Gear up for the First Tribal Woman President of India- Delightful!

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Your stars may amazingly take you to unknown heights. No matter how much struggle and challenges you have passed through in your life, but with Rajyogas in your kundli, you are certain to rule the world! One such perfect example is presidential candidate Smt. Draupadi Murmu for the year 2022. She has left the whole country stunned after her announcement as a choice for the next president by the BJP-led alliance NDA. She will be competing against a politically known face Yashwant Sinha, the opposition candidate. This is interesting as well as delightful to see a woman with a tribal background fighting for the country’s most prestigious and powerful post.


Let’s take Astrology’s help to explore her chances of winning the presidential election 2022 to be held on 18 July 2022.

A little about the life of Smt. Draupdi Murmu

The 14th President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, is about to complete his term in 2022. Hence, the Presidential election 2022 is what ruling the minds of millions of Indian countrymen.


Draupdi Murmu, age 68, is a woman tribal leader from Odisha. Lastly, she held the office as the ninth Governor of the state of Jharkhand. If she wins the election, which seems fairly possible, she will be India’s first tribal and second woman president.


Born in a family of village headmen working under the Panchayat Raj system, she has that ruling spirit in her blood. However, being a tribal female, her life was always filled with several challenges. She had to try really hard to make her way into the glittering streets of fame and recognition in Indian politics. She had to face social suppression and a series of misfortunes also stuck her life. She lost her husband and two sons to narrate the miserable story of personal losses for her. She was a teacher before she entered politics.


In 1997, she joined Bhartiya Janta Party to become the first governor of Jharkhand. With this, she became the first Indian tribal woman to be elected for such a prestigious position in the country.

Will the nation get its first-ever Tribal woman President?

Smt. Draupadi Murmu has strong chance of winning the presidential elections with the full support of Narendra Modi Ji and her strong political background. Even her super-strong Horoscope indicates the same. Moreover, her tribal background somewhere envisages the compassionate Indian society to make her win the elections. She stands strong against the opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha in the presidential elections in 2022.

What does Astrology say ?

Smt. Draupdi Murmu was born on 20 June 1958 in Mayurbhanj, Odisha, India. The reliable sources have not confirmed her time of birth, but still, with the available information, we will try to decode her luck for the upcoming elections. It is important to remember that to reach unimaginable heights in life, one need to have raj yogas in the kundli. Without them, no one can reach anywhere!

The Horoscope analysis of Smt. Draupdi

  • She is a Pisces ascendant ruled by Jupiter. The ascendant Lord Jupiter is sitting in the seventh house. Whenever the ascendant lord goes into the seventh position, it forms a yoga called sam-saptak yoga. This yoga has made the ascendant very strong and capable of reaching heights of success in life. Moreover, this is Jupiter, which may hinder marital bliss with its presence in the seventh house but certainly brings name-fame and success to the native.
  • Jupiter is also casting an aspect on the second house, which is a house of wealth and speech. Jupiter is giving an influential speech to the native. The native also possesses a great sense of responsibility with the effect of Jupiter here.
  • Now, in the fourth house, the Sun and Mercury sit together. Sun’s influence in the tenth house has made her successful in politics. It is with the grace of Sun that she has held prestigious stature in government administration. Both the planets are forming Buddhaditya yoga which is again an auspicious yoga to bestow intelligence and fame to the native.
  • Mercury placed in its own sign Gemini in the fourth house is forming Bhadra panch mahapurush yoga. This is an auspicious yoga to bestow all good things in life. The fourth house is the house of masses, so Mercury here indicates auspiciousness with the support of the masses.
  • The lord of fortune, i.e., the ninth Lord Mars, is sitting in the first house, which is again a rajyoga. The native is highly fortunate to get fame and recognition in life. Being Mars, it has given immense courage, vitality, and energy to the native.
  • The Moon is placed in its own sign, Cancer, in the fifth house. This again indicates a strong mind with high intelligence and creativity. Such person is a strong headed person who takes all the decisions confidently.
  • Both Jupiter and Moon are casting an aspect at the eleventh house of fulfillment of desires and gains. This further strengthens her chances of gaining recognition and rewards for dedication in work.
  • Saturn in the ninth house in the Scorpio sign somewhat weakens the fortune factor, but with the auspicious placement of the lord and luminaries, this would be pacified. Saturn looks at the third house of courage which makes the native extremely courageous and determined towards work.
  • The sight of Venus and Ketu together confirms problems in married life. This conjunction also calls for a lack of happiness from the children.

Transit of planets

  • Rahu is transiting over the natal Ketu in the second house. It is casting an aspect at the sixth house. The influence of a malefic planet at the sixth house is the foremost condition to win any kind of competition. The native beats the competitors to shine in any given competition. So, there are bright chances of winning the elections, as indicated by Rahu.
  • Rahu is also a karaka for politics, and its influence through the aspect at the Tenth House is supportive of winning in the elections.
  • Saturn in the twelfth house in retrograde motion, and on the day of the election, it will move to the eleventh house in its own sign Capricorn. Saturn in the eleventh house is certain to give victory and fame to the native.
  • Jupiter is transiting in Lagna in its own sign Pisces. The lagnesh transiting in Lagna, and from here it is casting an aspect at the ninth house of luck where the eleventh lord of gains is already sitting in the natal chart. This is marvelous raja yoga to attract fortunes to the native.
  • Saturn will be looking at the natal Moon during transit. The Moon is a karaka of masses in astrology and with Saturn’s aspect on it shows support from the masses. So, there are very strong chances of Smt. Draupadi Murmu to get massive support from the Indian people to become the country’s next president.

All astrological yogas indicate fame, recognition, influential career, fortunes, and great heights of success in life. What better example than the most prestigious and highest position of the present of India could be for this!


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