What happens if the Sun is in The Eleventh House?

  • 2023-03-02
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It is the earnest desire of every human being to own a wishbone or a magic wand that would bring all their dreams to reality. Unfortunately, only a few of us can experience wish-fulfillment in several sectors of our lives. Practically speaking, the sincere and proper efforts put in the right time and direction can help us reach the objective almost all the time. But the results of our labor are sure to arrive some time or the other, maybe now, maybe years later, or probably in our next lifetime. This is where karma comes in. We are bound to get what we are destined to reach. We can find our answers in astrology which explains what we are in for in this lifetime and why. To be precise, it is the 11th house of a horoscope whose planetary configuration decides if wishes are to materialize or not. 11th house represents gains, and income, and affluence. The 11th house is for wish fulfillment and earnings and generally speaks about our deeds. Let us understand what happens if the Sun is in 11th house.

What does Sun generally signify?

Generally speaking, Sun in the 11th house has a significant impact on the native’s spiritual perspectives, outlook towards relationships, views on people, wealth, and finances in general. This is what the Sun generally signifies.

If well-wishers and friends are all you need, have your 11th house checked. You will come to know if you are destined to meet those angels in disguise that arrive in your life to ease your pains and turmoil.

What are the positive effects of having a benefic sun in the chart?

There are several Positive Effects of having a benefic Sun in the Chart. Natives with Sun in 11th will be endowed with a saintly disposition, religiosity, scholarship, and proficiency in music. Attractive looks and mesmerizing eyes sum up their physical appearance. They come across as well-mannered, wealthy with a hint of ego marking their personality on the worldly plane.  Generally, they keep mum in normal circumstances but drive their point home with aplomb when provoked to speech. Command respect and not demand it seems to be their plan. Good organizing abilities and sociable temperament go a long way in procuring loyal friends for life. They are the quintessential idealists who want the world to be better. Extremely empathetic, to the point of perfection, these natives usually contribute largely to charitable institutions. Charity and wealth-building form the backdrop of their existence. Wealth through governmental sources, a fleet of fancy vehicles, and a band of faithful servants, a tribe of like-minded friends, characterizes their lifestyle. They live a comfortable life with their spouse and sons and success marking their every step.  To top it all, Sun in the 11th bestows longevity on these natives.

What are the negative effects of a malefic sun in the 11th house on the natal chart?

With a malefic Sun in the 11th house on the native chart, one can expect children to be too troublesome for their peace of mind. Casual spending on nonimportant things could slowly give way to enormous expenditure. Stomach ailments may bother the individual from time to time.  Life would be all agog with complex challenges which they have to struggle to overcome. Troubles abound at every step. Sun in 11th spells discomfort and challenges for the elder brother of the native. Their excessive selflessness inspires them to prioritize universal humanity over selfish family interests. As a result, the family’s wellbeing would be affected adversely.

For the natives with a benefic sun in the 11th house, constant social interactions would help them grow in stature and evolve as human beings.  Keeping in touch with humanity would invigorate their spirits and support their emotional wellbeing. Interaction is what keeps them alive. If the Sun does not augur well for them, there may be discord, misunderstandings with their friends. A strict word of caution for them is that they must socialize on a nominal level. Otherwise, discordant relationships may lead them to the brink of depression.

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