrology, business astrology, business issues, job horoscopes & career horoscope get your horoscope evaluated.

job or business

Dilemma Business or Job!!!

The status what I described above and the Dhan Yoga (Wealth combination) or the Daridra Yoga (Pauper Yoga) are the primary parameters that are to be looked in a horoscope. The timing of fructification of these Yogas is also seen. This analysis forms the basis for solving this maze. A person with a Daridra Yoga which fructifies shortly cannot be advocated for starting a business.

After this, the analysis is extended further to the evaluation of the power triangle. Every horoscope has a power triangle embedded in it. The sides of this triangle are:

  • Will Power
  • Knowledge Power
  • Action Power

A balance of the power triangle decides upon vogue the native selects. This power triangle further suggests some points to crack this maze.

After the above study, the Vedic rules says to evaluate the 6th house viz-a-viz to the 7th house with their lords. This further indicates what suits the native best, being an employer or an employee. This is also known as an Employer/employee Yoga. Evaluation of this Yoga is the final verdict is deciding how the native is going to earn his livelihood.

Points to be kept in mind:

It is not that simple as it seems. The evaluation of these parameters is not based on one chart but combinations of charts and some other rules which probably most of the astrologers may even not know. Let me jot down a few for your understanding:

  • Simultaneous  evaluation of D-9, D-10 and D-12 Charts along with the D-1 chart.
  • Evaluating the Asthakvarga and applying its principles with effectiveness.
  • Verifying of the Jamini Sutram rules.
  • Analysing the Chandra Kala Nadi Rules.

Applying those principles which are proprietary rules of Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, obtained after years of research work.

If it is Business then which?

A horoscope has a hidden message of the type of profession the native has to choose. What the native needs is an master decoder with ample experience. A minute inspection can reveal what kind of business would suit the native. All doing business are termed as a Businessman. However, as per the planetary influence & capabilities, astrology define different category of business for different natives. It could be :

  • Intellectual Business: like a scientist, geologist, lawyer, doctor, astrologer, etc
  • Economic or administrative type of business: Insurance Agent, Industrialist, etc. fall under this category.
  • Art and Skill orientated type of business: Singer, actor, etc. fall under this category.
  • Machine orientated Business: Mill, Gardner, farmer, etc .these all fall under this category.
  • General Business: These are those businesses which do not need any specific specialization.
  • Merchant, Dealer or Vendor: The basis of this business is giving and take.

Another category of which describes the trend of the native is:

  • Heavy investment businesses,
  • Moderate investment businesses,
  • No investment businesses,
  • Skill investment businesses.

A point to note: The astrological combination of starting and running a business successfully is a bit different for the persons who wish to run a family-owned business.

Another point to ponder: It is never the strength of D-1 chart that pulls the native towards business but it the D-60 which pulls and simultaneously pronounces the degree of success. So, a good yoga in D-1 chart without an adequate backing in the D-60 chart would drift the native to a beautifully laid trap.

When one should start a business:

Sometimes the Dasha is so beautiful that even a soggy business endeavor gives excellent results, but with the change of Dasha when the actual strength of planets comes to force, it becomes an entirely different story to tell. Likewise, a horoscope having a good business yoga, if starts in a negative Dasha can dishearten the native.

Other points on which the business depends:

There are few other points which are detrimental to the success of a business and evaluations of those points are even more critical.

  • Partnership or No-Partnership Kundli or horoscopes.
  • Percentage involvement of Government in the business.
  • The time considered best for expansion.
  • Whether to expand in other fields?

If the native appropriately evaluates these factors with the help of a master astrologer he would not by any chance face debacle in his business front.

If Job then which and its Quality:

Selecting a job is as serious and complicated as it is for deciding for a business. The main category of a job can be either of the three:

  • Government
  • Semi-Government
  • Private
  • Industry

The horoscope can fore-tell which type of job would be best suitable for the native. It also decodes what type of job one should pursue to attain the desired level & status. The point to understand here is one may get a job in the government sector, but the status that is embedded in the horoscope may not get activated before the native switches from the government to a different sector. So it is imperative that before selecting the nature of job it is essential to understand the category of the job.

A proper reading of horoscope can tell the nature of job that would suit the native, as the best.


Law enforcement

Business sector





Service industry




The combination of planets and their influence on the 10th house and its lord decide upon the vogue the native to step his foot in.

It is essential to have a detailed reading beforehand from a master . This master must have a fair idea of the significations of the planets along with the different categories. More so to draw their relevance in contrast to the modern time. I mean to say that in the current times the call is so fine that if a person planet foretells about him joining the media, then the Astrologer should be competent enough to help him choose between book publishing, freelance editor, freelance writer, public relation, web developer, a writer or an editor.

If there is an indication for the native to join the medical field, then the Astrologer should be competent enough to guide him to choose between a doctor, nurse, paramedic, psychologist, social worker or a veterinarian.

Similarly, if there is an indication that the native will join a service industry, then the astrologer must guide him to choose between a bank teller, hairstylist, personal fitness trainer, Ski instructor or for that matter for a waiter or a wedding planner.

All the categories as listed in one group are the signification of one planet which makes the job harder for the astrologer if his competence level is not that elaborate.

How to differentiate between the fine lines:

For a master astrologer, this is not very hard. But the master should have ample practical experience & not only theoretical experience from  reading a few books. Furthermore, the theories of Vedic astrology should be handy to him while solving the mystery of deciding upon the nature of the job.

Any astrologer that uses the other  divisional charts to perfection can solve this mystery with ease. This will give better satisfaction to the native also. For all readers,  I wish to tell that apart from the D1 chart it is important to read the following charts before arriving at a solution:


So any advise on career based on only  D-1 chart is most likely, will falter.

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