Sun can be really good in Taurus

Sun in Taurus

The Sun symbolizes the command and authority and reveals to what extent the native has learned values. A strong Sun in any house amplifies the effects denoted by that house while destroying the kind of relationship represented by that house. Due to the fixed nature of the Taurus sign, it makes the native stubborn. As a result, his knowledge would also become stagnant. Sun transit effects are described in detail in the succeeding paragraphs.

When did Sun enter Taurus?

The Sun Transit in Taurus will be on 15 May 2022 at 5.45 am, Sunday, and would stay until he transits to Gemini on 15 June 2022 at 12.19 pm. We shall study how this transit impacts all the zodiacal signs. Sun enters Taurus in this planetary event.

What are the impacts of Sun in Taurus?

Mostly those natives who shun womenfolk are seen to be born under this planetary influence. However, they are likable as persons, warm and good, and emotional to the core. They have a highly independent streak, a sensual side to their temperament, and a genuine caring attitude towards loved ones. Highly reliable, these natives are workaholics and steadfast in their pursuit. They may have dental problems, problems on the face like acne, pimples, etc. Be it sooner or later, they surely get rewarded for their efforts. Hoarding wealth comes by instinct, and stocks are a great option to consider. They are casual, laidback, and never panicky about anything.

They are very stubborn due to their rigid thinking pattern. Living in comfort is a part of their dream, and they love creature comforts. They display a possessive streak when deeply involved in a relationship with the opposite gender. The lord of Taurus is Venus, which is inimical to the Sun, the masculine planet. The placement of the Sun in Taurus adds a bit of negativity, especially under a malefic planetary influence. Natives with Sun in Taurus have challenges to face, and this is a great chance to prove their mettle. They have low immunity and a relatively weak constitution. Healthwise, they should take care of their eyes and face as there might be some chances of health concerns. They should exercise care and caution with anything that concerns water. They may not be a perfect marriage as their expectations would be too high to feel comfortable in marriage. A lot of useful information can be obtained by studying the impacts of Sun in Taurus.

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Is Sun good in Taurus?

Do not label it as bad because such natives have plus points, for example, good lucks and humble nature. They are wise, intelligent, and mature, with proficiency over performing arts. Some natives under this combination are famous for playing musical instruments. They are generally affluent and sport an extravagant lifestyle. They also tend to amass wealth and gain financially too. Let us now go over to the transit effects that Sun in Taurus can have on us.

What are the Sun transit effects on Taurus?

Your income is going to multiply during this transit. The wishes that you held dear for so long will soon materialize with results. The Sun in Taurus rules the 4th house, denoting motherhood, and comforts. As per the Gochar of Sun on Taurus, your mother’s health may face a decline. A major fall in your mother’s health could be one of the Surya Gochar 2022 repercussions. This situation may challenge you, and as a precautionary measure, try to help her in all possible ways. Work-life would throw pleasant surprises, and you may experience some relieving moments. The Sun transit will positively impact people struggling to find success in the job. This period is very favorable for completing all the targets with ease. Your lifestyle takes an extravagant turn but keeps working hard, and things will fall into place and lead you towards progress career-wise.

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Due to the grace of the Sun, you are likely to enjoy enhanced prosperity in the future. Firms with a predominant Taurean influence may see a lot of profits this time. The only piece of advice to you will be that there is a need to check your impulses, as an emotional outburst would diminish the chances of getting ahead in the career arena. You will likely be overworked and exhausted due to that. So, exercise caution regarding this beforehand. Your mother’s able assistance while making important decisions would help you enormously. It helps to pay close attention to her advice. Sun transit effects on Taurus are to be studied thoroughly to come to a conclusion about the transit.

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