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An interview never heard before.

Every planet matures with age, meaning which Moon, Sun, Mars and the others act differently at different point of age. But there is a planet which is born old, very old and remains the same not only till the very end. But also the same in the next birth. I interviewed this planet . Read the excerpts of this interview making me believe that it is indeed the most difficult one to handle.

The excerpts of the interview were:

  1. Hey! How come you survive without a head?

    His answer: The lives which one undergoes becomes my head, I do not need one.

  2. How strong are you?

    His answer: I can overshadow the luminaries (Moon, Sun), Eat my head (Rahu) and make the other planets malfunction.

  3. For where you derive your strength?

    His answer: The yester-life karmas of the individual impact me the strength, I thrive upon both the negative and positive karmas.

  4. Negative and positive Karmas? What do you mean?

    His answer: I make the native pay for the negative karma done in the yester-lives and the propel of the native towards Moksha (salvation) if I get wind of the positive karma.

  5. That means you grant the native Moksha?

    His answer: Yes! I am the key planet.

  6. You say that you derive your strength from the yester-lives’ karma, any proof of it?

    His answer: Whatever you get in your life that you do not deserve it or have not worked for it. I give you this as a result after analyzing  your past lives karma.

  7. Any examples for this?

    His answer: Actually, the list is endless, but I will tell you a few, the family you are born in, the ailments for what you are not responsible, the hereditary pattern you follow, the blemish on the family or its virtues, the termination of life, etc. are all granted by me.

  8. Anything that is more significant?

    His answer: I terminate all the signification of the house where I am posted.

  9. Are you trying to frighten me?

    His answer: Yes I am! But in spite of this revelation very few fear me until I do something untoward.

  10. What are the craziest thing people do to appease you?

    His answer: I do all the negative things, and people and even the astrologer think that it is some planet that is playing the spoilsport. They try to mitigate the evil of some planet by means of elaborate rituals without understanding that the planet has done nothing it is me.

  11. Are you not pretending to be extra smart and exceeding evil?

    His answer: If you think so, you may, but my energy is derived from your energy of the yester life. I preside over Sanchita and Prarabdha Karma. I store all your past lives karmas and decides the part of it which is suitable for experiencing in the present life.

  12. Do you have any positive things to tell about?

    His answer: Yes! I symbolize the talents you have acquired in your past lives. I never let it go waste. All the good things that come naturally to you are stored by me in your current life.

  13. Apart from this, you are a capsule of negativity?

    His answer: Actually yes! But try to understand that.  I give problems because of the negative tendencies and habits you acquire  through thousands of lives.
    Such tendencies and life patterns are so deeply ingrained in the psyche of the individual involved that they can only be dealt with when conscious changes are brought about on an astral and causal level.
    This is, however, a near impossible task as the combined effect of thousands of lives is far stronger than what any psychotherapy can do in the present life.
    Even if some desensitization does occur, it blocks not only the negative impulses but all the impulses. As a result, the native becomes utterly  clueless towards their path in the present life.
    I can be seen as a planet which represents old souls who have more or less experienced the whole spectrum of life represented by the twelve signs and nine planets.

    His own bragging about self.

    I am the most difficult to handle among the planets, as one needs to draw from the past to be able to follow one’s true path in life, but not get caught up in it by dwelling on it.
    Frequently you can get caught up in past life patterns and in the process forget your karma in the present life. This is why the so-called new-age fads like ‘past life regression’ are dangerous in the sense that they can stagnate one’s evolutionary process if one gets caught up in the immensely complex past life experiences.
    The past life patterns are always very alluring as we can derive a sense of security from them. It is the same as traveling on a road we have traveled many times.I also account for your behavior in the present life, based upon past fears and successes.

  14. Anything else which is left and you did not touch it?

    His answer: Yes! I am the mystery behind reincarnation. One can understand this mystery of reincarnation better and only through the Vedic classification of karmas. There are said to be four types of karmas. These are  – Sanchita, Prarabdha, Kriyamana, and Agama. Sanchita is the sum of all our karmas in all our previous lives. Of course, in most cases, one can’t experience all the stored karma in one life, Prarabdha is the small ripe part of the stored karma which you are ready to experience in the present life. Kriyamana is the karma we create in the present life by using our free will. Agama is the karma we create by visualizing and making plans for the future. It is the karma which create and define our own future path. I define all these.

Mystery Resolved-Suspense Over Its is Planet Ketu

I was interviewing none other than Planet Ketu. the most difficult planet. This Planet Ketu clearly said as above that there is nothing soft about him. This planet Ketu can be the hardest to control if we are not able to control our soul (Sun), mind (Moon), intellect (Mercury), knowledge (Jupiter), energy (Mars), wasteful work (Saturn) and lure (Venus). This planet Ketu can also nullify the good results of all other planets. Generally whenever one faces hardship in life, one blames Rahu, Ketu & Saturn. However the most deadly among them is Planet Ketu as he says himself.

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    Thanks for your comments. Blogs are written generally with relevance to the life of commoners with live example as far as possible.

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